Unsafe with U.S. Security Associates Newsletter, Issue 8

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					   UNSAFE Associates
   With U.S. Security
  What you need to know about safety at America’s fourth-largest security firm.
                                                                                          August 2012     ■   Issue 9

                                    Officers Hit Streets to Educate Clients on
   to the ninth issue of Unsafe
                                    U.S. Security Associates Working Conditions
   with U.S. Security Associates.   Many clients are unaware of the working conditions facing security
   Published by the Service         officers employed by U.S. Security Associates.
   Employees International
   Union, this newsletter informs   For example, clients often do not realize that U.S. Security officers—
   security directors, property     with wages as low as $8 an hour—are paid far less than what they
   managers, office building        rightfully earn.
   tenants and others about the
   business practices of U.S.       Nor do clients realize that
   Security Associates.             U.S. Security Associates’
                                    frequent failure to provide
                                    good healthcare forces
                                    officers to seek medical
                                    treatment at public clinics
                                    and hospitals—meaning that
                                    U.S. Security Associates is
                                    transferring its cost of doing
                                    business to taxpayers—
                                    without the public’s
                                    knowledge or consent.
                                                                      Protest in front of the Massachusetts Information
                                    And many clients do not       Technology Center—a client of U.S. Security
                                    realize that U.S. Security    Associates—to call on the commonwealth to urge
                                                                  U.S. Security Associates to act responsibly.
                                    Associates officers have
                                    brought numerous lawsuits
                                    against their employer based on allegations of sexual harassment
                                    and gender and racial discrimination.

                                    That’s why U.S. Security Associates officers and community
                                    supporters took to the streets in July. When responsible clients learn
                                    about these issues, they are often shocked and surprised. Many take
                                    action to support the officers.

                                    Look for U.S. Security Associates officers to engage in more client
                                    education soon.

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