Early Childhood Special Education

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					  Early Childhood
Special Education

                                         Early Childhood Special Education
                                             •   Wisconsin Early Childhood Indicators Training Series
                                             •   Overview of Early Childhood Indicators (Module)
                                             •   Early Childhood Indicators At-a-Glance
                                             •   Contact: Erin Arango-Escalante, DPI ECSE Consultant
The mission of the Special Education                            erin.arango-escalante@dpi.wi.gov
Team is to provide statewide
leadership, advocacy, technical          Indicator 6: Preschool Environments
assistance, and promote collaboration        •   Preschool Environments (Module)
among parents, educators, students,          •   Contact: Mary Joslin, Preschool Environments Coordinator
communities and other agencies to                                  mjoslin@cesa10.k12.wi.us
ensure that all children with
disabilities have available to them a
free appropriate public education.       Indicator 7: Child Outcomes
                                             •   Child Outcomes FAQ
                                             •   Special Education Child Outcomes Application (module)
                                             •   The Rating Process (Module – Coming Soon!)
                                             •   Contact: Ruth Chvojicek, Child Outcomes Coordinator

                                         Indicator 12: Early Transitions
                                             •   Guidance on Indicator 12 Reason Selections
                                             •   Sample LEA Notification Letter (English, Spanish, Hmong)
                                             •   Wisconsin Early Childhood Transition Timeline
                                             •   Contact: Wendi Schreiter, Early Transitions Coordinator
The DPI EC staff provides leadership,      Early Childhood Programs
partnership, policy development,
incentives, and technical assistance to
the EC community for young children
throughout Wisconsin.                      Kindergarten Entrance & Admission

                                           Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

                                           Contact: Jill Haglund, DPI EC Consultant
                                             Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

                                             Social Emotional Competence

                                             Screening/Early Identification
The vision of Collaborating Partners is      Curriculum and Assessment
that all children in Wisconsin will
receive the necessary services and           Serving Dual Language Learners
family supports to attain their optimal        •   Facts & Tips Series
developmental potential during the             •   Learning Module Series
                                               •   Other Resources
critical early years from birth through
age 5.                                       Serving Children with Disabilities

                                             4K Community Approaches

                                             Professional Development

                                             Family Support/Parent Education

                                             Homelessness and Poverty

                                             Health and Medical Home

                                             Economic Development
The Preschool Options Project is a DPI    Tools
funded project that provides training       •   The IEP Team (Module)
to assist local school districts in         •   IEP Preparation for General Educator
developing a range of options in Least      •   Strategies to Enhance Families as Decision Makers
Restrictive Environments (LRE) for          •   IEP Preparation Worksheet for Families
young children with disabilities.

                                          Resources
Culturally Responsive Education for All    Early Childhood Programs
(CREATE) is a statewide system-change
initiative designed to eradicate the
achievement gap amongst diverse
student populations and eliminate          Instruction (Resource Guides)
race as a predicting factor of
participation in special education.
CREATE works with local systems to
address ingrained school practices that    Culturally Responsive Classrooms - Training
contribute to perpetuating disparities,
thus generating an inaccessibility to
learning. CREATE provides technical
assistance and professional
development to school districts and
their communities.

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