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KLASS Times by leader6


									                                  KLASS Times               the weekly community newsletter of The Alice Smith School

                               For internal circulation only      Volume 11, Issue No. 020       19th March 2010

                             From the
                             Director of School                                   In this issue
                                                                                  P1 Message from the Director of
                              Val Thomas-Peter                                       School

                                                                                  P2    Breaking news

                                                                                  P3    Feature of the week

I spent last weekend (Friday and Saturday) in the company of colleague            Primary campus
Heads and Directors from the FOBISSEA (Federation of British International        P4   Message from the Principal
Schools in South East Asia) group, of which our school is a member. The
                                                                                  P4   Dates to Bookmark
annual business meeting not only assists in the forging of links with other
neighbouring schools but also enables us to discuss issues which are common       P5   Campus Focus
to many schools and also to indulge in some collective problem solving. The       P6   Around the Campus
feedback from colleagues in other schools regarding our FOBISSEA Choral                - Year 5 Knock Some Sense Into
Festival (held in January) and our FOBISSEA Primary Mathematics                          Science
Competition (held in February) was extremely complimentary. Both events                - FOBISSEA Games selection
were ‘firsts’ for FOBISSEA and it was gratifying to see the Alice Smith School
being viewed by others as a beacon for excellence in these areas as well as
our teachers being complimented for the efficiency of the organisation of         Secondary campus
both events.                                                                      P8 Message from the Acting
Despite the fact that we are nearing the end of the school term, I am sure
                                                                                  P8 Dates to Bookmark
that you can see and appreciate that the schedule on both campuses is very
busy! Both campuses are gearing up for next week’s major performances of          P9 Around the Campus
‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Fame’. The Art team from the Secondary Campus have been             - House News/Earth Day
working with parents to produce a fabulous set for ‘Peter Pan’ at Jalan              - Recital Series
Bellamy and the maintenance team at Equine Park has also produced what
will be a complex and stunning set for ‘Fame’. This is a classic example of
how behind the scenes teamwork contributes hugely towards a production’s
                                                                                  P10   Tech Talk
success and my thanks go to all of the unsung heroes who are working to
ensure that both productions are of high quality. Both teaching teams have
also worked continuously with students over the past few weeks, including
                                                                                  P11   To Note
organising rehearsals at EP during the evenings and at weekends, and great
efforts have been made to ensure that the productions will be a success.          P14   Sixth Form Charity
The students have worked very hard learning their lines and have worked
                                                                                        Dinner booking form
tirelessly on all aspects of this play. I hope that you will come along and
support both events. I am looking forward to seeing both Peter Pan during

                                                                      KLASS Times      19th March 2010    1|Pa ge
the dress rehearsal on the morning of 24th March and ‘Fame’ on the same
evening, which happens to be the opening night, before flying back to the UK         Did you know?
on Thursday evening to finalise the school’s recruitment for the next academic

I hope to see you there.   KT

Breaking news
We have had advance warning that there will be an F1 car demonstration
around KLCC on 31st March and consequently several main roads in the city will       The Alice Smith School would like
be closed. We are currently looking at how this will affect our Bus Service and      to thank Dato’ and Datin Allan Lim,
will be sending out more details next week.                                          parents of Leroy Lim in Year 11 for
                                                                                     their     generous     sponsorship
Road Closure Notice on 31st Mar (2.00pm – 7.30pm):                                   towards the purchase of a Yamaha
   1. Road leading to KLCC/KLCC parking via the Jalan Tun Razak tunnel               Clavinova and the basketball
      (north)                                                                        electronic scoreboard at the
   2. Jalan Binjai and Lorong Kuda                                                   Secondary Campus, Equine Park.
   3. All roads leading to KLCC parking via the Jalan Binjai and Jalan Tun
      Razak Tunnel                                                                   Leroy is an all round sportsman - a
   4. Road leading to Jalan Binjai through Jalan Kia Peng, Jalan Conlay and          very good swimmer and a great
      Jalan Tun Razak; Jalan Binjai leading to Persiaran KLCC until the traffic      athletics and basketball player. He
      lights in front of PNB Darby Park                                              has also participated extensively in
   5. Roads going in and out of the KLCC car park leading towards Jalan              several musical performances.
      Tun Razak and Jalan Binjai

Note: The public can still use alternative roads to Suria KLCC and the event’s
      location via Jalan Ampang, Persiaran KLCC from Jalan P. Ramlee and
      from Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH).

                                                                                     Quote of the week …

                                                                                     1749 - 1832

                                                                                     "Treat people as if they were what
                                                                                     they ought to be and you help
                                                                                     them to become what they are
                                                                                     capable of being."

                                                                       KLASS Times     19th March 2010     2|Pa ge
Feature of the week
Effects of Technology in Language Development
By Elizabeth Sanders, Head of English

In the recent mock exams, Year 11 students were asked to write an entry for a diary explaining their thoughts and
feelings about growing up in the twenty-first century. Their responses made for entertaining reading, with many
clearly showing that technology is an integral part of their daily lives. What was also fascinating was to see the mark
scheme reflecting the potential variations in the style of writing with the examiners noting that “a certain amount of
informality of style and diction is to be expected and accepted as valid.”

Those of us who grew up in an internet free age of ZX Spectrums and BBC computers, tend to reflect on how
different it was in ‘our day’ and are often quick to criticize new technology, especially for its worrying effects on
language development and spelling. In 2007, the journalist John Humphries, writing in the UK newspaper The Daily
Mail, suggested that texters are “vandals who are trying to do to the language what Ghenghis Khan did to his
neighbours eight hundred years ago.” However, recent research by the University of Coventry suggests that text-
speak might actually be beneficial to improving literacy skills.

                           In a study last year, funded by The British Academy, researcher Dr Clare Wood observed a
                           number of children and their texting habits in order “to see if there was any evidence of
                           association between text abbreviation use and literacy skills at all, after such a negative
                           portrayal of the activity in the media.” The results of their research suggested that “not only
                           was the association strong, but that textism use was actually driving the development of
                           phonological awareness and reading skill in children.” The research suggested that rather
                           than having a negative effect upon their spelling, the reverse could be seen - the more
                           children texted, the better their vocabulary and spelling skills.

     Source Image from    It seems that we need not worry that their school work will suffer as a result of their
                          textspeak. When questioned for the research “the children would often laugh and insist that
of course they would not use text language in their school work”. It would seem then that perhaps we ought to
credit our children with their ability to manipulate language according to need. Indeed, with the verbs ‘to text’ and ‘to
SMS’ recently being added to English dictionaries, it would seem that as technology continues to develop, our
language continues to adapt too.

The full report can be accessed via          KT

                                                                           KLASS Times 19th March 2010        3|Pa ge
Primary campus
                                                                              Dates to bookmark
                             From the                                         Sat, 20th Mar
                                                                               ISAKL U11 Football Tournament
                             Principal                                        Mon, 22nd Mar
                                                                               Year 6 Second Visit to the
                                                                                Secondary Campus

                            Steve Caulfield                                   Tue, 23rd Mar
                                                                               International Schools Librarian Meet
                                                                               U11 Decathlon
                                                                               U11 Netball

                                                                              Wed, 24th Mar
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all our Irish families and staff. To help           Year 2 Dress Rehearsal
celebrate, we had the D.C (Dublin City) Band perform to all on Monday
this week. The D.C Band are out here in Kuala Lumpur and performed at         Thu, 25th Mar
the Hilton Hotel on Saturday, 13th March at the St. Patrick’s Ball and have    U11 Football vs Garden School
very kindly paid us a visit earlier this week.
                                                                              Thu - Fri, 25th - 26th Mar
Congratulations, also to our Primary Campus Irish Dancers who danced           Year 2 Production
at the Ball and “stole the hearts” of all who were present. Cara Lynch,
Year 3 Class Teacher does a superb job teaching and leading the group         Fri, 26th Mar
and I know Cara was very proud of them all on Saturday.                        Key Stage 2 Talent Show
                                                                               End of Clubs & Activities
It was good to see so many parents at our first ‘Festival of Sport’ at the
Primary Campus on Saturday, 13th March. Over 130 children (plus mums,         Mon, 29th Mar
dads and visiting grandparents!) turned up for a super morning of sports.      Easter Egg Hunt for Reception and
Congratulations to Debbie Burgess and the rest of the PE Department             Year 1 children
(Simon Grimshaw, Niall Dickens and Sgt. Lee) for organising such a super
day. I look forward to Term 3’s Festival of Sports, too.                      Tue, 30th Mar
                                                                               Easter Egg Hunt for Year 2 and 3
Wednesday this week saw our Reception and Pre-School Sports Day. This            children
event is always well attended and this year was no different. For many
parents, this is their first experience of a School Sports Day and from       Wed, 31st Mar
what I saw, both children and parents enjoyed the occasion. Emphasis           Reports Out
here is on participation and fun rather than competition, of course.           Easter Egg Bingo for Year 4 to 6
Looking ahead preparations are well underway with our Year 2
Production, ‘Peter Pan’ on 25th and 26th March. KT                            Thu, 1st Apr
                                                                               Easter Assembly at 10.00am
                                                                               End of Term 2 - Normal finish

                                                                              Mon, 19th Apr
                                                                                Start of Term 3

                                                                        KLASS Times 19th March 2010        4|Pa ge
Campus Focus

Pastoral News
By Alison Nadarajah
Assistant Principal - Pastoral

Ipods and Mobile Phones
A number of children have brought their iPods into school during the last week. Please be aware that iPods, mobile
phones and other electronic items are not allowed on the primary campus. All these valuable items should be kept
safely at home.

Drinking Water
The weather is particularly hot at the moment and we would strongly recommend that all children come to school
with a bottle for drinking water so they get in to the habit of drinking enough throughout the day. Drinking water
regularly is known to help children’s concentration and keep them alert and well. There are several drinking fountains
in each playground area and a water dispensing unit in every year group where children can refill their plastic bottles.

Key Stage 2 Talent Shows
We are all looking forward to this year’s talent shows which are being held over the next two Fridays. We have had
lots of entries and are all set to be entertained by dancing groups, instrumentalists, singers, magicians and a few
comedy acts. These are non-competitive and just an opportunity for our children to showcase their talents.

Term 3 Clubs & Activities Alert
Today you should have received a letter informing you of your Parent Membership Number which you will need to
use next week for our Term 3 Clubs and Activities online sign-up. Further information on how and when to log on will
be sent to you on Monday.

                                                         After School Supervision / Homework Room
                                                         Just a reminder that we provide a supervised homework
                                                         room for children in Key Stage 2 who need to wait at school
                                                         for a late club, e.g. Torpedoes training or individual
                                                         instrumental lessons. Supervision takes place in the Gecko
                                                         room, along the Year 5 corridor, from 2pm - 3.15pm every
                                                         afternoon. Children sign in with one of our Teaching
                                                         Assistants and are encouraged to work quietly or read in the
                                                         Library. KT

   The Year 5 and 6 library is a quiet area that can
    be used after school by pupils in Key Stage 2

                                                                       KLASS Times     19th March 2010      5|Pa ge
Around the campus

Year 5 Knock Some Sense into Science!
By the Year 5 team

                       The Year 5 children knocked Science into shape during our visit to the Royal Selangor Visitor
                       centre earlier this week. The centre allowed the children to see the significance of tin mining
                       to the establishment and growth of a settlement in the Klang Valley, and to the birth of our
                       home city of Kuala Lumpur. Examples of early tin mining methods and techniques were
                       examined and the science of tin, namely its use in the alloy, pewter, was explored further.

                       We learned about the different densities and melting points of metals and even looked at how
                       those densities might change depending on which planet you’re on! Then, after a quick look at
                       a huge periodic table, it was off to the sound chamber where the children reviewed and
                       recapped our work on pitch using a wide array of tubular bells.

                       Tin and its use in pewter was then looked at in more detail, and although we now see pewter
                       fashioned into ornate decorative items and coffee pots we discovered that it was actually use
 Bashing away on       to make money. Not coins however, but crocodiles, turtles and even trees! When “spending”
 the shiny pewter      your money, you’d just chop off a bit of the malleable metal and hand over a leg or two (and
                       perhaps an arm if it was worth a lot!)

After a quick drink out of a pewter cup, which kept our drink lovely and cool due to
its properties as a thermal insulator, we got into the nitty gritty of changing state! A
small vat of molten metal bubbled gently and we all watched in awe as it was placed
into a mould and transformed into a solid handle before our very eyes. The change
of state was almost immediate as those excited molecules chilled out and cooled to
form a solid.

Then it was time to don our aprons and go to class. Better known as the School of
Hard Knocks, the children had a smashing time, taking their shiny flat circle of
pewter and bashing it lovingly into a bowl of the highest quality. It was noisy and
hard work but the children managed well and manipulated this wonderfully malleable

Many thanks to all involved.   KT                                                           Posing at the entrance

FOBISSEA Games Selection 2010
By Simon Grimshaw, Head of PE

The Alice Smith School will once again be participating at the FOBISSEA Primary Games, hosted by the Tanglin Trust
School, Singapore from 9th - 13th June 2010. This is an annually run event involving 32 international British schools
from all over the South East Asia.

Names for the FOBISSEA sports team will be announced at the end of school on Monday 22nd March, via a
confirmation letter.

We will compete at all levels of the event, with students from year groups 4, 5 and 6 only. A total of 36 children, 18
boys and 18 girls, split equally between the year groups have been selected to represent the school at football,

                                                                         KLASS Times 19th March 2010       6|Pa ge
swimming, T-ball and athletics. Two reserves from each year group will also train with the team, one boy and one
girl. Should a member of the team be unable to attend the Games, the reserve will take their place on the trip. Six
teachers will coach and accompany the children for this event.

The selection process has been equal and fair for all children. Assessment has taken place during the PE, Games,
and swimming lessons. Children must show good ability in all four disciplines.

Whilst swimming and athletics can be measured and timed, football and T-ball selection is determined by the PE
department only. This is based on the child’s ability, understanding, effort, teamwork, and what fits best for the
overall team. Please understand that this is a very difficult process and once the decision is made, it is final.

The FOBISSEA Primary Games offers a fantastic opportunity for the children to compete at a high level of sports,
achieve personal bests, make new friends and understand the importance of representing the Alice Smith School. KT

                          Photos taken at the recent sports day and ISAKL Swim Meet

                                                                      KLASS Times 19th March 2010       7|Pa ge
Secondary campus                                                                Dates to bookmark
                                                                                Sat, 20th Mar
                             From the                                           
                                                                                     U11 Football Tournament
                                                                                     British Council Fair at the Kuala
                             Acting Principal                                        Lumpur Convention Centre
                                                                                     (20th - 21st Mar)

                                                                                Sun, 21st Mar
                              Chris Draper                                         FAME rehearsal

                                                                                Mon, 22nd Mar
                                                                                  Activities sign-up for Term 3
                                                                                  Year 6 Second Visit to the Secondary

January Exam Results for Year 13                                                Tues, 23rd Mar
In January, about two-thirds of Year 13 students elected to retake some            Year 12/13 Parent Teacher
of their Year 12 AS unit exams and I am delighted to announce that                  Conference
overall they were very successful with the vast majority increasing the            Sixth Form parents coffee morning at
mark they will take into the A2 exams next term.                                    10am - Coffee Bean, Bangsar
                                                                                    Shopping Centre
To understand accurately how good these results are, it is important for
me to explain the difference between marks and grades, and why it is            Wed - Sat, 24th -27th Mar
not really appropriate for me to be reporting grades at this stage. If this       FAME
is already familiar territory for you or you are happy to trust this
statement without further justification please feel free to skip the next       Thurs, 25th Mar
two paragraphs. However, for those parents who would like to                       Earth Day
understand more of the subtlety of this distinction, I will attempt a clear        Muir house charity mufti day
                                                                                Fri, 26th Mar
Since 2001, A levels have comprised of two parts: AS, usually taken in              Year 8 full report issued
Year 12 and A2, usually taken in Year 13. Both AS and A2 are made up                Model United Nations (HELPMUN)
of a number (usually 2, sometimes 3) of unit exams. The overall A level              (26th - 28th Mar)
grade is based on the total marks obtained in all the units. Students can           End of clubs and activities
(and often do) elect to re-sit units if they are not happy with their first
mark and the final A level total is made using the best unit marks              Mon, 29th Mar
available at the end of the course.                                               Activities sign-up for Term 3 closes

Although grades in each unit are commonly discussed by teachers,                Tues, 30th Mar
students and parents alike, grades, strictly speaking are not awarded for          Sixth Form pre-exam stress relief
each unit. What is awarded is a standard mark called a UMS (unified                 activity
mark scheme) mark. It is the total of the best UMS marks for each unit
that will decide the final grade. 80% UMS marks always equates to a             Wed, 31st Mar
grade A, 70% for a B and so on. A student who improves their UMS                  Reports out
mark from 70 to 79 will have improved their UMS score, and therefore
their final total used to allocate final grades, even though they may not       Thu, 1st Apr
have improved their “grade” in that unit. The extra 9 marks may                  End of Term 2
however be sufficient to move the student up a grade when the final
totals are calculated. Although a technical point, not easy to explain, it is   Fri, 2nd Apr
an important distinction to be understood when analysing A level results            Ski trip to Austria (2nd -11th Apr)
I hope by now you understand why I am going to report the students’
successes in UMS marks and not in grades.                                       Mon, 19th Apr
                                                                                  Start of Term 3

                                                                           KLASS Times 19th March 2010         8|Pa ge
38 students retook 71 unit exams in January and we were very pleased with the results achieved. The vast majority
of students significantly increased their marks. Of the 71 exams taken, the average increase in mark was 17.3% (and
since 10% represents one grade, this represents an average “grade” increase of almost 2 grades). Every paper, in
every subject, recorded an average increase in mark with the biggest increase coming from our 9 psychology
students, who increased their UMS mark by an average of 27.6 % (or almost 3 full “grades”), with all psychology
marks achieved equivalent to a “grade” C or better.

Students can take great confidence and encouragement from these results as they prepare for their final A2 exams
this June. I would like to congratulate all the students who achieved these results and thank their teachers for their
work in preparing for these exams. KT

Around the campus
                             House News/Earth Day - 25th March 2010
                             By Russell Moore and Anna Hewes, Head of Muir house

                             This year, pupils and staff at the Secondary Campus will be marking the Muir Charity
                             Mufti Day and Earth Day on Thursday, 25th March. Like last year, there will be no
                             air-con that day. Themed “Colours of the Earth”, the Muir Charity Mufti Day was initially
                             on Friday, 26th March. With the collection of RM5 for mufti, Muir will be raising money
                             and awareness for the ‘World Land Trust’. One of their projects is based in Malaysian
                             Borneo, preserving rainforest for orangutans and other endangered species. Muir will
                             be trying to beat the impressive figure of RM6,150.05 (the current House Charity Day
                             record) set by Fairfield earlier this year.

                                                            Look out for the eco-friendly fund raising events on the
                                                            day. KT

Recital Series at the Secondary Campus
By Alistair Hamilton, Head of Music

                                                        The music department at Equine Park has started an
                                                        exciting new initiative whereby external musicians visit the
                                                        Secondary Campus to perform to the Alice Smith School
                                                        community on a weekly basis. The Recital Series will involve
                                                        classical, folk, jazz, world and contemporary musicians
                                                        performing with the principal aim of educating and inspiring

                                                        Recitals are free, are scheduled every Tuesday at Equine
                                                        Park at noon and are open to students, staff, parents and
                                                        the wider Alice Smith School community. Recitals are video-
                                                        recorded and will be displayed in the music department
                                                        along with details of upcoming recitals.

                                                        For more information about the Recital Series or if you
                                                        would like to suggest musicians to be involved, please
                                                        contact Julie Anderson via e-mail at janderson.ep@alice-
            Sisters Angela Lou (viola) and     KT
              Eugenia Lou (double bass)

                                                                       KLASS Times 19th March 2010        9|Pa ge
Tech talk
Copyright in a Digital World
By I Pittman & Dr M Watts, Learning Technology Leaders

With the massive growth of the Internet and advances in digital publishing, traditional concepts of copyright are
being challenged and new issues are being raised among writers, artists, musicians, film makers and photographers.
Online information and images can instantly be copied with the click of a mouse, and original works can be easily
modified with image manipulation software and audio editors. Current copyright laws are complex and confusing, and
most people don't know what they can copy or record. In fact, several studies have shown that today's 'Digital
Natives' genuinely have very little understanding about ownership of intellectual property.

Existing copyright law has its origins going back 300 years, when the British parliament introduced the first copyright
statute, the Copyright Act 1709. New laws were then introduced across Europe to regulate and control the output of
printers. Although many of these rules have changed over time, the concepts of copyright have remained the same
for hundreds of years, with almost all copyright laws being introduced well before digital technologies existed.

As a result of advances in technology that allow easy creating, sharing, manipulating and reusing digital content, the
traditional concept of copyright could be considered irrelevant. Online tools and resources are increasingly being used
for teaching and learning, but copyright issues are in danger of restricting students' abilities to use online material

                                  Fortunately, there are moves to streamline 'outdated' copyright laws with the
                                  introduction of Creative Commons licensing. Developed by a non-profit
                                  organisation, Creative Commons provides a range of copyright licenses that are
                                  easy to understand and anyone can use.

Plenty of creative artists are adopting a new 'open' approach to the material they produce, providing others with the
right to use their work. For example, many universities publish podcasts of lectures and other resources that are
licensed for anyone to use. Flickr, the online photo sharing community, now incorporates CC licensing, giving
photographers the ability to share photos on their own terms. There are well over 100 million CC-licensed images on
the site.

A Creative Commons license shows clearly the rights and limitations of a work and removes the need to seek
permission to use it. This is extremely useful in schools where accessing 'copyright free' material has traditionally
been difficult. So, next time you're searching for resources for a project, remember to look for the CC license, which
confirms your rights of use.

More information from: or listen to Stephen Fry on iTunes       KT

                                                                       KLASS Times 19th March 2010        10 | P a g e
To Note
                                                                               Useful contacts
Secondary Campus
                                                                                  British High Commission
Transport Update                                                                   T: +603 2170 2200
By Transport committee

In our last meeting, it was highlighted that many pupils often start the bus
                                                                                  Embassy of Ireland
journey with a seatbelt on but then removed it during the journey and pupils
                                                                                   T: +603 2161 2963
often move seats or turn around. This has been seen from viewing the DVD
recordings. We are now appealing to parents to remind their children that
they should keep the seatbelt buckled and stay in the seat they have chosen
throughout the whole journey as the bus might have to make a sudden stop          The Australian High
at any time. Thank you for your help in reiterating this message from home.        Commission, Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                   T: +603 2146 5555
In addition, since the bus DVD recorder cannot work without some light on   
the bus, some lights will be on during the morning journey from next week
onwards. Thank you.                                                               New Zealand High Commission,
                                                                                   Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                   T: +603 2078 2533
Activities for Term 3
Ms Lynsey Buck, Enrichment Coordinator

Sign up for Term 3 activities will open on Monday, 22nd March at 4pm and          Malaysian International
close on Monday, 29th March at midnight. Please access the portal through          Chamber of Commerce and
the Alice Smith School website and if you have any difficulties logging, in        Industry (MICCI)
please email                                         T: +603 6201 7708

FAME                                                                              Selangor St. Andrew’s Society
Tickets for the show on Friday, 26th March and                                     E:
Saturday, 27th March are nearly sold out. To
avoid disappointment, kindly book your tickets
as soon as possible for the show on
                                                                                  St. Patrick’s Society of Selangor
Wednesday,      24th  March     or   Thursday,
   th                                                                              T: +603 2164 7691
25 March.

                                                                                  The Royal Society of St George
Sixth Form Coffee Morning                                                          T: +603 2282 3397
By Sue Fairclough and Rachel Brown, parents                              

All Sixth form parents are invited to a Coffee Morning at Coffee Bean,            St. David’s Society of Malaysia
Bangsar Shopping Centre at 10am on Tuesday, 23rd March to discuss the              T: +603 2094 4291
proposed Sixth Form Charity Dinner to raise money for the many Charities
being supported on all the Sixth form trips as well as being a good
opportunity to catch up and have a chat! Hope to see you there.

                                                                    KLASS Times 19th March 2010         11 | P a g e
Bronze International Award log sheets
By David Slade, Assistant International Award Coordinator
                                                                                    Useful contacts
Please could parents encourage their children who have recently completed the
Bronze International Award to return their signed log sheets to me as soon as          St. Andrew’s Presbyterian
possible. The award cannot be processed until the sheets are returned. I have           Church
explained to students what they need to do if the sheet has been misplaced.             T: +603 2031 1223
For further questions, please email me at

                                                                                       St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral
Cross Campus                                                                            T: +603 2692 8672

Old Photographs
By Sue Fairclough, Alumni Coordinator                                                  Assoc. of British Women in
                                                                                        Malaysia (ABWM)
The School have lots and lots of old photographs that need collating, scanning          T: +603 2084 4407
and filing. I have already been through some of these and found some great              E:
photos of my own children and their friends. I would like to offer them to all   
students, parents and teachers to view and get their own copies. If you would
like to help me sort out the photos, (it will get done a lot quicker with lots of
hands!) please give me a call +012 308 8568 or email me at                             Malaysian Australian New                                                                Zealand Assoc. (MANZA)
                                                                                        T: +603 2284 7145
The Association of British Women in Malaysia                                     

School Disco

The ABWM School Disco this Saturday 20th March is                                      British Council
unfortunately cancelled. If you have bought tickets for the                             T: +603 2723 7900
event, please see Priscilla at the ABWM house or call                                   E:
+603 2284 4407 who will gladly refund your money. We regret                     
for any inconvenience caused.

ANZAC Day Service, Sunday 25th April 2010
Cheras Road Christian Cemetery - Kuala Lumpur

ANZAC Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by
Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. On 25th April
1915, young Australians and New Zealanders waded ashore at Gallipoli and
began seven months of intense combat that marked the arrival of two young
nations on the world stage.

On Sunday, 25th April 2010 the Australian High Commission will host a
Commemorative Dawn Service at the Military Annex of the Cheras Road
Christian Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur. The Service is open to members of the
public and those attending are requested to arrive by 6.15 am for the service to
commence at 6.30 am. Those attending are advised that at that time of the day
it will be dark and mosquitoes are likely. Guests are advised to apply mosquito
repellent and carry a small torch.

                                                                       KLASS Times 19th March 2010          12 | P a g e
Dress for the occasion will be smart attire (jacket/tie optional) or ceremonial
uniform, with medals.
                                                                                      Useful contacts
For further information, please e-mail
For Dawn Service directions and map visit
                                                                                         Alice Smith School
                                                                                          Primary campus
                                                                                          T: +603 2148 3674
KL Players’ 2010 Mid Year Production                                                      E:
Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Auditions
                                                                                          Secondary campus
Date  : Tuesday, 23rd March 2010                                                          T: +603 9543 3688
Time : 7.30pm                                                                             E:
Venue : The Green Room, for fresh people
        6 & 6A, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru

Do you like improvisation? Do you enjoy thinking on your feet? If so, don’t miss
this great opportunity! You are cordially invited to join this ensemble cast. There
are many roles in this Rock n’ Roll drama ranging from band members, to               Stay in touch
groupies, roadies, bouncers, detectives, etc… You can make the character and
dialogue your very own and have a lot of fun with it. There is no big script and if
you usually work backstage or are new to the KL Players, don’t hesitate just          To provide feedback about the
because you haven’t been in a production yet. We want to meet you and if              KLASS Times, please email:
improvisation is your thing, you will get a part!                           
                                                                                      or contact, T: +603 9543 3688.
We will accommodate as many interested participants as possible and we
anticipate the need for only six to eight rehearsals.

To find out more, please contact Leone Carroll on +012 633 5514 or e-mail

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Sixth Form Charity Dinner - Saturday, 1st May 2010
Ms Lynsey Buck, Enrichment Coordinator

Date             :   Saturday, 1st May 2010
Time             :   7.00pm for 7.30pm dinner
Venue            :   Westin Hotel Ballroom
Cost             :   RM200 per person, includes four course dinner and drinks
Dress Code       :   Smart Casual
Closing date
for booking      : Wednesday, 21st April 2010

Please help the Alice Smith School Sixth Form students fundraise to help disadvantaged communities through Trips
Week 2010. All money raised will be donated to very worthwhile community and environmental projects:

   Ko Phi Phi   :   Baan Laem Tong International Community Resource Centre Project (Tsunami)
   Cambodia     :   Sustainable community development through educating children
   Phuket       :   Teaching in Phuket’s Special Educational Needs School and beach cleaning
   Ko Phi Phi   :   Working in an animal rescue sanctuary
   Krabi        :   Volunteering in orphanages and refuge shelters
   Ko Samui     :   Food donation for the homeless and community support work
   Bali         :   Marine conservation and community work

Silver Service from the Sixth Form! All students will have to work for your kind donations. They will be serving you
drinks, serving your dinner, selling lucky draw tickets and entertaining you throughout the evening. This is another
opportunity for Enrichment credited hours (Work Related Learning) as part of the AQA Baccalaureate.

Amazing Lucky Draw and Auction prizes including cooking classes at the Westin, Champagne Brunch at Prego’s and
Take Home Chef, plus much more …

This Special Evening is open to all the Alice Smith Community.

Please complete the booking form below and send form and money (or cheques payable to The Alice Smith Schools
Association) to Sue Fairclough c/o EP School Office.


                                  Sixth Form Charity Dinner Booking Form

Name:            ……………………………………………..                                      Tel: …………………………………

Table of 10 (Either make-up your own table of 10 or we can make it up for you)

I/We enclose RM ……………………………. cheque made payable to ‘The Alice Smith Schools Association’ or cash. All
envelopes must be marked for the attention of Sue Fairclough c/o EP School Office.

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