Satya Paul sarees enhance my personality

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					                     “Satya Paul sarees enhance my personality”

Photographer San Garcha is lured by Satya Paul’s innovative take on sarees, says the designer
label is defined by its unique prints and designs. Garcha is gung ho about all her Satya Paul
sarees. Ask her to pick a favorite and she is perplexed; says she can’t pick one. The beautiful lady
reveals to us why she likes Satya Paul so much. Excerpt from the interview.

                 Satya Paul: Awesome picture. Tell us more about the occasion.

 San Garcha: This picture was taken in London at my friend, Raymen’s wedding reception. The
 big image, that I am standing next to, is the image I took from their pre-wedding shoot, and they
                                 had it put up for guests to sign.

               Satya Paul: Do you think Satya Paul saree enhances your persona?

 San Garcha: It truly does enhance my persona. Satya Paul sarees have so much personality and
   color, and each saree has a different story to tell. So, I definitely feel that Satya Paul saree
                                    enhances my personality.

                              Satya Paul: Is this your favorite saree?

San Garcha: I would have to say that all of my Satya Paul sarees are my favorite. But I am a little
                              bias towards this particular saree.
      Satya Paul: Satya Paul takes inspiration from daily life; what do you think of this?

San Garcha: I think that is what sets your sarees apart; that your style is reflection of everyday
                                        life and events.

            Satya Paul: How do you think Satya Paul is different from other labels?

San Garcha: Satya Paul sarees are different from other labels for the simple reason that they are
                        always coming up with innovative designs.

 Thank you so much for talking with us. We hope you continue to be a precious member of our
                                     Satya Paul family.

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