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Derek Seaborne &
Charlie Gurbiel

Don Pugh


MARKET: Those under 25.

FEATURES: Documentary of a formerly active young person now confined to a wheelchair for 32 years as a result of speeding by a driving acquaintance.

BENEFITS: In one third of fatal accident one or more of the vehicles was speeding. These accidents could have been made less severe if the vehicles had
obeyed the speed limit. (Car Safety, 2010)

APPEAL: Almost all human beings fear harming their friends and loved ones, although they are prepared to take risks themselves.

FORMAT: Documentary, based on real life photographs and interviews of a person whose life was altered by a friend speeding.

STORY: The driver and victim are looking at a photo album. There are three sections to the photos and video clips; pre-accident, the pain and suffering
caused by the accident and post-accident. Pre-accident photos give no hint of the type of advert, leading the viewer to identify with the actor. Pictures
include overseas travel, cycling, diving, flying, and skydiving, canoeing and hunting. The second section reviews photos of the car roll over, transport to
hospital, and spinal traction. The driver confesses: “I feel so guilty. If only I had SLOWED DOWN.” The post-accident section focuses on video in which the
victim, confined to a wheelchair, is a passive observer of life, looking at a motorcycle, being dressed by as nurse, watching others play sport, and being
transported in a van. The advert concludes with text and voice over, over film of a long straight road. “SPEED CAN SLOW YOUR FRIENDS DOWN FOR LIFE.”

REFERENCE:     “Question: Half of all fatal car accidents occur at or below what impact speed?”              Car Safety, retrieved 4 June, 2010 from
SHOT TIME    VISION                                                    AUDIO
1    2 sec   M.S. Don and Peter sit chatting while Don looks through   DON
             photo album.                                              “I lived in the fast lane.”

2    1 sec   Zoom in to C.U. of snapshots in photo album.              Lively jazz piano background music for shots 2 to 10.
             Begin with group navy picture.
3    1 sec   L.S. cycling.
4    1 sec   W.S. Travel photo, Blue Mosque, Istanbul
5    1 sec   L.S. Prado Madrid
6    1 sec   M.C.U. scuba diving
7    1 sec   W.S. flying small aircraft
8    1 sec   M.S. skydiving
9    1 sec   M.S. canoeing
10   1 sec   M.C.U. hunting
11   2 sec   C.U. Don                                                  “Life’s pretty slow these days.”
                                                                       Music slows to half speed, becoming jarring and
                                                                       discordant for shots 11 to 22.
12   1 sec   M.C.U. Pilot
13   1 sec   M.S. Flying Doctor Service
14   1 sec   W.S. rolled over automobile
15   2 sec   M.C.U. Peter                                              Audio “I feel so guilty.”
16   1 sec   M.S. Spinal traction
17   1 sec   C.U. Halo Brace
18   1 sec   L.S. being dressed by attendant
19   1 sec   M.S. looking at beach
20   1 sec   M.S. looking at motorcycle from a wheelchair.
21   1 sec   M.S. watching at sports grounds
22   1 sec   W.S. tavern
23   2 sec   C.U. Peter                                      PETER “If only, (a beat) I had slowed down.”
24   3 sec   L.S. open highway with overlaid text.           V.O. “Speed can slow your mates down for life.”

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