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0826onthemove by BayAreaNewsGroup


									 On the Move
                Anna Baird,                   Michael
                SAY Media                     Coleman,
                The San                       Cupertino
                Fran-                         Electric
                cisco digital                 The San Jose
                publishing                    engineer-
                company                       ing and
named Anna Baird chief          construction services
financial officer. She is a     company named Michael
former partner at the Con-      Coleman data center
nor Group.                      project executive. He has
                                more than 23 years of en-
               Ron Bell,        gineering and construction
               Yahoo            experience.
               Sunnyvale                        Kenneth
               digital media                    Cope,
               company ap-                      Matrix
               pointed Ron                      Absence
Bell as general counsel.                        Manage-
He has held numerous                            ment
senior roles within the legal                   The San Jose
department at Yahoo.            integrator of insurance
                                and absence management
                Michael         services named Kenneth
                Bruz ,          Cope chief operating of-
                T.Y. Lin        ficer. Recently, he served as
                The San         vice president of absence
                Francisco       management outsourcing
                full-service    at Aon Hewitt.
ture consulting firm named                     Larry Illg,
Michael Bruz unit manager                      Trulia
for the firm’s Bay Area of-                    The San
fices, including San Ramon,                    Francisco
San Jose and Oakland.                          provider of
Recently, he served as vice                    real estate
president at the firm.                         information
                                for buyers, sellers and own-
               Lane             ers appointed Larry Illg vice
               Buschel,         president of new ventures.
               Glam Media       He spent the past eight
               The Brisbane     years at eBay, serving in
               vertical         senior positions.
               social media
               company                          Geoffrey
named Lane Buschel vice                         Moore,
president of communica-                         Lithium
tions. He co-founded First                      Technolo-
Person Communications.                          gies
                                                The Em-
               Lori Chris-                      eryville
               tiansen,         provider of social software
               Boyden           appointed Geoffrey Moore
               The global       to its board of directors.
               executive        He is the founder of The
               search com-      Chasm Group.
               pany named
Lori Christiansen as man-                      Charles
aging director and she will                    Pindell,
work in the San Francisco                      Daegis
office. Previously, she held                   The San
positions at Pharmacia                         Francisco
Biotech.                                       software
              Tim Clark,        management services
              Picarro           provider appointed Charles
              The Santa         Pindell vice president of
              Clara             sales and marketing. He
              provider of       is former vice president of
              gas concen-       global sales at iCONECT
              tration and       Development.
stable isotope instruments
appointed Tim Clark                            Trevis
vice president of busi-                        Schuh,
ness development for the                       Procera
energy sector. Previously,                     Networks
he was the special project                     The Fre-
manager for PG&E with                          mont policy
The Spear Group.                               enforcement
                                company appointed Trevis
                                Schuh vice president of
                                global support and quality.
                                Previously, he was vice
                                president of worldwide
                                support and services at
                                Meru Networks.

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