Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition
                                July 26, 2012 @ 8:30 a.m.

Present:      Toni Kay Wright, SIUC Head Start
              BJ Sanders, Jackson County Health Department
              Nancy Muzzarelli, Shawnee Health Service
              Colleen Flanagan, TASC, Inc.
              Mashama Coger, Jackson County Health Department
              Caleb Nehring, American Cancer Society
              Jane Williams, Big Muddy Assisted Living
              Ginny Donney, Shawnee Health Service
              Jo Sanders, Southern Illinois Healthcare
              Heather Troester, Southern Illinois Healthcare
              Fran Becque, Women for Health and Wellness
              Angie Bailey, Jackson County Health Department
              Jessica Palazzolo, Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center
              Jason Gillman, SIUC Student Health Services
              Vickie Devenport, WSIU Public Broadcasting
              Bethany Kies, SIUC Health Education
              Mary Taylor, Jackson County Health Dept.
              Kathy Renfro, Carbondale Park District
              Amy Wright, Southern Illinois Healthcare
              Diane Land, Southern Illinois Healthcare

Minutes:      Susan Morgan, Southern Illinois Healthcare

Welcome/Introductions: Amy Wright of Southern Illinois Healthcare welcomed everyone to the
meeting and introductions were given of all in attendance.

Approval of Agenda: Agenda stands approved.

Approval of May 24, 2012 Meeting Minutes: Minutes stand approved as written.

Agency Presentation: Diane Land, Community Health Coordinator for Southern Illinois
Healthcare gave this month’s agency presentation on the HCI Website.

The Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) Website is a tool that can be used to explore a variety of
health and quality of life indicators on the community dashboard targeting four area counties
(Franklin, Jackson, Perry and Williamson).

      Disparities Dashboard - view data broken out by racial, ethnic, age, and gender groups to
       identify disparities with the population.
      The Healthy People 2020 tracker - details progress against the national Healthy People 2020
      Demographics – explore demographic elements within the population.
      Promising Practices – extensive database of “best practice and promising practice” programs
       and interventions.
      Report Center – create and view reports relevant to the health and wellness in the

The Community Health Dashboards is located on the SIH website and then click on
“Community Benefits” located on the left side of the page and then go to “Community Health
Snapshot” located on the right side of the page. Link is:

For more information about the Community Health Snapshot, please contact Diane Land at (618)
457-5200, ext. 67834.

Action Plan Updates

      Positive Youth Development Action Team.
              Work continues on the new strategic plan.
              Busy with engaging kids over the summer and working with LeadSI on leadership
              training for youth and employment issues for this age group.
              If interested in joining the PYD Action Team, please contact Ramona Gertman of
              SIRSS at (618) 457-6703 or Tina Carpenter of the Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale
              at 457-8877.

      Access to Care Action Team
              Access to Care is a Joint Access Team which includes Jackson, Franklin and
              Williamson Counties.
              In the process of conducting mental health access needs assessment as well as
              continuing oral health programming.
              The Web-based E-Referral Manual for Jackson County and the surrounding region
              has been updated and is located on the SIH Website and on the Community Health
              Calendar. This web-based referral manual has information regarding primary care,
              dental care, mental health services, financial support, housing assistance, wellness
              and linkage resources, etc. Most resources link directly to an agency’s website so you
              can be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information. Go to:
              then click on “Community Benefits,” then go to Jackson County Healthy
              Communities Coalition and look under “Member Tools.”, or go to
              For more information about the Access to Care Action Team or to become a member,
              please contact Miriam Link-Mullison at (618) 684-3143.
              Next meeting: August 8, 2012 @ 2 p.m. at SIH.

      Behavioral Health Action Team
             The primary focus of this action team is to continue submitting articles for the
             “Living Well” column for the Southern Illinoisan newspaper which comes out in the
             Mind & Body section of the Southern Illinoisan each Tuesday. Colleen Flanagan
             reported that this will be changing to every other month. The Behavioral Health
             Action Team is constantly looking for ideas for these articles. Contact Karen Freitag
             or Jean Alstat at (618) 457-6703 or Colleen Flanagan at (618) 565-0060 with
             Recovery month (substance abuse) is in September and they are looking for someone
             to do an article on “their journey”. Will not be having a recovery event this year.
             Working on recruitment efforts for new members. If interested in joining this action
             team, please contact Colleen Flanagan at (618) 565-0060.
           Next meeting: August 6, 2012 @ 8:30 a.m. at Southern Illinois Regional Social
           Services. (This group meets the first Tuesday of every month at SIRSS (Turning
           Point Building).

   Sexual Health Action Team
           The overall goal of the Sexual Health Action Team is to reduce STDs in Jackson
           County. The specific strategies chosen by the team include: Working with providers
           to increase the rates of screening for STDs in Jackson county, working with educators
           and community agencies to increase the numbers of young adults who receive
           education that includes abstinence, prevention of STDs and birth control methods and
           increase the number of young adults who use barrier protection against STDs.
           The Sexual Health Action Team will be conducting sessions at the upcoming
           Women’s Health Conference in September and the Parish Nurse Retreat in November
           to work with area churches to address these issues.
           Working on increasing screenings for Chlamydia. Recent studies show that rates are
           up so will work on prevention measures with youth, parents, schools and physicians.
           Always looking for new team members. Would like to recruit parents who are
           interested and supportive of comprehensive sex education in schools. Please send an
           e-mail to Miriam Link-Mullison at if you would like to join this
           action team or contact Jason Gillman at (618) 536-4441.
           Next meeting: August 1, 2012 @ 3:00 p.m. at Jackson County Health Department.
           This action team always meets the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m.)

   Healthy Living Action Team
           The overall goal of the Healthy Living Action Team is to decrease cardiovascular
           disease including diabetes and obesity issues and to increase awareness regarding
           nutrition, physical activity and tobacco usage.
           The action team is working with local restaurants on food labeling / menu labeling.
           Health Literacy Project – In the process of educating parents to make educated
           decisions regarding the health of their children (when to keep kids home from school,
           etc.) Will be training 100 parents in the near future through Head Start. This is part
           of the UCLA Johnson and Johnson Head Start Management Fellows Program.
           The Weight of the Nation – HBO Special documentary addressing the US obesity
           epidemic. For more information go to:
           The Healthy Living Guide is located on the SIH website ( under
           member tools and it is also located on the Community Health Calendar.
           Community Health Calendar – All were reminded to use the online Community
           Health Calendar. All items listed on the health calendar must have an educational
           component and be open to the public. (no fundraisers). The community health
           calendar can be located at: The
           Community Health Calendar also has a variety of tools and links for the Healthy
           Living Guide, E-Resource Manual, Diabetes Guide, submission forms for START
           Walking paths, etc.
           Community Leaders Forum for Franklin/Williamson counties is scheduled for
           October 25, 2012 at 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. at John A. Logan College. This will be an
           invite only event for community leaders.
           CATCH – Coordinated Approach To Child Health
                CATCH continues to be implemented in area schools within the Delta Region.
                   The goal is to have all 102 schools on board by 2015.
                Plans continue with the construction of a START! Walking path at the
                   Superblock and Carbondale Community High School.
     Working with the Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale on after school programs.
START! Walking paths – Over 50 paths have been created so far in southern Illinois.
For a listing/map of all locations, Google START Walking paths in southern Illinois.
These paths are also located on the SIH website as well as the American Heart
Association’s website. If you know of a location to create a START Walking path.
On-line submission forms for walking paths are available on the Community Health
Work continues to reduce CVD (including diabetes & obesity and tobacco use) in
Jackson County. Working with the Healthy SI Delta Network on a coordinated
approach with 16 counties in southern Illinois.
Community Transformation Grant – “We Choose Health” is a multi-year effort to
encourage and support population-based obesity and tobacco prevention in Illinois
communities. The Jackson County Health Department in partnership with the
Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network (HSIDN) in the lower 16 counties of Illinois
has applied for this grant. The HSIDN has also submitted two separate applications
for similar programming. Our partnering communities of Egyptian Health
Department, Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department, and Hamilton
County Health Department have also applied through a separate application. All
work will be conducted through established Healthy Communities Coalitions. With
this grant application we will address healthy eating, active living and smoke-free
living. For more information about this grant, please contact Miriam Link-Mullison
at (618) 684-3143. Should be receiving notice any time if application was accepted.
Next Meeting of the Healthy Living Action Team: September 11, 2012 @ 8:30 –
10:30 a.m. at Southern Illinois Healthcare.
For more information about the Healthy Living Action Team or to become a member,
please call Angie Bailey at (618) 684-3143, ext. 134 or Michelle McLernon at (618)

Project Power
    This faith based initiative continues in African American churches in
        Carbondale with teaching individuals how to make healthy choices to increase
        their overall health.
    In the process of looking for one additional church.
    Powers to end Diabetes program was held on May 19, 2012 at the Boys &
        Girls Club of Carbondale with approximately 35-40 in attendance with 27
        being screened.
    A Project Power Celebration took place on July 21, 2012. Work continues to
        keep all churches engaged.
Diabetes Today Resource Team
    The main goal of this committee is to educate healthcare providers.
    A Diabetes Resource Guide was developed and can be located on the SIH
        Website as well as the Community Health Calendar.
    Working to assist churches with diabetes prevention training and promotion
        for Diabetes ID Day.
    In the process of choosing new goals based on a five year plan.
    Contact Angie Bailey at (618) 684-3143 if interested in joining this resource
    The next Diabetes Today Resource Team meeting is scheduled for September
        13, 2012 at 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Jackson County Health Department.
 Healthy Weight Collaborative

                  Childhood overweight/obesity toolkit has been completed. These toolkits are
                   for physicians to use in their practices to support childhood
                   obesity/prevention. The toolkit also includes parent resource information.
                  Work continues to promote and distribute the toolkits. In the process of
                   finishing up the assessment. To date, over 100 toolkits have been distributed
                   to health care providers. This is a multi-agency/team effort.
                  The “5-2-1-0 Toolkit” is available on the Jackson County Health Department
                   website under the new healthcare provider link.
                  The next Healthy Weight Collaborative Team meeting is scheduled for
                   August 8, 2012 at 11 a.m. at Hickory Lodge.

     Jackson County Family Violence Task Force
             At the July meeting, a discussion took place regarding the lack of funding for victim
             services and the extensive paperwork requirements attached to funding.
             The task force discussed the need for Batter’s Treatment in Jackson County and is
             committed to pursuing this as a project for the committee. Currently, the only
             treatment option in Jackson County is an anger management program hosted by
             Christian Social Services.
             The Women’s Center, Inc. is hosting a variety of Anti-Violence Discussion Events
             this summer that explore ways to prevent and respond to sexual violence in our
             If interested in joining this action team, please contact Cathy McClanahan at (618)
             549-4807 or by e-mail at: or Susie Toliver at 457-3200,
             ext. 447 or by e-mail at
             The next meeting of the JCFVTF is scheduled for August 8, 2012. Please contact
             Cathy McClanahan for exact time and location.

     Traffic Safety Action Team
              In the process of working with Kroger on the BigK/Coach Kill Cancer Fund Poker
              Run scheduled for August 25, 2012.
              Will also be working with the Courtney Dawn Rieckenberg Memorial Poker Run –
              This event will be held in September, but an exact date has not been set.
              If interested in participating on a newly formed Traffic Safety Action Team to the
              Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition, please contact BJ Sanders at (618)
              The next meeting of this action team is scheduled for September 5, 2012 at 4 p.m. at
              Jackson County Health Department.


     Carbondale Park District Announcements:
         - The Super Splash Park Outdoor Aquatic Center Sponsorship Dinner – August 2, 2012
            @ 6-9 PM at the Carbondale Civic Center. $40 per guest or $300 for table of eight.
         - Rotary Club Annual Yard Sale – August 25, 2012 at the SIU Arena Parking Lot. All
            proceeds will help fund the Carbondale Park District and The Women’s Center.
         - Boys & Girls Club Parent Sponsored Dinner – for more information contact the Boys
            & Girls Club of Carbondale at (618) 457-8877.
         - Sunset Concerts – The last concert “The Ark Reggae Band” is tonight (July 26th).
            Kathy Renfro thanked the Jackson County Health Department and the SIU Student
            Health Center for their help during the Sunset Concerts.
         - Keep Carbondale Beautiful – 25th Anniversary - July 28, 2012
       -   Gardening Project – Six gardens at local churches have been established. Each
           garden supports a local food pantry.

   Fitness Stations at the Superblock – Two new fitness stations have been installed at the
    Superblock Sports Complex. The two stations along with a new walking path are the result
    of a partnership between Memorial Hospital of Carbondale and Kohl’s through which the
    sale of special merchandise at the local Kohl’s store funds fitness projects and equipment
    purchases for area schools.

   Yellow Dot Program – This program provides emergency responders with crucial medical
    information to help crash victims. A yellow dot sticker is placed on the back window of a
    vehicle and this alerts emergency responders to look in the glove department box for health

 – Don’t Drive In-Text-icated bumper stickers were

   Jackson County Health Department update:
       - Community Transformation Grant – “We Choose Health” is a multi-year effort to
           encourage and support population-based obesity and tobacco prevention in Illinois
           communities. The Jackson County Health Department in partnership with the
           Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network (HSIDN) in the lower 16 counties of Illinois
           has applied for this grant and should be hearing soon if this will be funded.
       - JCHD Website – Recently updated. There is a “planning & statistics” tab that is very
           helpful. Also like them on Facebook. The website address is:

   TASC Summit of Hope – A successful event was recently held for women on parole. For
    more information about TASC, please contact Colleen Flanagan at (618) 565-0060.

   Free Webinar – SAMHSA is offering a free webinar on trauma, women and the effects of
    behavioral health. The webinar is scheduled for Monday, July 30, 2012. For more
    information go to:

   Medicaid Pharmacology: Regulations & Qualifications Presentation – August 1, 2012 at
    11:45 AM – 1:00 PM at Noll Medical Pavilion, 5220 S. 6th Street Rd., Springfield, IL 62703.
    The presentation will be given by Renae Hale, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer for Lincoln
    Prairie Behavioral Health Center.

   Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center is an in-patient facility for children age 3 – 17
    located in Springfield, IL. For more information call Jessica Palazzolo at (217) 585-1180.

   Free Colonoscopy Screenings – The American Cancer Society and SIH Cancer Institute have
    partnered to provide free colonoscopies. Must be between the ages of 50-75 and be A-
    symptomatic. There will be a press conference about this program in August. For more
    information call: 1-800-227-2345.

   Shawnee Health Service Announcements:
       - Dr. Alex Garrido, Family Medicine and Geriatrics, will start practice at Murphysboro
          Health Center on August 1, 2012

       -   Dr. Christa Pestka, Family Medicine, will start practice at Shawnee Health Care in
           Marion on August 1, 2012
       -   Dr. Diane Tracey signed this week.
       -   The School Health Centers (Marion Wellness Center & Terrier Care) will reopen on
           August 1, 2012. We will be present at school registration events in the Marion and
           Carbondale school districts from July 31 – August 9.
       -   School Physicals – A Physician Assistant will be at the Carbondale Middle School on
           August 2nd.
       -   Hopewell Baptist Church and the Jackson County Health Department are having a
           back to school event on August 4th at Attucks Park to do school physicals.

   Women’s Health Conference – Save the Date: September 15, 2012.

   SIUC Head Start – Enrollment is underway for the school year starting in August 2012 for all
    SIUC Head Start locations. Head Start provides comprehensive school readiness and high
    quality services to income-eligible families with preschool-age children. SIUC Head Start
    serves Jackson & Williamson Counties. Call (618) 453-6448 or (618) 997-2216 for more
    information or to register a child.

   Community Health Survey: Bethany Kies, MPH Student at SIUC is doing a summer
    research project through the Department of Health Education and Recreation. The objectives
    is to determine the training and continuing education needs of the community health
    education workforce in the Southern Illinois region Determine the preferred location, length
    and delivery format of trainings and continuing education. Identify potential community
    partners, both individuals and institutions SIU can partner with to provide training and
    continuing education. Develop a plan for the provision of training and continuing education
    needs identified through needs assessment. Ms. Kies is conducting an online survey / Email
    consent and survey link to public health administrators (25) and community health coalition
    representatives (7) and forward on to their respective network (staff or coalition).

    Project Timeline:
    - July – Plan to send out the on-line survey (approximately 16 questions) to public
       health administrators and community health coalition representatives with a request
       that they forward it to staff/members for completion. Survey should take less than
       10 minutes to complete.
    - August – Have the data analysis completed and a tentative plan for training and
       continuing education
    - September – Visit SIPHC and the seven community health coalitions to share the
       preliminary plan and to discuss any potential changes or enhancements based on

    For more information about this research program, contact Bethany Kies, MPH at

   SIU Student Health Services Announcements:
       - SIU starts back up on August 20, 2012
       - Dawn Knoll will be joining the Health Center on August 6th
       - Sara Steinkamp will be joining the Health Center on August 1st
       - Planning early this year for Polar Bear weekend and other drinking events

   Southern Illinois Healthcare Announcements:
          -   Center for Wound Healing – Two locations in Murphysboro (618) 684-1035 and
              Herrin (618) 988-6157. An even more comprehensive wound center complete with
              hyperbaric treatments is coming this summer.
          -   Herrin Hospital Joint Camp – Joint Camp is where you’ll find the surgical expertise,
              top-notch therapy and valuable education that will have you on your way to a better
              hip and a better life—faster. For more information, call 1-866-744-2468.
          -   Cancer Star Survivor Nomination Form – Have you been inspired by someone who
              has been diagnosed with cancer? If so, the SIH Cancer Institute wants to hear about
              them. In 300 words or less, tell us how a family member, friend, neighbor or co-
              worker has amazed you by their journey or inspired you by making a difference to
              others. Mail, fax or e-mail your nominations by August 10, 2012 to (618) 529-0568,
     or Valerie Baker, c/o SIH Cancer Institute, PO Box 2988,
              Carbondale, IL 62902-3988. For more information, call (618) 457-5200, ext. 67128.
          -   Save the Date:
                   SIH Slice of Life Reception – August 16, 2012
                   SIH Slice of Life Golf Outing – August 17, 2012
                   Big K Poker Run for the Fund – August 25, 2012 (proceeds to benefit the
                      Coach Kill Cancer Fund

      Save the Date: 2nd Annual Disaster Conference “Weathering the Storm” – October 16, 2012
       at 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at Rend Lake Resort.

Next Meeting Date/Location: The next meeting of the JCHCC is scheduled for Thursday,
September 27, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. at the Carbondale Township Office. The agency presentation will
be given by Cindy Davis, Cancer Patient Navigator of the SIH Cancer Institute.

Adjournment: Meeting Adjourned at 9:49 a.m.


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