minimal cursors by boss87


									Minimal Cursors By sryo INTRODUCTION This is a very minimalistic scheme. HISTORY 1.0 - Initial release, based mostrly on Adobe Illustrator's cursors. 1.1 - Changed the whole look of the cursors, removed the black borders, added shadows, adn redrawn many of them so they'd be simpler. 1.1.1 - Removed arrow from the text beam and fixed the clock's shadow. 1.2 - Removed the shadows and returned to a style similar to 1.0 1.2.1 - Added animated waiting cursor. 1.2.2 - Changed animated waiting cursor's position a bit so it'd be closer to the hotspot. 1.2.3 - Added installers (stolen from tnl, thx again ;) ). Just right-click installxp.inf if you're on win2k/xp or installold.inf if you're on win9x and choose "Install". 1.2.4 - Fixed the animated waiting icon's position (thx xjill for recommending me iconforge).

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