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					                  Standing and Special Committees and Advisors

     Committee             Chairperson          Members                               Responsibility

By-Laws                     Advisors      Bill Roach              Propose changes at 2-15 meeting conducted by Lu Russell,
                                          Della Fossum             Parliamentarian, followed by CA and membership approval
                        Ed Voorhies       Keith Gurney             by 7-1.
                                          Bob Nelson
                        Della Fossum
                                          Susan Lambert           Note: ByLaws Committee has been dissolved
                                          George Wagner            effective June 2nd. Ed Voorhies and Della
                                          Ed Voorhies              Fossum will be retained as Advisors to the
                                                                   Board pending Board approval
Rules and Regulations       Advisors      Jan Tribble             Propose changes followed by Board, Sports Committee and
                                          John Wood                membership involvement by 5-16
                        Ed Voorhies       John Morran
                                          James Seals             Note: The Rules & Regulations Committee has
                        Jan Tribble
                                          Suzanne Lukens           been dissolved effective May 16. Ed Voorhies
                                          Fred Woods               and Jan Tribble will be retained as an Advisors
                                          Lovick Williams
                                                                   to the Board pending Board approval.
Communication           Nancy Snow                                How to communicate current and relevant information to
Committee                                                          SCTTA and CA members via all available media.

Recognition             Myrna Paulson     Deck Weight             Annual selection of Sportsmanship of the Year Awards for
Committee                                 Virginia Dougherty       one man and one women who display outstanding
                                          Bob Lund                 sportsmanship on and off the court
                                          Mary Lou Curran
                                                                  Any other suggested forms of recognition
                                          Bill Metz
                                          Mike Strange
Maintenance             Fred Becker                               Maintain court facilities and equipment and recommend
                                          George Wagner
Committee                                                          repairs and improvements
                                          Ralph Pond
                                          Bob Harrison

Social Committee        Pat Holland       Jo McDaniel             Create a positive social environment and develop a plan for
                                          Mary Lou Curran          monthly socials.
                                          Liz May
                                          Joyce Pond
                                          Jill Greer
                                          Marilyn Sharp

Finance Committee       Gregg McIlhaney   Earl Hamley             Effective management of available resources
                                          Bob Huelscamp

Data Collection         George Wagner                             Have accurate and current data on court usage and other
Committee                                                          tennis related issues to assist in planning and decision

Membership              Della Fossum      Sara Saulnier           Attract, maintain, and grow a healthy and satisfied
Committee                                 Nita McFall              membership
                                          Jan Huffstutler
                                          Brooksie Tinsley
                                          Lori Minor
                                          Jan Huelscamp
                                          Della Fossum
                                          Alice Teel

Long Range Planning   David May         Fide Exconde          Study the need for court expansion with various options and
Committee                               Mike Strange           supporting data.
                                        Jo McDaniel
                                                              Other long term needs to meet the needs of a growing
                                        George Wagner
                                        Ralph Fisher

Courts Management     F. Woods          Margaret Shirley      Most effective use of available court time for Walk-On,
                      S. Lukens         Lola Keck              League Play, or other formats, currently and in the future.
                                        Lovic Williams
                                        Willard Sims

Open Tennis           Peggy Kendall     John Morran           Attracting all levels of tennis players to a first time
                                        Marion Fossler         positive experience and supporting their movement , if they
                                        Betty Wagner           choose, to league or small group play
                                        Joyce Dixon
                                        Donna Oliver

Community             Dick McGlade      Deck Weight           Should we provide some form of financial or moral support
Involvement                             Nita McFall            for any outside organization.
                                        John Morran
                                                              As outlined in our By-Laws, should SCTTA engage in any
                                        Necia Chessman
                                                               fund raising activities.

Clinics and Lessons       Advisor       Bob Nelson            Study the need and plan for clinics/lessons/drills for all
                                        Murry Weir             levels of play by members, outside pros, tennis camps, or
                        Fidel Esconde   Bill Metz              others.
                                        Fidel Esconde
                                        Willard Sims          Clinics and Lessons Committee has been
                                                               dissolved effective June 1st. Fidel Esconde will
                                                               be retained as an Advisor to the Board pending
                                                               Board Approval.
Presidents Council    George Wagner     Bob Lund              Periodic presentation to the Board on “Current State of the
                                        Bill Roach             SCTTA” in addition to advice and consultation.
                                        Mike Strange
                                        Fred Becker
                                        Sue Goodenough

USTA Committee        John Woods                              Interpret and communicate USTA rules when requested by
                                                               the board or the members

Mediation Committee   Harlow Fisher                           Meet with individuals with current or future conflicting
                                                               views and discuss mutually satisfying results.


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