Perspective by dfhdhdhdhjr


1 point perspective
                    Step 1
• We are going to create a tunnel. To start draw a
  horizon line preferably across the middle of your
  paper, then choose a point to be the vanishing
                   Step 2
• Using a ruler create your two walls. The lines
  should start from your vanishing point and go out
  from there.
                   Step 3
• Choose a place to draw the end of the tunnel.
  Make sure that the walls are straight, and that
  the roof is drawn between the tops of the two
                    Step 4
• Create another tunnel just beyond the first one.
  Use the same method as before, after you are
  done erase all the lines that don't belong.
Student work:
High School hallway

                           Note how all of the lines are
                           below the horizon line.

                           • (images are from the web)
     What is perspective?
• In two point perspective, there are
  two vanishing points on the horizon
  line. Every line except vertical ones
  will converge onto one of the two
  vanishing points.
               Step 1
• Draw a horizon line and make two
  points on the line.
Step 2
Building 1, draw a vertical line, from
your two points draw the roof and the
floor of the building.
                   Step 3
• Distance is tricky: divide the bottom line in
  half, and then in half again, and then in half
  again. This will make it seem as if equal-sized
  buildings are next to each other.
                Step 4
• Now draw in guidelines to make other
  buildings on the block. Remember, every
  non-vertical line must converge on one of
  the two vanishing points.
                  Step 5
• Finally, erase the guidelines that you don't
  need, and get ready to add windows,
  cars, people, and what-ever else fills your

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