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Principal’s Message                       2

Faculty/Staff Information                 3

School Mission/Vision                     7

Belief Statements                         8

School Improvement Goals/Attendance       9

School Hours                             10

Incentive Program                        11

Tardy Policy                             12

Pickup Procedures/Early Pickup           13

Parking Lot Safety                       14

Conferences/Homework                     15

Testing/Student Progress                 16

School Expectations for Behavior         17

Wellness Policy/Medication               19

Discipline                               20

Student Dress                            21

Security/Visitors/Withdrawing Students   22

Parent/Volunteer Involvement             23

School Calendar 2009-2010                25

Emergency Information/Early Dismissal    26

Cafeteria Meal Prices                    27

Parent/Student Verification Form         28
          Welcome to Roan Creek Elementary School, Home of the Pioneers!
    Accredited by the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI) of the
                  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Message from the Principal:

Welcome to the 2009– 2010 school year at Roan Creek Elementary.
Opportunities for success and a quality instructional program await all
students this school year.

This Parent – Student Handbook is a practical resource guide that has been
designed to help answer questions you may have about the school. Please
keep it close as you will want to refer to it often in the days and months

We offer many opportunities for you to become involved throughout the
year. You may wish to serve as a volunteer tutor, act as a guide at special
assemblies and events, and / or join the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).
I’m sure the demands on your time make it difficult for you to visit the
school as often as you would like. For this reason, you are encouraged to
call or come by at your convenience. Take a moment to schedule an
appointment to meet and get to know your child’s teacher if you have not
done so already. According to educational research, involved parents help
children succeed in school. Unite with us as we make every effort to
educate your child. Together, hand in hand, we can make a difference.
If you have questions or need assistance as the year progresses, we will
gladly assist you. If you call the school after hours and no one is available,
you may leave a message and someone will return your call as early as
possible the following day.

Dana Stafford

   School Motto/Theme: Hand in Hand, Together, We Make a Difference


Principal – Mrs. Dana Stafford, B.S. English; M.Ed., School Counseling; M.S., Educational
Leadership; National Board Certified Counselor

Assistant Principal – Mr. John Mast, B.A. Math; M.A. Administration and Supervision

Head Start/Pre-K:
                       Mrs. Jessie Laing, B.S. Psych/Soc/Early Childhood;
                       M. Ed.

                       Ms. Abby Shaw

                       Mrs. Angie Miller, B.S. Early Childhood; M. Ed.

                       Mrs. Christi Blankenbeckler, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

                       Mrs. Jessica Buckles, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                       Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, B.S. / Early Childhood

First Grade:
                       Ms. Laura Weaver

                       Mrs. Linda Morefield, A.S. Med. Assistant; B.A.
                       General Studies; M.A. Teaching

                       Mrs. Tamra Taylor, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

Second Grade:
                       Mrs. Whitney Colson, B.S.; M. Ed.

                       Ms. Lisa Magdziuk, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.
                       Elementary Ed.

                       Mrs. Donda Plyler, B.S. Communication with Elementary Certification

Third Grade:           Mrs. Chanda Fenner, B.S., Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                       Mrs. Alice Johnson, B. S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                     Mrs. Mary Ann Robinson, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

Fourth Grade:        Mrs. Jennifer Icenhour, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                     Mr. Rob Timbs, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                     Mrs. Pat Verplank, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

Fifth Grade:         Mrs. Mechelle Arney, B.S. Physical Education; M. Ed.

                     Mrs. Hilda Crowder, B.S. Elementary Education

                     Mr. Mark Humphrey, B.S. Elementary Education

Sixth Grade:         Mr. Randy Brown, M.A. Teaching; Ed.S. Educational

                      Mrs. Teresa Henson, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M. Ed.

                     Mr. Phillip Nave, B.S. Elementary Education

                     Mrs. Rita Storie, B.A. Biology/Elementary Education;
                     M. Ed., Science

Gifted Coordinator   Andy Wright, M. Ed.

Literacy Leader /
Reading Expressions Teacher
                     Mrs. Wanda Combs, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M.A.
                     Reading Ed.

Special Education Teachers:

                     Mrs. Summar Eller, B.S. Special Ed.; M. Ed.

                     Mrs. Carol Hieronymus, B.S. Elementary Ed. / Special Ed.

                     Ms. Leanne Shoun, B.S. Special Ed.; M. Ed.

Media Specialist:       Mrs. Anne Timbs, B.S. Elementary Ed.; M.Ed.
                        Instructional Media; + 45 in Technology/ Education

Music Teacher:          Mrs. Kim Franklin, B.S. Applied Math; B.A. Piano
                        Performance; M. Ed., Math

Physical Education Teacher:

                        Mrs. Penny Gentry, B.S. in Physical Ed.; M. Ed.

School Counselor:       Mrs. Mary Lipford, B.S.; M. Ed; Ed.S., Counseling; National Board
                        Certified Counselor

School Social Worker:

                        Ms. RoseEdda Snyder, B.S. School Social Work

Speech Therapist:       Ms. Kristy Richardson, B.S.; Masters

School Nurse:           Mrs. Patricia Widener, LPN

Secretary:              Ms. Bobbie Jo Brooks, A.S. Applied Science

Bookkeeper:             Mrs. June Terry, B.S. Accounting, M.S. Accounting

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Angela Brown                              Mrs. Kim Potter
Mrs. Hilda Conville                            Mrs. Cathy Sutherland
Ms. Sandy Cook                                 Ms. Norma Sutherland
Mrs. Tammy Farrow                              Mrs. Lecia Walker
Mrs. Deborah Greer                             Ms. Laura Weaver, B.S. / M.Ed.
Mr. Charles Morefield                          Ms. Nikki Taylor
Mrs. Helen Price

Food Service

Mrs. Judy Wilson, Manager
Mrs. April Lipford, Assistant Manager
Betsy Casey
Teresa Nieman
Mrs. Alma Poteet
Ramona Shatley


Mrs. Cora Lee Campbell, A. S.; B.A. in Restaurant Management
Misty Williams
Mr. James Fritts
Mr. Bobby Wallace

                      Roan Creek Mission Statement

The learning community of Roan Creek Elementary School will work together
to provide opportunities for all students to attain the necessary skills and
behaviors to be successful and responsible learners before they leave our

                       Roan Creek Vision Statement

Roan Creek Elementary School will be an exemplary school which provides a
quality instructional program that is student-centered and equips students
to be life-long learners.

The Roan Creek Faculty and Staff Believe:

               Children should be taught to be life-long learners with an emphasis on
                problem solving skills, character development, self-control, and
               An exemplary school is one that is student-centered, always striving for
                excellence through frequent monitoring, exceptional attendance, and a
                strong partnership of students, teachers, staff, parents, and community.
               A successful student is able to function responsibly, making consistent
                gains, both socially and academically, in and out of school.
               An effective classroom is one in which policies and expectations are
                clearly defined; procedures are consistently taught; each child feels
                safe, secure, and accepted by teachers and peers; and needs of all
                children are being met.
               Faculty, staff, parents, and community members should be appropriate
                role models, displaying a positive attitude regarding expectations of
               An effective, well-qualified faculty works on school improvement teams
                to make decisions and establish policies while, at the same time,
                maintaining high expectations and keeping the students’ best interests in
               A quality instructional program includes core subjects, the fine arts, and
                technology with ongoing assessment of student progress and alignment
                with state standards and current research.

School Improvement Goals

In consideration of future NCLB requirements and analysis of TCAP
and Report Card data, the following goal targets are identified:

1. Continue to increase the percentage of students scoring at proficient
and advanced performance levels to meet NCLB AYP requirements in

2. Continue to increase the percentage of students scoring at proficient
and advanced performance levels to meet NCLB AYP requirements in

3. Continue to increase the percentage of students scoring proficient
and advanced performance levels to meet NCLB AYP requirements in

4. Improve writing to reach an average of 4.2 or above on the Writing

5. Continue to meet the NCLB AYP requirement for attendance.

Attendance – An Important Key to School Success
Success in school is directly related to school attendance. Our students who miss
more than eight days of school do not perform as well on state tests as students
whose number of absences range from zero – eight days. Not only is instruction
missed on the day of an absence, but students can also fall behind on assignments
for the days that follow. Help your child build the habits of regular attendance and
promptness – habits that will serve him / her well for a lifetime!

When an absence is necessary due to sickness or an emergency, please contact the
school at 727-4964 by 9:00 a.m. If you will be able to pick up assignments, let us
know at that time. On your child’s return to school, he / she will need to bring a
physician’s note or parent note documenting the type of absence.

The school will be making calls to check on absent students. When a pattern of
absences is observed, the parent/guardian will be officially contacted by the
Assistant Principal and /or the Attendance Supervisor. Once a student exceeds 8
unexcused absences, a referral is made to the Truancy Review Board.

When a student accumulates eight or more absences, he / she will be required to
stay afterschool in Time for Time. Time for Time lasts from 3:20 p.m. until 4:50
p.m., two days per week. One school day is credited for every three hours spent in
Time for Time.

Both the parent and child will be required to appear before the Truancy Review
Board for a review of the student’s attendance record. If attendance continues to
be a problem, a truancy petition may be filed.

Please be aware that students whose tardies and early dismissals total more than
three hours and fifteen minutes are not eligible to receive perfect attendance
awards at the end of the year.

School Hours
      Kids’ Corral Students
      Before school: 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
      After school: 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

      Non-Kids’ Corral Students
      Breakfast:     7:30 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. (extended for Pre K)
      School Day:   8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures
Staff will be on duty beginning at 7:30 a.m. at the bus canopy for students arriving
by bus and at the front entrance for students dropped off by passenger vehicle.
AVAILABLE. If you need childcare services prior to 7:30 a.m. or after 3:30 p.m.,
check with the office for rates. Kids’ Corral provides quality childcare before and
after school, on many non-school days, and during the summer at reasonable rates.

Parents may accompany students into the building at drop off, but vehicles should
not be left at the curb. This creates a safety hazard for students and can lead to
accidents. Remember to park in a parking space, if you plan to leave your vehicle.

Incentive Program

Students in Kindergarten through sixth grade have the opportunity to earn a
reward at the end of each nine week grading period. During the 2009 – 2010 school
year, the rewards will be offered as follows for qualifying students:

1st 9 weeks         One afternoon during their recess time on the Inflatables
2nd 9 weeks         Attend a performance ofTeacher Idol in the RCE Cafetorium
3rd 9 weeks         One afternoon during their recess time on the Inflatables
*4th 9 weeks       Trip to Fun Expedition ($5.00 fee required per student)

To be eligible, students must make all A’s, B’s or C’s, have no more than two
unexcused absences and have zero office referrals that result in disciplinary
action within the grading period. It is important to note that excessive tardiness
could jeopardize a student’s eligibility and result in an office referral and
disciplinary action (please refer to the Tardy Policy on page 12).

*To be eligible for the Fun Expedition trip, students may not have more than eight
unexcused absences.

                       Roan Creek Elementary Tardy Policy

A “little” late is too late! When we look at one student or a few students who are tardy, it
doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, tardy students miss some of the most important minutes of
the day. The first few minutes of class set the tone for the entire day, and a delay in getting class
started can affect the entire year. For instance, if a class begins five minutes late due to tardy
students, that equals 835 minutes a year or almost 14 hours of lost instruction for the year. If every
RCE classroom has one tardy student every day, that could equal 336 hours! Can we afford

Help your child build the habit of promptness – it’s a habit that will serve him/her well for a lifetime!

The tardy bell rings at 8:05. All students are expected to be on time and ready to begin their job of
learning. Any student arriving after 8:05 a.m. must report to the office with the parent for a tardy
slip. Teachers will not admit students to the classroom without this slip.

During the 2009 - 2010 school year, the following policy for tardies / early dismissals will be

                    SEMESTER: A written notice sent home to be returned with a parent
                 2. FIVE UNEXCUSED TARDIES / EARLY DISMISSALS: Student assigned
                    to lunch detention and / or parent conference with administration.
                 3. TEN UNEXCUSED TARDIES/EARLY DISMISSALS: After school
                    detention assigned and parent meeting with School Social Worker
                    Parent and student conference with the Attendance Review Team.

Drive Through Pickup Procedures
To assist in a safe and orderly pickup procedure, pickups will be released to
parents/guardians from the front corridors at 3:00 p.m. Anyone picking up
students at the curb should remain in vehicles to prevent backup of traffic onto
Roan Creek Road. To help with the traffic flow, anyone wanting to come into the
building will need to park in a parking space. For unscheduled pickups, we ask that
you call the school by 1:00 p.m. and let us know your child will be a pickup. This will
help avoid problems in the pickup line. Calling after 1:00 p.m. may result in
failure to get messages to classroom teachers.

On most days, two lanes of pickup traffic will be moving through the parking lot in a
counter clockwise direction. Please proceed very slowly through the pickup line.
The safety of our students is top priority. If you are planning to get out of your
vehicle or if you need to come into the building, you must park in one of the parking
spaces. The curb is for occupied vehicles only.

The school office will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on school days.

Early Pickup
Students miss valuable instructional time when they are picked up early. Parents,
you are asked to make every effort to schedule doctor/dental appointments on non-
school days (see calendar on page 24) and during after school hours. If early
pickups are necessary, a parent or other authorized adult must come to the office
to officially sign out a student.

When you know in advance that your child must leave school early, please inform the
teacher by sending a note with the time and the reason for early pickup. For the
safety of students, only adults listed by parents on the pickup sheet will be
permitted to pick up our children.

                               Parking Lot Safety

Buses will load and unload students at the bus canopy on the side of the building

facing Roan Creek Road.     Passenger vehicles should not enter the bus pickup /

dropoff area from 7:30-8:00 a.m. or from 3:00-3:40 p.m. Parents of Pre-K/Head

Start students may be given special instructions for loading / unloading students in

this area.

If you bring and / or pick up your child, please use the drop-off / pick-up area at

the front of the building unless you have received other instructions. Do not leave

your car when in this zone. If you need to park to come into the building, please use

one of the parking spaces. If you visit the school during the day and parking spaces

are not available in the front parking lot, you may park in the right parking area, as

long as buses are not present. Please observe one-way traffic around both parking

lots. Thank you for always driving slowly!

Conferences with Teachers

In addition to the two scheduled conferences (September 15th and February 9th),
teachers or parents may ask for other conferences as needed. To allow for an
uninterrupted conference, parents should call or send a note for an appointment.
Usually, teachers need the time before the school day begins to plan the day’s
activities. At dismissal time, they are involved in seeing that their students get to
their appropriate places. Since the teacher’s attention is needed elsewhere, neither
of these times is ideal for a conference, unless an appointment has been scheduled.

Parents may also call the school and ask that teachers call them. Teachers will
return calls during planning time or at the end of the day. This will prevent taking
instruction time away from students.


Homework is assigned to support classroom instruction. It should be completed by
the student under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or a responsible older
sibling. A good rule of thumb for the amount of homework each night is 10 minutes
per grade (Example: K and 1, 10 minutes; grade 2, 20 minutes; grade 3, 30 minutes,
etc.). Special assignments may require more time. In cases where time spent on
homework greatly exceeds these amounts, parents should contact the teacher.

To help with communication on assignments, students in grades K-3 will have
homework folders. Students in grades 4-6 will use calendar agendas for recording

In addition, parents are encouraged to read to kindergarten and first grade
students every night. To develop good reading skills, students in grades 1 – 6 should
read at least 20 minutes every night in Accelerated Reader books or in other
reading materials.

Testing/Student Progress

Students in Head Start-6th grade     are assessed regularly in each subject area
during each 9-week grading period.    Mid-term reports are sent home at the half-
way point each 9 weeks, and grade    cards go out at the end of the 9 weeks. For
information on the grading scale,     please refer to the policy section of this

Student progress in writing skills is measured through Writing Benchmark
assessments each 9 weeks in most grades. Fifth-grade students are required to
take the state Writing Assessment in February.

Students in grades 2-6 at Roan Creek will take the TCAP Achievement Test March
29th – April 1st with April 6th serving as the make-up day. The test measures
progress in meeting state standards in reading, math, language, science, and social
studies. A Home Report with student scores will be sent out as soon as the school
receives them. In the fall of each year, the Tennessee Department of Education
issues a school report card that reflects how our students are performing as a
group. Information from that report card will be shared with parents in the school

                        School Expectations for Behavior
The six pillars of character guide the behavior of the learning community at Roan Creek
Elementary: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship
(TRRFCC – pronounced Terrific!).

       General Expectations - TRRFCC students at Roan Creek Elementary:
          Respect the authority of all staff members.
          Settle disagreements fairly and peacefully; fighting, threatening and bullying
           are not permitted.
          Respect the school building, school grounds, and the property of others.
          Speak and listen respectfully and use “inside” voices in the building.
          Show caring in the hallway by walking quietly on the right side.
          Leave chewing gum, candy, and breath sprays at home; play items (toys,
           games, trading cards, CD players, radios, or any item interfering with the
           learning environment) should not be brought to school, unless the teacher has
           given special permission; large sums of money, valuables, or expensive
           jewelry are not to be brought to school.
          Show responsibility and citizenship by obeying all School Board policies,
           which prohibit the possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and weapons.
          If cell phones are brought to school, they need to be turned off and kept in

Cafeteria Expectations - TRRFCC students at Roan Creek Elementary:
   Use good table manners and sit properly.
   Raise their hands and get permission before leaving their seats.
   Take responsibility for keeping their space clean.
   Follow instructions from cafeteria monitors and Food Service staff.
   Meet General Expectations for school-wide behavior.

Playground Expectations - TRRFCC students at Roan Creek Elementary:
   Take care of the playground equipment.
   Dispose of all litter properly.
   Use playground in a safe manner at all times.
   Are always visible to teacher or assistant.
   Follow General Expectations for behavior.

                                 Wellness Policy
The Johnson County School System has developed a wellness policy which meets
Tennessee requirements. For foods brought to school, the policy states:

      1. Carbonated beverages will not be allowed to be brought to school in lunch
         boxes or for parties. Exception to this would be a doctor’s order for a
         diet carbonated drink for a diabetic.
      2. Healthy choices will be encouraged to be packed in lunch boxes.

Classes may have two holiday parties per year in addition to monthly birthday
parties. Teachers will ask students to choose items from the Wellness Committee’s
list of recommended food items for parties and snacks.

If a student’s health requires that medications must be administered at school, the
school system policy requires:

       A signed consent form must be on file in the nurse’s office.
       Medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be in the original
        container and brought to school by parent/guardian.
       All medications will be administered under the supervision of the
        school nurse or designee. Students are not to carry medications
        (this includes aspirin and Tylenol) in purses or pockets.


Each teacher has a discipline plan for the classroom and will inform students and
parents of expectations and consequences/rewards for behavior.          Classroom
consequences (in order of progression) may include:

      1. Verbal reminder; warning
      2. Conference with student
      3. Quiet lunch / recess detention or after-school detention; problem
         solving form or action plan completed and sent home for parent
      4. Repeat of # 3; telephone call to parent
      5. Repeat # 4; parent/teacher/student conference.

Students with ongoing and/or severe behavior problems (fighting or other physical
attack, profanity, vandalism, disrespect toward staff members, racial slurs or
harassment, possession of a controlled substance, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
products, etc.) will be referred to the office. The referral will be accompanied by
teacher documentation of the behavior. Depending on the severity of the behavior,
consequences (in order of progression) may include:

       1. Conference with assistant principal or principal
       2. Discipline form sent home; conference with School Counselor
       3. Telephone call to home or parent’s worksite
       4. Placement in in-school suspension (time will increase for each visit to
          ISS) or Saturday School and/or corporal punishment
       5. Conference with School Resource Officer (SRO)
       6. Referral to the Discipline Hearing Authority of the Board of
          Education with alternative ISS placement
       7. Out-of-school suspension.

Dressing for School
Students are expected to dress cleanly and neatly. Dress or appearance must not
present health or safety problems or cause disruption to the learning.

          Tank tops or any other garments that do not provide adequate
           coverage will not be allowed. Tops must not show midriff, cleavage,
           or bare backs. Loose fitting pants must cover under garments at all
          Appropriate clothing for weather conditions should be worn. Shorts
           may be worn in warm weather, but the length must be no shorter
           than the fingertips of the hands extended down the legs.*
          Clothing with suggestive slogans or that promote drugs and alcohol or
           tobacco products are not permitted.*
          Caps or hats are not to be worn in the building.
          Black-soled shoes can leave marks on the floor. Please consider
           buying other types of shoes or shoes that have non-scuff soles. If
           your child wears black soles, talk to him or her about the importance
           of helping the custodians by removing any marks they might make.
           Keeping the building looking nice is everyone’s responsibility.

*When violations occur, parents will be contacted by the teacher or the office to bring a
change of clothing to the school. Repeated violations could result in suspension (after
school detention, Saturday School, etc.)

For security purposes, usually only the front doors near the office will be unlocked during
the school day.    It is the goal of every teacher and staff member at RCE to ensure that
your child has a safe environment in which to grow and learn. You can help assure your
child’s safety by following a few basic procedures during afternoon pickups. Please use the
main entrance doors next to the office when entering the building. If you have a child in
Pre-K only, you may enter the bus canopy doors to pick up your child. If your child is in
grades K – 6th, please wait for your child in the main foyer in front of the office. It would
be very easy for an intruder or stranger to wander through the building on days when
several parents are gathered in and around hallways or near classroom doors. Your help in
this matter is greatly appreciated.

Whenever you are visiting or volunteering in the building, you will need to stop by the office
to sign in and pick up a visitor’s badge. Please remember to sign out when leaving and to
return your visitor / volunteer badge. We take our responsibility for the safety of hundreds
of students very seriously. Visitors without a visitor’s pass will be questioned by staff.
Video cameras are used for monitoring purposes throughout the school.

Withdrawing Students from RCE
When a student is transferring / withdrawing from Roan Creek, the parent /
guardian will need to notify the school office to take care of necessary paperwork.
Students must be in good standing for the process to be completed. Any
outstanding debts to the school must be paid, before records can be released to
the next school.        All textbooks, library books, and any other school
materials/equipment must be returned.

Parent Involvement/Volunteers
                        PARENT INVOLVEMENT PLAN

Striving for excellence through a strong partnership of students, teachers, staff,
parents, and community, Roan Creek Elementary School welcomes and encourages
the participation of all parents through the following:

       1. An annual meeting to keep parents informed of federal requirements
          and contributions to the school’s programs and to jointly develop,
          review and improve the RCE Parent Involvement Plan and school-parent
          compact (Agreement for Success)
       2. Parent-teacher conferences scheduled each semester (one afternoon, one
          evening) to discuss curriculum standards, assessment information, and
          proficiency level expectations. Parents or teachers may schedule
          additional conferences as needed at mutually agreed upon times.
       3. Parent representation on the school improvement team, which meets
          monthly, to communicate concerns and provide input into the planning
          process; Parent representation on the school leadership team which
          meets four times annually
       4. Two-way communication with opportunities for comments and
          suggestions regarding student progress through midterm reports, report
          cards, testing reports, telephone calls, conferences, letters, work folders,
          check lists and reading logs
       5. Parent education activities such as Back to School Night to discuss
          grade-level expectations, Family Night, Literacy Night and others
          offered through the school’s Parent Center. Times will vary for parents’
       6. Newsletters, fliers and website postings to communicate school news and
          to provide timely information about parent involvement programs
       7. The Parent Advisory Council which meets at 8:30 a.m. the first
          Wednesday of each month in the office conference room, September
          through May, to plan, review and improve the school / parent
          involvement program
       8. The school’s volunteer program

                       BE A “PIONEER VOLUNTEER”!

Parents are encouraged to become involved in school

activities. Students are more successful when parents are

actively involved.       The Parent Advisory Council provides

parents the opportunity to give input and to assist in the

ongoing process of school improvement. The Council meets

monthly to support the educational program at Roan Creek


Volunteering is a wonderful way to become involved in school

activities.    We need volunteers all during the school year to

help with classroom needs, as well as provide school wide

assistance.      Volunteer forms, requesting information on

interests, grade or subject preference, special talents, and

day/time preferences will be sent out during the first month

of school. Schedules will then be set up to make the best use

of volunteer time.

Volunteers       are     reminded   to    conduct    themselves

professionally and to dress appropriately for the school

setting.      A teacher or other school personnel will supervise

volunteer activities.

School Calendar, 2009 - 2010
Several short breaks are included in the school calendar throughout the year. To
avoid student absences from school, please use the following schedule to help you
plan for doctor/dentist appointments, vacations and for child care on non-school

             August 5               First day – student dismissal beginning at 11:15 a.m.
             Sept. 7 & 8            No school; Vacation/Labor Day
             September 15           Parent/Teacher Conferences (Elementary)
             October 12             No school
             November 25 – 29       No school; Thanksgiving Break
             December 18            Last day taught before Christmas; student dismissal
                                    beginning at 11:15 a.m.
             December 19–January 3 No school; Christmas/New Year’s Break
             January 18             No school; Martin Luther King Day
             February 2             Writing Assessment (5th grade)
             February 9             Parent/Teacher Conferences (Elementary)
             February 16            No school; President’s Day
             March 12               Vacation Day
             March 29               Start of TCAP Achievement Test
             April 2 – 5            Good Friday / Easter
             May 19*                No school for students; teacher work day
             May 20*                Last day – student dismissal beginning at 11:15 a.m.

Emergency Information/Early Dismissal for Weather,etc.

At the beginning of the year, parents are asked to supply contact information for
emergency situations. Important!!! Please notify the school office at 727-4964
if that information changes during the school year, so we can reach you if an
emergency should arise.

If you have completed the Early Dismissal Plan form for a weather-related or other
early school/system dismissal, please be sure to also update that information with
any changes that occur during the year. Early dismissals can happen suddenly.
School staff will try to follow your instructions, but you will need to have an
alternate plan with a family member or neighbor to pick up your child, if you
are away from home when school is dismissed early. To help prevent any
problems for you or the office, you also have the option of arranging for your
child to go to daycare in Kids’ Corral after early dismissals.

On early dismissal days, students who do not ride the bus or who are not registered
for Kids’ Corral should be picked up within 45 minutes of the announced dismissal

                    CAFETERIA MEAL PRICES


Students approved for Reduced Lunch          .30
Elementary, Full Pay                        1.00
JCMS, Full Pay                              1.25
JCHS, Full Pay                              1.25
ADULTS                                      1.75


Students approved for Reduced Lunch           .40
Elementary, Full Pay                        1.50
JCMS, Full Pay                              1.75
JCHS, Full Pay                              1.75
ADULTS                                      3.00

MILK                                          .50
ICE CREAM                              .50 / 1.00

                Parent/Student Handbook Verification
                       School Year 2009 - 2010

 ( to be signed and returned to student’s homeroom teacher during the
                          first week of school )

Student’s Name _______________________________________________

Teacher ______________________________________________________

We have read the handbook and understand the expectations for
students attending Roan Creek Elementary.        We will keep the
Parent/Student Handbook for reference throughout the school year.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Student Signature



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