PMU- A Hazard in Disguise by dfhdhdhdhjr


									       What’s in that pill?
A call to end the production and use
of PMU products in North America
                           Jill Garvey
My purpose today:

• What is PMU?
• What is PMU used for?
• How is PMU produced?
• What are the negative effects of PMU and
  PMU products?
• What are the alternatives?
• What can I do?
  What is PMU?

Pregnant Mare Urine

        Pregnant Mare Urine
What are PMU products used for?

• Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  – Endogenous estrogen levels fall or disappear in
    postmenopausal women
  – 22 million women worldwide using HRT
        Why use mare urine?
• More available than pregnant woman’s
• Easier to disguise bad odor/taste
• Longer biological effectiveness
• Larger quantity from each animal
How is PMU produced?

              • PMU ranches
                – Located in South Dakota,
                   Saskatchewan and Manitoba
                – Represented by NAERIC
                – Contracted to Wyeth-Ayerst
             PMU ranching

• Pasture-bred
     in spring
• Weaned at 3-6
• Moved into
 PMU Production

• Stalls 4-5 feet wide
• Composed of a
  collection tube,
  hose and
  suspension hoses
        What does PMU go into?
• The most well-known product is Premarin, closely
  followed by Prempro
   – Made by Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals
   – Oral pill or topical ointment
• Other products
   –   Oral
   –   Gel
   –   Patch
   –   Nasal spray
   –   creams
     Who is affected by this industry?

•   Everyone
•   PMU ranchers
•   Pharmaceutical companies
•   Women using PMU based HRT
•   Medical professionals
 Why is PMU production and use a

• Animal Welfare concerns
  – Mare quality of life
  – All those foals?
           The mare

Space                Exercise
Water availability   Lameness
                     Overall comfort
Water Availability
 The ‘other’ product
• 15000-20000 foals produced
• Quality of breeding?
• Foals go to:
  – Slaughter
  – Rescue groups
  – ???
            But what else?

• Human health concerns reported by:
  – Women’s Health Iniative
  – Mayo Clinic
  – Harvard Medical School
           Human Health Risks
• Women’s Health Initiative
  – Increased risk of:
     •   Breast cancer
     •   Heart disease
     •   Stroke
     •   Deep vein thrombosis
     •   Pulmonary embolism

• Healthy lifestyle choices
• Herbal remedies
• Bio-identical hormones

• Mayo Clinic recommendation
  – Improve lifestyle before using meds
     •   Nutritious diet (high fiber, low fat)
     •   Regular exercise
     •   Don’t smoke
     •   Avoid excess alcohol
     •   Supplement body with vitamins and calcium
                 Herbal remedies
   • Not medically sanctioned
       – Option for women who prefer ‘natural
                        Black Cohosh

Wild Yam Blend                              Licorice root
               Bio-identical Hormones

• Fastest growing HRT field
  – Synthetically formed to be identical to
    endogenous hormones
  – FDA approved
     • Over a dozen FDA approved options
  – Some small studies show improved safety
     • Can’t be patented=no profit=little interest in large
                  Legal action

• Class action lawsuits
  –   Nevada
  –   Arkansas
  –   Pennsylvania
  –   California
       • Wyeth lost
       • Paid each claimant $500K- $1.5M
            Time to move on…
From this

                    To This
            What can you do?

• Write
• Educate
• Boycott

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