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									                    Special Topics – 2012-2013

o Auditioning for College – Interested in auditioning for scholarships at
  college music and theatre departments all over the country? Are you a
  junior or senior? This special topics course will allow you to create a
  finalized and complete audition package (monologue and song/s) or a
  portfolio for technical or design students! (Wolfe)
o Big Art – Come explore the scale and impact of large-scale painting and
  opportunities represented by this 4’ x 4’ surface. Divide the space! Zoom
  in! Work traditionally or more abstractly. AP (or future AP) art students
  may include this large-scale image as part of their portfolio. Anyone with
  an interest in art may sign up. (Ramseur-Riley)
o College 101 – Puzzled about all the elements of the college application
  process? Then let’s demystify testing, transcripts, essays, resume, and
  letters of recommendation along with other college-related topics. More
  than “just the numbers,” this process will help you define yourselves as
  you move along on this journey. Students at all upper school grade levels
  are welcome. (Hamilton)
o Conversational Spanish – Hola! Students will discuss current events, hot
  topics, and other issues of interest. You’ll need to be engaged and
  participative in the discussions. Video clips and other authentic sources
  will supplement our time together. Students selecting this topic should
  have completed Spanish I. (Santini)
o Environmental Education – Each of us has a responsibility to our
  environment…today and in the future. Let’s focus on recycling and the
  part that plays in our responsibility. What new and unfamiliar items might
  be recycled? How can we help everyone within the Prep community
  become more aware recyclers and hopefully design a campus-wide
  recycling program? (Jacobs)
o Fantasy Football – You know you love it! Come learn draft strategies,
  how points are scored, how to trade (and keep that relationship alive so
  someone will want to trade with you again), and how to choose your
  lineups. (Luthanen)
o Foods from Around the World – Interested in eating? Interested in
  channeling your eating habit into exploring foods from other countries?
  Every month’s food will have a theme country. While we’re preparing the
  foods, we’ll learn about the country and culture. So put on those chef hats
  and come explore the world! (Leonard)
o Foundations in Design Thinking – Come learn the foundations of the
  design thinking process (as created at Stanford University) by identifying
  real-world issues, collaborating with others to gather research, and
  engaging in a rapid development of a large number of potential solutions.
  We’ll use our newfound skills to design the ideal school, the ideal college
  application and admissions experience, and perhaps some other unique
  projects. (VanGronigen)
o Math SAT Prep – Students who have completed at least Algebra 2 will
  enjoy this SAT math experience. Note: this review will not be for the SAT II
  subject tests but, rather, for the regular SAT test. (Dowell)
o Nature vs Nurture – Ask yourself: What makes you…you? Are your
  thoughts and personalities defined by your genes or by the environment
  that surrounds you? Let’s explore the nature vs nurture debate by looking
  as aspects of heredity and environment. By looking at past psychological
  studies and participating in a variety of personality assessments, we will
  not only construct a genogram but find out just “what makes us tick.”
o Public Speaking - Or How to Get Over the Worst Thing Ever
  Most people fear public speaking. Do you? If you do, then this course is
  for you. You will experience an approach to overcoming this fear that
  allows you to understand it, work out strategies for overcoming it, and then
  practice those strategies. You will learn to craft a speech your audience
  cares about, deliver it, recover during a speech that is going bad, how to
  handle questions, and more. While it may be far-fetched to suggest that
  taking this course will turn you into someone who “just can’t wait to speak
  to a crowd of 150 people,” it will give you the support you need to help you
  get manage your dread of the senior speech or prepare you for a speech
  you will give in the future. (Keyes)
o SAT Prep English – We all know that both the SAT and the ACT are, in
  the words of a former student, “big vocabulary tests.” Very true! Let’s work
  on strengthening our verbal skills through review and practice.
  (Humanities Faculty)
o Science in our World – Let’s tap into the rich scientific community that
  surrounds Hilton Head Island Bluffton by talking with and being exposed to
  the wisdom and experience of our local scientists. Perhaps it’s a round-
  table discussion or a panel presentation or an open-ended give and
  take…but it’s all science, all the time! (Webb-Browning)
o Sports and Society – We will focus on the moral and ethical issues that
  fill today’s headlines (and we can all probably name them). If you’re
  looking for a sports stats and favorite players and teams discussion, this is
  not that. Rather, we’ll look at the deeper issues that are woven into the
  sports backdrop. (Sulek)
o We are the Words – Let’s look creatively at how language helps us find,
  define, and refine ourselves. Maybe it’s your favorite song lyric, or a poem,
  or a slogan, or a tee-shirt message…language takes many forms! We’ll
  reflect and write as well as produce raps, lyrics, poems, essays, and other
  writings. (Bassett)
o Wonderful World of Documentaries – We’ll be involved in an
  educational exploration through film by looking at themes and topics not
  found in our typical classrooms. From sports to finance, food to politics,
  nature, history, and travel, we’ll take a look at the best and often the most
  intriguing documentaries out thee. Then together, we’ll product a video on
  the subject of the group’s choice. (Allen)
o Words and Wordplay – Do you like competitive word games (like
  crossword puzzles or Scrabble)? Then let’s challenge ourselves and one
  another with rich vocabulary work…which will also help students on the
  SAT and ACT! (Cook)
o Working the Core – Work that core! Work those other large muscle
  groups! Participants will be introduced to some basic exercises and will be
  encouraged to work out on their own in their free time! (Clark)
o Yoga – Gather your yoga mats and yoga wear and prepare to stretch! Not
  only is yoga fun for both the inner and outer body, but it creates a health-
  conscious lifestyle. (Hudak)

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