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									How to Respond to an Introduction
In the business life, you will be introduced to many people around you. Being a professional
you will be introduced to your seniors or juniors. So in that situation when someone is been
introduced to you, your response to it should be genuine, short. It should be very much brief
and simple. At the end of the greeting you should repeat the name of the person. Generally
doing this serves mainly two purpose of the person you are been to introduced : it shows that
you have respect for the person and generally it’s a help that makes you remember the
person’s name.

Some of the formal examples that you should say as a response are as follows:

       “It is so nice to meet you, Mr. Ponting. I look forward to working with you”.
       “It is wonderful to meet you Mr. Clark.”

How to Respond when you are been introduced to Business Men

Simply add “Mr.” to their last name. For example if the person name is Gary Smith and he is
been introduced to you. Just reply politely as “Its an honor to meet you, Mr. Smith”

How to Respond when you are been introduced to Business Women

Generally you should never address any women as “Miss” unless she is been introduced to
you as “Miss”. You should go with “Ms” if you do not know the marital status of the women.
If you incorrectly use “Mrs” generally have a bad impression on the women and offends some

Never respond to an initial introduction with a brag as its quite weired for example: on being
introduced to Dr. Jenkins you should not reply by saying, “It is nice to meet you – I always
wanted to be a doctor.”

Generally short, simple, polite and respectful response will make you eye catcher in the
group. It will also create a good impression on the person you are meeting for the first time.
So use the words as it sounds respect and praise to somebody.

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