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					       11th Anniversary Culinary Arts Trip
                         Itinerary           DRAFT # 4, Tuesday 23 August 2011

            2012 Myers Park Senior High School Culinary Arts Trip
    Washington D.C. / Philadelphia PA / New York City / Hyde Park NY - CIA / Hershey PA /
                                            & Pittsburg PA
  Friday Night will be spent on the bus, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be spent at the
 Fairfield Inn in the Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ (201) 507-5222, Wednesday, will be spent at the
”Golden Manor Hotel” in Hyde Park NY (845) 229-2157, Thursday, will be spent at the Red Roof Inn in
                 Lancaster, PA (717)299-9700, Friday, will be spent at the in Pittsburg PA
Friday 17 February 2012, 3 Weeks into 3 Qtr 2nd Semester
           Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
4pm             Depart Myers Park High School                                      (prepaid)
                Dinner (Fast Food)                                                 ($10-$15)
11.30pm         Drive through DC, Stop at Lincoln Memorial & Iwo Jima              (prepaid)
        Saturday 18 February 2012 - NO SCHOOL
*2am            Driver change out (jump drivers on way up but not back)
 3am            (Pat’s King of cheese steaks – the Mid-Night run)                  (prepaid)
Saturday 18 February 2012 - NO SCHOOL
         Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
5:00am       Breakfast (across from ferry, Deli & McDonalds)             ($7.00-15.00)
5:30am       Staten Island Ferry Sunrise Cruse (Group)                   (prepaid)
7:30am       Ground Zero                                                 (prepaid)
9:00am       Bus to Empire State Building (Group)                        (prepaid)
10:45am      Drive to China town (Driver off until evening pickup)       (prepaid)
11:00am      (retail exploration) (Small Groups)                         ($ ? )
11:00am      China Town / Little Italy / Garment District (Small Groups) ($10.00-15.00)
**11:00PM Driver off Duty                                                (prepaid)
11:30am      Lunch (Small Groups)                                        ($15.00-25.00)
1:30pm       Subway to 5 Avenue (retail exploration) (Small Groups)      ($15.00 - subway)
             St. Patrick’s, Rockefeller center, Tiffanies, H & M’s       ($ ? – spending)
                                           th                      th
4:30pm       Meet at Trump Towers on 5 AVE Between 56th & 57 Streets (In the back atrium)
             Dinner (Fast Food on the way) (DWD’s ?)                     ($10.00-$15.00)
5:15pm       Subway to Play
6:30pm       Play (Blue Man Group)                                       (prepaid)
             10:00pm Load bus for Hotel (After Play)                     (Prepaid)
11:00pm      Check into Hotel (Be very quite)                            (Prepaid)
12 midnight Curfew (Group)
Sunday 19 February 2012 – NO SCHOOL
          Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
7:00am       Load Bus for City Tour                                           (prepaid)
9:00am       Chelsea Market                                                   (prepaid)
9:45am       Chelsea Market (Amy’s Bread)                                     (prepaid )
10:45am      Bus/Dinner Gray’ Papaya 2090 B-Way @ 72nd St./ Street food       ($10.00-15.00)
12noon       MNH / tour of museum                 (Group)                     (prepaid)
3:00pm       Tour kitchens of midtown Marriott                                (prepaid)
6:00         Load bus for Palace theater (Time Square, 1564 Broadway)
6:30-10:00pm Play “Lion King”                            (Group)              (prepaid)
11:00-12pm ** Work on Portfolios ** Fairfield Inn                             (prepaid)
**11:00PM Driver off Duty                                                     (prepaid)
12 Midnight Curfew (Group)                                                    (prepaid)

Monday 20 February 2012 – NO SCHOOL (Teacher Work Day)
5:00am       GMA (inside AUDENCE)                                              (prepaid)
7:30am       Bus to the UN
9:00-11am    United Nations for a Tour @ 9:45am                                (prepaid)
           Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
11:30am      (Lunch ) Papaya King (200 W 14th St. #1)                          ($10.00-$15.00)
**11:30am    Driver off Duty until 5pm pick-up                                 (prepaid)
5:00pm       Bus to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (19 Old Fulton St., Brooklyn (718-858-4300)
6:00-8:00pm Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Base of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn        (prepaid)
8:30-10:00pm Time Square, (Sites To See: TRL, Toys-R-Us, Virgin Records) ($ ?)
10:30pm      Bus back to Hotel (Marriott Marquis on 45th Street between Broadway & Eight Ave.)
11:00pm      Curfew (Group)
Tuesday 21 February 2012 – NO SCHOOL (Teacher Work Day)
7am-6:00pm Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
**7:30am     Driver off Duty (pick up at 10:30pm)                             (prepaid)
6:30pm       Play: (STOMP)                                                    (prepaid)
9:30pm       Pommes Frites (Belgium French Fries, Cooked to Order)            ($10.00-$15.00)
10:30pm      Bus back to Hotel
11:00pm      Curfew (Group)
Wednesday 22 February 2012 – SCHOOL
        Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
10:00am     load bus (Group)                                                 (Prepaid)
10:30pm     Bus to pick up (Lunch at Rutt’s Hut in Clifton NJ Hot Dog Place) ($10.00-$18.00)
2:30pm      Tour, FDR Home, Drive by Vanderbilt Mansion if time, (Group)(prepaid)
4:30pm      Check into Golden Manor Hotel (Group)                            (prepaid)
6:30pm      Dinner in Hyde Park (Eveready Diner) (Small Groups)              ($15-$30)
8:30pm      Special Physical activity event (Hyde Park Roller Magic) (Group)(prepaid)
                                                                             ($5.00 skate rental)
Thursday 23 February 2012 - SCHOOL
         Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
6:30am       Load bus (group)
7:00am sharp Finish Breakfast and Depart for the CIA                               (prepaid)
10:00am      CIA Tour (Group)                                                      (prepaid)
1130am-1pm Lunch at American Bounty (Group) (#391380, MPHS, x 59)                  (prepaid) (Tip $5ea)
4:00pm       Depart for Lancaster PA                                               (Prepaid)
7:30pm       Dinner with the Amish                                                 (prepaid)
9:00pm       Arrive at Red Roof Inn                                                (Prepaid)
Friday 24 February 2012 – SCHOOL
         Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
7:00 am      Breakfast & Driving tour of Hershey PA                                ($10-$15)
10:00 am     Tour Hershey Chocolate World & Factory (Special 3D Show )             (Prepaid)
1:30pm       Lunch (Group)                                                         ($15-25)
3:00pm       Tour PEN STATE Creamery (Buy own ICE CREAM)                           ($5-$10)
6:30pm       Permenties (Dinner) Pittsburg PA                                      ($15-$20)
9:00pm       Check into Hotel                                                      (prepaid)
11:00pm      Curfew (Group)
Saturday 25 February 2012 – No School
         Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
6:30am       load bus (Group)                                                      (Prepaid)
7-8am        Breakfast                                                             ($10-$15)
9:00am       WQED (Rick Sebak)                                                     (prepaid)
12-1pm       Lunch on the way (Fast Food)                                          ($10-$15)
3pm          Luray Caverns, VA                                                     (prepaid)
6:00pm       Dinner (If needed)                                                    ($15-$20)
8pm          Check into Hotel                                                      (prepaid)
10pm         Curfew (Group)                                                        (prepaid)

Sunday 26 February 2012 – NO SCHOOL
         Food Scavenger Hunt (assignments handed out in groups)
6am         Breakfast (Group)                                                      (prepaid)
7:30am      Depart for Charlotte (Group)                                           (prepaid)
12:00noon   Lunch                                                                  ($10-$25)
6:00pm      Arrive back in Charlotte
NOTE #1: ($ 1,050.00 – Quad) includes transportation, hotel (7 nights), lunch at the CIA, all tours &
Entertainment. You will need pocket money for the subway ($25.00) other meals, (est. $195.00 -
$360.00), & optional money for shopping, (est. $125.00-200.00?....)

NOTE #2: Each student in addition to submitting a portfolio for a grade will also be assigned one of the
attractions visited and or sites of New York and surrounding area also presenting an oral report on the bus
regarding that attraction, you will also provide one (printable) copy of your presentation to Chef Weih
before winter break for the packets. You will receive a grade for this
NOTE #3: Reminder, please pack all needed medications.
* Bus driver switch ** Bus driver off duty


(All payments are NON - REFUNDABLE)

Meeting Thursday 1 Sep 2011
1st Payment Fri 2 Sep 2011 @6:00am ($ 300.00)
      (first come first served, with signed paperwork)
2 Payment Tues 4 Oct 2011 ($ 250.00)
3rd Payment Fri 4 Nov 2011 ($ 250.00)
4th Payment Fri 2 Dec 2011 ($ 250.00)
                        TOTAL ($ 1,050.00)
Mandatory Parent & Student Meeting Thu 2 Feb 2012
  (not attending this meeting or meeting all deadlines will cause you not to
go on the trip)
The “No Refund Policy” It will be your responsibility to find a suitable
replacement that will fit all requirement of the trip to replace you. They
will be the party to pay to you any and all monies paid for the trip.

                       Itinerary DRAFT #4, Tuesday 23 August 2011
1:15-2:30pm Juilliard School of Music Tours (Groups) 212-799-5000 x503      (prepaid)
3:45pm      FCI (French Culinary Institute) (Possible Lunch @ FCI or Rutts Hut)(Prepaid)

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