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									 School & Community

The School & the Community                             School is working with other schools to improve
                                                       and increase area sports facilities and activities.
The School’s facilities are being increasingly
used for out-of-hours activities for a wide range
                                                       Parent Teacher Association
of ages and interests. In the evenings,
weekends and holidays, the school is used for          The Association is run by a committee of parents
educational, training and recreational activities.     and staff, appointed by the Annual General
This will grow further as the new school buildings     Meeting each September. The committee runs a
become available.                                      number of events which bring the parents
                                                       together. Some of these are for fund-raising and
The School & Community Involvement                     the money is spent for the benefit of students of
                                                       the School. Our PTA believes that it is equally
We continue to develop links between our
                                                       important for parents and staff to meet socially
School and the community around us particularly
                                                       through the events which they organise.
through our specialisms, in a number of ways.
Our students are involved in a variety of activities
                                                       Richmond School Trust
and projects. We have a particularly good
record in fund-raising for charities. The money        The school is very fortunate in having its own
raised each year runs into thousands of pounds.        endowments, the income from which is
Behind the money-raising lies an enormous              administered by a body of Trustees.
amount of work by students and staff together.
In addition to giving local support, students raise    The stated purposes of the Trust are:
money for more distant projects e.g. Amala – a
children’s home and school in India.                      To assist the educational ventures of
                                                           individual students.
Extended Schools – School Sports Co-
ordinator                                                 To provide facilities not normally funded by
                                                           the Local Education Authority.
‘Extended School’ is the name for the initiative
which has helped provide extra opportunities to
                                                       An example of the Trustees’ assistance is their
children and young people in the Swaledale and
                                                       generous financial support towards the School
Richmond area. Money and resources have
                                                       staging and curtains in Middle Hall. Grants
been allocated to secondary and primary schools
                                                       towards funding a Radio Club and a significant
to provide activities at the beginning and end of
                                                       contribution towards the synthetic turf pitch are
the school day, and during holiday periods. Also,
                                                       just two examples of how the students of the
support for parents has been provided helping
                                                       school have benefited from the Trust.
people find out about teenage issues and typical
problems that affect young people as they grow
                                                       If there is an activity which you would like your
up. The Extended Schools co-ordinator is based
                                                       child to take part in and the money is a problem
at Richmond School ; it is a role that is
                                                       for you, please consider contacting your child’s
developing quickly and is sure to influence the
                                                       Head of Year in confidence. The Trust may well
network of opportunities that this school and
                                                       be able to assist you without your child or
others are forming for young people growing up
                                                       anyone else knowing. Further details can be
in the area.
                                                       supplied on request.
The schools sports co-ordinator is another role
                                                       We are extremely grateful all the support
that has been created to increase the variety and
                                                       given by the Trustees and the PTA.
frequency in sporting opportunities that are
available for young people in the area. Richmond

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