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									                               Building Families
                                             2010 Board Members:
Justin Jones, Chairman                                                        Wright County, Vacant
Marie Johnson, Vice Chairman and Treasurer                                    Lucas Beenken, Elected Official
Angie Halfwassen, Health                                                      Janet Adams, Elected Official
Mike Kruger, Education                                                        Humboldt County, Vacant
Ann Jensen, Service Provider                                                  Carl Mattes, Business
Katheryn Spencer, Faith                                                       Malisa Rader, (pending)

                     Newsletter November
PROVEN PRACTICES for families to support kids as learners
         1. Good nutrition helps kids learn.
         2. Physical activity helps kids learn.
         3. Sleep helps kids learn.
         4. Routines at home help kids learn.
         5. Learning at home helps kids learn at school.
         6. Love and limits help kids thrive and learn at school.

               Child of Heart Award
The Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) Public Engagement component group is seeking nominations for the
annual Child of Heart Award, formerly coordinated by the Association for Iowa’s Children. Any entity
within the field of early childhood is eligible to nominate one person. ECI is looking for a person who is a
champion for children, who has implemented innovative approaches to support children and families and
has shown evidence of passion and motivation given to others to take leadership roles for children and
families in Iowa. The nominee’s efforts can be at the local, regional or state level.

The recipient of the Child at Heart Award will be announced on February 3, 2010 as part of the ECI Day
on the Hill event at the State Capitol. For more information contact: Jenny Hodges at

                           Positive Behavior Supports
Positive Behavior Supports is training on developing social emotional skills in children. In
collaboration with Child Care Resource and Referral, Ann Stewart and Julie Kuhlmann co-
facilitated (and completed) the PBS Infant and Toddler series for 24 child care providers and TA
staff. Currently Marj Wonderlich and Gayle Olson (Webster City Schools) are co-facilitating the
PBS for preschool with 34 teachers and TA staff participating. Amy Muller completed the
Positive Solutions for Families in collaboration with Riverview Early Childhood Center with 10
parents in attendance. She will begin another parent group at the Methodist Church in Belmond
the beginning of November. PBS is based on building relationships; developmentally appreciate
environments and maintaining routines to support social emotional development. Parent modules
focus on catching the child “being good” and reinforcing the good behavior.

                                 Do you have a good family story to tell
                                This year’s Early Childhood Iowa Day on the Hill will be taking
                                place Wednesday February 3rd, 2010 at the State Capitol. This
                                year advocates will have the opportunity to showcase a family
                                story rather than exhibiting their agency/organization. The
                                purpose of this change is to focus on the issues families are facing
rather than the services each agency provides; while keeping the same overall purpose of
advocating for quality for children birth to five in Iowa.

The Public Engagement group will put story boards together to be showcased at Day on the Hill
using the stories that are submitted. Easels will be replacing the tables. Building Families would
like stories submitted for our counties, Hamilton, Humboldt and Wright. Stories must be 350
words or less, can be a success story or a story in which a family experiences difficulty accessing
and/or utilizing services. The story should be written in a child’s voice/perspective and if the
family is willing, you can submit a photo of the child. If you are interested in submitting a story,
please contact Ann for the story and family consent forms. (515-832-1791 or )

             Infant and Toddler Child Care Assistance
This year empowerment areas were granted stimulus funds for infant and toddler care. Criteria
include child care assistance for children up to 24 months of age residing at 146% to 185%
Federal Poverty Level. The provider must be a level 3 on the QRS scale. Funds will be available
after December 1st. Ann hopes to have applications available at that time. Building Families will
have enough funding for 3 children for 12 months or for 6 children for 6 months. If you have a
family or know of a family needing assistance that would qualify for the assistance, please have
them complete the application and return to Building Families. Please note that there are other

criteria for these funds to be expended, however, Building Families has narrowed down the
criteria due to the limited funds.

                      Funding Cuts: ACROSS THE BOARD
                    If you have been watching the news lately you know that everyone is
                    struggling with budget cuts. In the past 12 months, Building Families School
Ready dollars have been cut 26.5%. Early Childhood isalso receiving reduced funding this year.
Because Building Families maintained some carryover in FY’09, we will be able to fund all our
staff to the end of the year. However, preschool transportation, QRS mini grants, and incentives
have all been taken out of our budget. Building Families received a donation from the Luick
Memorial Trust in Belmond in honor of Chester P. Luick, George F. Heginger, Edwin A.
Schmalle, Hermia O. Shefveland, Lillian F. and Dr. Alan M. Nelson, Cecil and George Coburn
and Merle C. and Doris Been for preschool scholarships in Belmond-Klemme. The Baptist
Church in Webster City is planning a fundraising event initiated by Vergil and Mary Lou Gordon
and donations will go toward preschool scholarships in Hamilton County. Building Families
Board would like to thank each for their thoughtfulness and gift to assist families in our
empowerment area.

                             Period of PURPLE Crying
Increased crying in infants aged two weeks to four months is normal. Crying is the most
common stimulus to shaking baby syndrome. Shaking a baby is dangerous because it can cause
head trauma or bleeding on the brain. This often results in brain damage, blindness and even
death. Prevention includes teaching parents and caregivers the normality of increased crying.
Parents and caregivers of infants need to know the meaning of increased crying, (sometimes
babies don’t have a reason to cry, they just do—this is called a colic), and the danger of shaking
as a response to frustration to crying. If your infant is crying—has been fed, changed and is in
all respects should be comfortable, do more of the following:
                Take a Break

       But never ever shake your baby!

    If you have questions on the H1N1 Virus, call your local public
                            health agency.
                                      You might have the flu if you have:
Fever                                     Cough                               Sore throat
Runny or stuffy nose                      Body aches                          Headache
Chills and fatigue                        Diarrhea                            Vomiting

                                      What you can do to prevent the flu:
                                       Wash hands frequently
                                       Cover your mouth and wash hands after coughing
                                       Avoid people who are sick
                                       Stay home!

                                      Future board meetings are as follows:

                        Board Meetings at 3pm:           Committee meetings at 9am:
                       January 11, 2010 (date change)       December 17, 2009
                       February 22, 2010                    February 18, 2010
                       April 26, 2010                       April 22, 2010
                       June 28, 2010                        June 24, 2010

                                           Ann Stewart, LBSW
                                      500 Fair Meadow Drive, Suite A
                                         Webster City, Iowa 50595


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