Bowls _ Trays by lanyuehua


									                                                                     BOWLS & TRAYS

   Bowl Soup /All Puropse            Bowl Soup ( With Lid)            Bowl Small Pudding
AV-BL-NR-001- 60mm x 100mm        AV-BL-LD-001- 75mm x 100mm      AV-BL-NR-002- 40mm x 85mm
         MRP 570.00                      MRP 1075.00                MRP 2360.00 (Set of 6)

     Bowl Desset Small                  Bowl Medium               Big Medium Bowl/ Salad Bowl
AV-BL-ST-002- 75mm x 100mm        AV-BL-NR-004- 75mm x 165mm      AV-BL-NR-014- 95mm x 195mm
   MRP 2830.00 (Set of 6)                MRP 1575.00                     MRP 2430.00

Bowl Sc. Fruit wt crystal stand   Bowl w/O Sc.Fruit wt      Bowl Heritage Jordon
AV-BL-ST-006- 170mm x 230mm       AV-BL-ST-004- 210mm x 230mm     AV-BL-NR-007 - 125mm x 95mm
        MRP 5435.00                      MRP 8150.00                     MRP 1415.00

 Bowl 5" Scalloped wt cyst st     Bowl 5" Scalloped W/o st SG            Oval Tray 4"
AV-BL-ST-003- 115mm x 130mm       AV-BL-NR-019- 60mm x 130mm      AV-BL-NR-012- 85 mm x 125mm
       MRP 2715.00                   MRP 1000.00                   MRP 570.00

      Rose Bowl 5.5"              CandyPait With Cap           Cookies/ Biscuit Tray
AV-BL-NR-013- 130mm x 210mm   AV-BL-LD-002- 170mm x 145mm   AV-BL-NR-016- 45mm x 185mm
       MRP 4290.00                   MRP 4720.00                  MRP 1715.00


              Bowl Peanut              Bowl Dessert with metal st
       AV-BL-NR-003- 40mm x 110mm     AV-BL-ST-001- 85 mm x 110mm
          MRP 2545.00 (Set of 6)         MRP 3040.00 (Set of 6)

               Bowl Salad              Bowl Scalloped fruit w/o st
       AV-BL-NR-005- 90mm x 200mm     AV-BL-NR-006- 110mm x 230mm
              MRP 2290.00                    MRP 3775.00

        Bowl Cherry With Scallaps             Bowl 7" Flair
       AV-BL-NR-008 - 150mm x 95 mm   AV-BL-NR-009- 180mm x115mm
              MRP 1990.00                    MRP 2360.00

        Big Kangoora Bowl W/o St       Big Kangoora Bowl With Std
       AV-BL-NR-015- 115mm x 270mm    AV-BL-ST-007- 270mm x 160mm
                 MRP 8150.00                 MRP 10,000.00

           Sq Tray 6" with Partisions        Desert Bowl ND
         AV-BL-NR-017- 150mm x 150mm    AV-BL-NR-018- 90mm x 45mm
                 MRP 2500.00            MRP 2730.00 (Set of 6 pcs)

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