I can’t have enough of Satya Paul

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					                     “I can’t have enough of Satya Paul sarees”

Vibha R Puri knows what makes her look like a million bucks- her treasured Satya Paul sarees.
Her rendezvous with the designer label happened five years ago; and when she saw herself in one
 of Satya Paul sarees, she knew she has discovered her favorite beauty aid. The vivacious lady
     proclaims her love for the brand in a candid chat; says she can’t have enough of them.

Satya Paul: Did this saree add that extra charm on the beautiful occasion?

Vibha: Of course yes…!!! Satya Paul sarees add to the way I carry myself and make me feel
Satya Paul: Who paid you the best compliment?

Vibha: Everyone compliments me whenever I wear a Satya Paul, but the best compliments
always come from my husband and sons.

Satya Paul: We would love to know how your love for Satya Paul commenced.

Vibha: My love for Satya Paul commenced five years back when I visited a Satya Paul store in
GK. And the vibrant colors and innovative prints made me crazy about them. But my love for
them took a giant leap when I saw myself in a Satya Paul saree – I knew I was looking amazing.

Satya Paul: How do you buy a Satya Paul saree- do you visit the online store or go to a Satya
Paul store?

Vibha: I buy Satya Paul sarees from their stores.

Satya Paul: Is there any Satya Paul creation that you desire to own?

Vibha: I would love to own many more of Satya Pauls’ sarees. I think some of the sarees from the
Bridal collection, like ESW1587 or ESW1922, are just amazingly beautiful, and I would love to
own them.

We hope that you soon buy your coveted sarees from the bridal collection. Thank you so much for
talking to us.

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