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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ARAB TIMES, SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2012


                                                                                        People need to be careful with backup service

Wired reporter hack reveals perils of digital age
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 11, (AFP):               Security engineer Tim Strazzere told        computer to hide their trail.                 tech support that helped them achieve          involves making links between work            thing that if one gets compromised it
The perils of modern dependence on          AFP on Friday.                                              Protect                       their mission, according to Honan.             and personal accounts, according to           can hurt you so much more.”
Internet-linked gadgets and digitally-        “The main part is to mitigate risk; he                                                     Apple did not respond to an AFP             Strazzere.                                       His recommendations included
                                                                                           The data-wiping feature was created
stored memories remained a hot topic        lost a lot of personal information.”        by Apple to let people protect digital        request for comment, but reportedly               An example would be using one’s            keeping work and personal online
on Friday in the wake of a hack that          Basic hacker skills were combined         information if devices are lost or stolen.    gave Honan a statement saying his data         personal email address as the place to        accounts separate, even going so far as
wiped clean a Wired reporter’s devices.     with “social engineering,” the art of          He said his Twitter account was used       was “compromised by a person who               send password reset messages automat-         to have “throw-away” Web-based
   Mat Honan laid out at wired.com in       sweet-talking someone like a customer       to fire off offensive messages.               had acquired personal information              ically generated by online services that      email accounts for matters such as
gripping detail how his “digital life was   service rep into bending rules during a        “In many ways, this was all my             about the customer.”                           require login information.                    password resets.
destroyed” right down to irreplaceable      phone call, to compromise Honan’s           fault,” Honan wrote. “My accounts                “In addition, we found that our own            Getting access to a personal email            Pictures, documents or other data
photos of his baby daughter. Honan          Google, Twitter, and AppleID                were daisy-chained together.”                 internal policies were not followed            account could then give hackers keys to       stored in the Internet “cloud” or on per-
next week is to share his quest to repair   accounts.                                      “But what happened to me exposes           completely. We are reviewing all of our        any password protected services some-         sonal devices should be backed up as
the damage.                                   Honan told of his @mat Twitter han-       vital security flaws in several customer      processes for resetting account pass-          one uses - such as Twitter, Facebook or       well as being encrypted.
   “The take-away from his bad experi-      dle apparently being the coveted prize      service systems, most notably Apple’s         words to ensure our customers’ data is         office email.                                    Some online services provide the
ence is that people need to be careful      for hackers who deleted his Gmail           and Amazon’s.”                                protected.”                                       “It is an interesting twist to the new     option of “two-factor authentication”
with using an online service, especially    account and erased the data from his           Hackers were able to get bits of              The “daisy chain” mistake Honan             age,” Strazzere said. “These new capa-        that tightens security on password
a backup service,” Lookout Mobile           iPhone, iPad and MacBook laptop             information from Apple and Amazon             described is especially perilous when it       bilities are great tools, but it is a scary   resets.

         Technology                                                             Technology

     Anti-pirate move
  Google changes
  search algorithm
  NEW YORK, Aug 11, (Agencies):
  Google has taken a step against
  piracy, announcing Friday that it
  will update its search algorithm to
  de-emphasize sites with a history
  of copyright infringement.
     The algorithm will now factor
  in how many times a site has
  received valid copyright removal
  notices, and those with more
  notices will appear lower in the
     “This ranking change should
  help users find legitimate, quality
  sources of content more easily —
  whether it’s a song previewed on
  NPR’s music website, a TV show
  on Hulu or new music streamed
  from Spotify,” Amy Singhal, SVP
  of engineering at Google, said in a
  note on the Google search blog.
     Whether this will impact the
  prevalence of YouTube in search
  results remains to be seen.
     Under the Digital Millennium
  Copyright Act, it is incumbent
  upon the copyright holders, like
  Viacom, to file takedown notices
  when they find illicit material.
     However, those companies have
  urged Google, by far the most
  dominant search engine, to change
  its search to prioritize legal con-
  tent, among other measures.
     Though copyright hounds like
  the Motion Picture Association of
  America and the Recording
  Industry Association of America
  would like to see Google do more,
  this is a first step.
     “We are optimistic that
  Google’s actions will help steer
  consumers to the myriad legiti-
  mate ways for them to access
  movies and TV shows online, and
  away from the rogue cyberlockers,
  peer-to-peer sites, and other out-
  law enterprises that steal the hard
  work of creators across the globe,”
  the MPAA’s Michael O’Leary said           Erik Suhonen, Head of Yahoo Developer Network (YDN), gestures while addressing participants of the fifth edition of Open Hack India, a 24-hour non-stop hacking event organised by Yahoo! India
  in a statement. “We will be watch-                               R&D, in Bangalore on Aug 11. Over 700 Indian software developers from across 20 states are participating in the marathon Open Hack event. (AFP)
  ing this development closely —
  the devil is always in the details —
  and look forward to Google taking                                                                                                        High stakes trial
  further steps to ensure that its serv-
  ices favor legitimate businesses
  and creators, not thieves.”
     “This should result in improved
  rankings for the licensed music
  services that pay artists and deliv-
                                            Samsung takes on Apple over ‘phone features’
  er fans the music they love,”             SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug 11, (RTRS): An
  RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary                Apple Inc expert witness testified on                                                          Network exposed details about users’ lives
  Sherman said in a statement. “This        Friday that consumers would be willing
  change is an important step in the        to pay $100 for three patented smart-

                                                                                        US finalises privacy settlement with Facebook
  right direction — a step we’ve            phone features that are at issue in its
  been urging Google to take for a          high stakes trial against Samsung
  long time — and we commend the            Electronics Co Ltd.
  company for its action.”                     John Hauser, a marketing professor at
                                            MIT, said he surveyed consumers over        NEW YORK, Aug 11, (Agencies): The             spend more time on the site, which in          not make misrepresentations about the         not breaking the law when he fired six
            Also:                           the Internet about how much they would      Federal Trade Commission voted                turn allows Facebook to sell more ads.         privacy or security of users’ personal        staffers in his office who had “liked” his
  LOS ANGELES: US retail sales of           pay for some of the technology in the       Friday to finalize its settlement with        Although Facebook boasts that it gives         information — a broad clause that led         opponent in a 2009 election.
  new video game hardware, soft-            lawsuit, like scrolling and multitouch,     Facebook, resolving charges that the          users a variety of software settings so        to Google’s fine on Thursday.                    Hampton went on to win the election,
  ware and accessories fell for the                                                     social network exposed details about          they can decide which photos, links               Violations will be subject to civil        but the six staff members he had dis-
                                            which Apple claims Samsung stole from       users’ lives without getting the required     and updates to share with whom, the            penalties of up to $16,000 per day for        missed — ostensibly for “unsatisfactory
  eighth straight month in July as the      the US company.                             legal consent.                                company changes those options on a             each infringement.                            work” — proceeded to challenge his
  industry continued to look ahead             However, Samsung hammered Hauser            Facebook Inc. agreed to submit to          regular basis.                                    The FTC approved the settlement 3-         decision in court on free-speech
  toward the release of new equip-          on whether his study actually relates to    government audits of its privacy prac-            Much of the FTC’s complaint against        1, with one commissioner not partici-         grounds.
  ment to cure its woes.                    real world customer decision-making.        tices every other year for the next two       Facebook centers on a series of                pating. Commissioner J. Thomas                   In its submission, the ACLU said
     Overall sales fell 20 percent to          Additionally, Apple patent portfolio     decades. The company also committed           changes that the company made to its           Rosch dissented, as he did with the           clicking the “like” button on a Facebook
  $548.4 million, according to              director Boris Teksler described the        to getting explicit approval from users       privacy controls in late 2009. The revi-       Google deal on Thursday, partly               page is akin to waving a placard at a
  research firm NPD Group.                  company’s licensing strategy, saying he     before changing the types of content it       sions automatically shared information         because it didn’t require an admission        political event.
     Sales of consoles and portable                                                     makes public.                                 and pictures about Facebook users,             of wrongdoing. He also worried the set-          “‘Liking’ a political candidate on
                                            could count “on one hand” the number           The settlement, announced in               even if they previously programmed             tlement was too vague on whether it           Facebook — just like holding a cam-
  software — the video games                of instances it has permitted other com-    November, is similar to agreements the        their privacy settings to shield the con-      applied to Facebook apps written by           paign sign — is constitutionally protect-
  themselves — fell 23 percent              panies to use its design patents. Teksler   FTC reached separately with Google            tent. Among other things, people’s pro-        outside parties. The three commission-        ed speech,” it argued.
  from a year earlier to $278 million.      did not name those companies.               Inc. and Myspace.                             file pictures, lists of online friends and     ers who approved the deal believe it             “It is verbal expression, as well as
     Sales of hardware fell 32 per-            Apple and Samsung are going toe-to-         The FTC approved the settlement            political views were suddenly available        covers apps.                                  symbolic expression. Clicking the ‘like’
  cent to $151 million. Accessories         toe in a patents dispute mirroring a        Friday after a public comment period. It      for the world to see, the FTC alleged.            Facebook had no comment beyond             button announces to others that the
  sales bucked the trend, rising 8          struggle for industry supremacy between     came a day after the FTC fined Google             The complaint also charges that            a statement that it is pleased the settle-    user supports, approves or enjoys the
  percent to $137 million.                  two rivals that control more than half of   $22.5 million to resolve allegations that     Facebook shared its users’ personal            ment received final approval.                 content being ‘liked.’”
     Even with the anticipated launch                                                   Google didn’t comply with the earlier         information with third-party advertisers                                                        Facebook itself joined the debate
                                            worldwide smartphone sales.                 settlement.                                   from September 2008 through May                            Also:                             this week as well, saying its “like” fea-
  of Nintendo Co.’s Wii U later in
  the year, NPD predicted full-year                        Accuses                         Facebook didn’t admit any wrongdo-         2010 despite several public assur-             WASHINGTON: Freedom of speech on              ture was “the 21st century equivalent of
                                                                                        ing in the settlement, though CEO Mark        ances from company officials that it           Facebook is at the heart of an appeals        a front-yard campaign sign” and intend-
  sales will be $14.5 billion, down            The US company accuses Samsung of        Zuckerberg conceded in November that          wasn’t passing the data along for mar-         court case in Virginia involving an elect-    ed to stir conversation and discussion.
  from $17 billion last year.               copying the design and some features of     the company had made “high-profile            keting purposes.                               ed sheriff who fired staff members who           “It’s critical that the law keeps pace
             ❑     ❑      ❑                 its iPad and iPhone, and is asking for a    mistakes” on privacy over the years.              Facebook believes that happened            “liked” his rival on the social networking    as new technologies emerge,” ACLU
  IRVINE, California: The maker             sales ban in addition to monetary dam-         Both Facebook and Google have              only in limited instances, generally           site.                                         lawyer Kate Wood told AFP on
                                            ages. The Korean company, which is try-     vast amounts of data on their users —         when users clicked on ads that                     The American Civil Liberties Union        Thursday.
  of video games such as “Diablo”                                                       Facebook through the things people            appeared on their personal profile             (ACLU) this week associated itself with          “We believe that the First
  and “World of Warcraft” is warn-          ing to expand in the United States, says
                                            Apple infringed some of its key wireless    share on the site, and Google through         pages. Most of Facebook’s users click          the case in Newport News city, con-           Amendment           protects    everyone,”
  ing players that hackers have                                                         the searches and other things people          on ads when they are on their “Wall” —         tending that the “like” button on             regardless of how an individual
  gained unauthorized access to             technology patents.                         do. Such information is valuable              a section that highlights their friends’       Facebook is a form of free speech pro-        expresses his or her thoughts, she
  some online accounts.                        As the second week of trial drew to a    because it can be used to improve the         posts — or while visiting someone              tected by the First Amendment of the          said.
     Blizzard Entertainment says it         close in a San Jose, California federal     lucrative targeted advertising pitches        else’s profile page.                           Constitution.                                    Facebook has become “a means of
  has no evidence that the intruders        court, most of the testimony focused on     that both companies aim at users.                 Under the settlement, Facebook                 A US District Court judge ruled earli-    communication for so many Americans
  acquired credit card information,         technical patent features.                     Over the years, Facebook has been          must get explicit consent — a process          er this year that liking someone on           and people across the world,” she
                                               However, toward the end of the day       pushing users to voluntary share more         known as “opting in” — before making           Facebook was “insufficient speech to          noted, and the appeal in Virginia — to
  billing addresses or players’                                                         about themselves. That ultimately             changes that override existing privacy         merit constitutional protection,” and         be heard in September — therefore
  names.                                    Hauser said tablet consumers would be
                                            willing to pay $90 for the same patented    encourages users and their friends to         preferences. The company also may              that Sheriff B.J. Hampton was thus            represents “such an important case.”
     But hackers were able to access
  other data, including email               features as what they would pay $100
  addresses and answers to players’         for on smartphones. That information        compared to the real world prices that        Hauser said.                                   category, Teksler said.                       component parts.
  personal security questions.              could be relevant when calculating          Apple charges, Price said.                       Teksler took the stand after Hauser           After Samsung released its Galaxy S            “We were quite shocked,” Teksler
  Blizzard says it doesn’t believe          potential damages for Apple, which is         While Hauser said he was confident in       finished. While Apple is open to licens-       phone in the summer of 2010, Teksler          said. “They were a trusted partner.”
  such information alone is enough          seeking over $2.5 billion from Samsung.     his methodology, he eventually                ing certain categories of patents, Teksler     said, former Apple Chief Executive               Teksler is expected to continue testi-
  for anyone to gain access to its             Samsung attorney William Price           acknowledged that his results do not          said, it is highly resistant to giving other   Steve Jobs and current CEO Tim Cook,          fying on Monday.
  Battle.Net online accounts, which         asked Hauser why he didn’t tell jurors      necessarily correspond to what cus-           companies access to technology it deems        personally contacted Samsung to com-             The case in US District Court,
  let people play with others around        what consumers would pay for features       tomers would actually pay for such tech-      core to its “unique user experience.”          plain.                                        Northern District of California, is Apple
  the world online.                         like additional computer memory on dif-     nology in the real world.                        All of the patents in Apple’s lawsuit         Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest           Inc v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd et al,
                                            ferent tablet models. Those could be          “This relates to it but it’s not it, no,”   against Samsung fall into that special         customers for smartphone and tablet           No. 11-1846.

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