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					            Internal Medicine Clerkship
                 General Features
Clerkship Length – 12 weeks
        4 weeks General Medicine Inpatient
        4 weeks Inpatient OR Ambulatory Service
        4 weeks Consult Service
( NOTE: rotations are subject to change as new opportunities become available)

General Objectives
  Gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to assess a patient with an acute or
  chronic problem; to develop a rational differential diagnosis; to develop a
  basic diagnostic and management plan; and be able to provide this
  information to the healthcare team and the patient.
           IM Clerkship
Grading Components/Weights

 40% Clinical Performance Score

 30% Shelf Exam

 10% H&P and Logbook completion

 10% Theme-Based Addendums to H&P’s

 10% Challenges in Medicine essay
                    IM Clerkship
              Distinguishing Features
 Feature          Galveston           Houston             Austin
Number of     40 to 50 / term    5 to 10 / term     10 to 15 / term
Mix of        4 inpatient wks    4 inpatient wks    8 inpatient wks
rotations     4 consult wks      4 consult wks      4 ambulatory wks
              4 outpatient or    4 ambulatory wks
              inpatient wks
Patient mix   Hosp – indigent,   Hosp – indigent,   Hosp – indigent,
              private and TDCJ   private            private
              Amb - private      Amb - private      Amb - private
       Internal Medicine Clerkship
         Distinguishing Features
 Feature         Galveston             Houston              Austin

Typical      50-60 hrs/wk          50-60 hrs/wk      50-60 hrs/wk
work hours   4 days off / 4 wks    4 days off /4 wks 4 days off /4 wks

Number of    Avg 5-8 new pts per   Avg 5-8 new pts    Avg 5-8 new pts
patients     wk inpatient          per wk inpatient   per wk inpatient
seen         Amb / consult         Amb / consult      Amb / consult
             variable              variable           variable
Call         Every 4th day until   Variable for St.   Every 4th day on
             10pm inpatient        Luke’s and St.     inpatient. None on
             None on amb /         Joseph’s.          ambulatory.
                 IM Clerkship
           Distinguishing Features
 Feature       Houston             Galveston           Austin

Teaching   Variable           Daily lectures     Small group
sessions                      Case-based         discussion format

Special    Morning report     Morning report     Ethics case-based
sessions                      Palliative Care    sessions

Skills     Private practice   ECG, CXR, Harvey   ECG, CXR,
sessions   exposure                              Physical Exam
                                                 rounds with CMR
  Internal Medicine Preferences
• Three forms – Galveston, Houston, Austin
  – Due April 4
  – What types of inpatient experiences
  – Consultative vs. primary care
  – Hospital location in Houston
• Ambulatory preference – online
  – More instructions to follow
  – Same system used for Pediatrics as well

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