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									Lesson Ten: Letters of
               I. Leading In

   Letters of sympathy are some of the most
    difficult to write. However painful they are to
    write, letters of sympathy are imperative if
    you have a personal or business
    relationship with unhappy family members
    or friends. Sympathy may be expressed for
    a death, but it is also extended to those who
    have suffered from a fire, flood, storm,
    burglary, theft, violent crime, a lost job,
    bankruptcy, or other misfortunes.
             II. Sample Study

   Sample 1
                              May15
   Dear Wang Bing,
   I am very sorry to learn from Li Hong’s letter that
    you are ill. You must take good care of yourself.
    Everyday in our department misses you and we all
    hope you will get well soon. If I can do anything for
    you,, please don’t hesitate to contract me.
                       Love,
                       Liu Lin
 Sample 2
 Dear Ms. Kitty,
 I was sorry to hear of the recent flooding
  you’ve had at the Corner Stores. It is one of
  those horror stories that haunt the dreams of
  self-employed business people everywhere. I
  wish you all good luck in getting things back
  to normal as quickly as possible.
 I wanted to assure you that although I will
  temporarily order my supplies elsewhere, I
  will be bringing my business back to you as
  soon as you are ready. I appreciate our long
  association and am looking forward to doing
  business with you again.
           III. Tips on Writing

   Show you sympathy at the beginning of the letter.
   Simply and directly express your sorrow about
    other person’s loss or trouble.
   Mention the name of the person who died or the
    unfortunate event.
   Tell how you heard the news, if appropriate.
   Close with a general expression of concern or
    affection or an encouraging reference to the future.
   Be brief in most cases.
   Observe the fine line between sympathy and pity.
        IV. Useful Expressions

   How grieved I am to hear of your illness.
   I can not tell you how sad I felt when I was informed of your
   I am truly sorry to hear of your sickness.
   I trust you and your family are quite well.
   Please extend out condolences to the members of your family.
   The loss of your warm and charming home saddened us all.
   Your grief is shared by many of us.
   Prof. Smith will always remain alive in the memories of those
    who loved, respected, and treasured him.
   How sad I was to hear of…
   I write this with a heavy heart.
                    V. Practice
   Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words in the
   Remember         mourn     sorry overcome sympathy
    hope         suffer   bitter
   Dear Mary and Jessie,
   We were all so______ to hear about your father’s death. He
    was a fine man, and all of Cranford is in__________ _for him. I
    _________         seeing him take the two of you for a walk each
    evening after dinner when you were just little girls. I ____ your
    memories of him will be some comfort to you.
   Please accept our______________ and good wishes.
                       Sincerely,
                       Shirley
       VI. Summary

   慰问信市组织、部分群众以及某个人向有

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