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									                              Top 5 Edmonton Hotels

The festival city of Edmonton draws huge crowds throughout the year for its long
lists of events attended by local and international visitors. Whether they are in
town to catch an Edmonton Oilers’ game at Rexall Place or enjoy the Capital EX at
Northlands Park, accommodation in Edmonton is a must-have.

Edmonton hotels cater to a variety of tastes and needs and are available in a range
of options for the discerning traveler. While some are specifically preferred by
business travelers with amenities like conference rooms and extended stay
packages, there are those which are family friendly and allow pets. There are also
hotels that welcome RV-ers and truckers who would like to take a break from their
road trip by offering facilities like free parking, an onsite fueling station, a
convenience store and excellent service.

Which are the best hotels in Edmonton?

Identifying the top five hotels is a matter of experience. For most visitors, the “top”
hotel is one that provides for their comfort with clean quality accommodation,
prompt customer service and other facilities the individual may need. For a family
on a holiday with a pet, the facility of a conference room in the hotel they plan to
stay in will not matter. For them, the top hotel is one that provides entertainment
facilities for their children, an in-house restaurant and pet friendly accommodation
with an attached, well equipped kitchenette would be more useful. On the other
hand, a busy yet health-conscious executive who is in town on business would look
for a gym at the hotel. For someone who is visiting on business and wants to relax
at the end of the day, entertainment facilities in the form of a casino, VLT lounge
and pool tables might matter more.

Hotels like the Yellowhead Inn along the Yellowhead Trail cater to all types of
visitors, offering them best in class facilities that suit their needs. Not only is it
located in close proximity to the city’s main areas, but also ideal for business
travelers and vacationers. As one among the top hotels in Edmonton, the
Yellowhead Inn is renowned for excellent accommodation and service, all at
reasonable rates.
                        Top Accommodation in Edmonton

Each traveler has a different criterion for rating a hotel as a “top hotel”. These
criteria can be location, facilities, and features of the hotel and of course, last, but
never the least, pricing. No matter how big an organization, there is someone
appointed to negotiate pricing to get the best deals. For someone who is in town on
business and finds that his stay must be extended due to an unforeseen need, the
ideal Edmonton accommodation would be a short term rental arrangement with
housekeeping facilities thrown in. If the traveler needs to hold a series of meeting
during a short trip, naturally he would prefer to stay put at the hotel and have his
business contacts come to him instead of spending a major part of his time
commuting from venue to venue. Yellowhead Inn caters to this need with its well
appointed rooms and smooth service.

With its unique shopping, entertainment and other facilities, accommodation in
Edmonton can be chosen based on the traveler’s unique needs.

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