Money-Saving Moving Tips by ashokkumarcbi


									Money-Saving Moving Tips
                                                                                               July 24, 2012

Shop Around
    If you have to employ the services of a professional moving company, don't just place a call to the
    first number you see in the phone book and schedule an appointment. Call around to multiple
    businesses and compare prices. Find the company online and do some research to make sure
    they provide reliable service. If your budget is tight, be open with the moving company about your
    financial limits. They want your business and are willing to work with you to meet your needs.

Pick the Right Time
    Sometimes you have no choice when the right time to move is, but if you have the flexibility,
    choose carefully. The summer months of June, July and August are typically bad times for moving
    due to increased demand of moving service companies. If the time of year is not in your control,
    you will also save money by avoiding the beginning and end of the month, since apartment leases
    are ending and bringing prices up. Even moving during the middle of the week instead of a
    weekend may net you a substantial discount.

Eliminate Extra Belongings
    It's understandable if you feel attached to your belongings, but moving is the perfect opportunity to
    consider whether you want to hold on to everything. Your moving experience gets significantly
    easier if you decide to rid yourself of unnecessary clutter first. That worn-out sofa you used for 20
    years is a lot easier to give away to a friend in need than it is to stuff into a moving van. Fewer
    possessions result in less work for the moving company, which means extra money in your

Pack It Yourself
    Packing possessions is hardly anyone's idea of fun, but if you want to pass on the task to a
    professional moving company, expect to pay heavily for the convenience. As long as you start
    early and tackle a little at a time, packing without professional assistance is well within your
    capabilities. Distribute an even number of packing assignments to everyone in the family to
    lighten the load. Your wallet will thank you for your efforts.

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