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									    How To Improve
     Sleep Hygiene
    What is sleep hygiene?
• The word hygiene can be described as keeping
  guidelines for healthy living

• Sleep is a form of hygiene because if you do not
  get enough of it at night, it will start to affect your
  daily routine

• Good sleep hygiene is when you are able to control
  all environmental and behavioral factors that come
  before sleep or during sleep
  How to keep good sleep
• One of the best solutions to maintaining good sleep
  hygiene is to regulate your sleeping schedule

• It is important that you do not spend too little or too
  much time in bed

• Setting a good sleep pattern in your life could be
  just the thing to cure insomnia
   Some of the ways to maintain
       good sleep hygiene
• Avoid things like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine a
  few hours before you get ready for bed

• Meals right before bed will interrupt your sleep in
  different ways, sometimes it can cause you to have
  dreams that will wake you up and keep you awake

• Exercise is something that actually promotes healthy
  sleeping hygiene, and by doing a few relaxing
  exercises at night before bed can help you to fall
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