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Newsletter                                                                           July 2003
Editorial                                                      interpretation of what has been happening. It
                                                               could be that people are booking aircraft just in
Many of you will have received this newsletter                 case they feel like flying and then not bothering
as an MS Word document attached to an e-                       to cancel them when they decide not to. Either
mail. You will appreciate that this is a preferred             way the club has been losing serious amount of
method of distribution for obvious reasons;                    money this way in recent months. We have said
moreover you have the distinct advantage of                    before that we will enforce existing rules about
seeing the Logo and pictures in brilliant colour!              this, but have never quite got around to it. Now
If however you would prefer me to use a                        we really have to enforce them. So:
different e-mail address or to send it by snail-
mail instead, please let me know. The                             If you want to cancel a booking you must
remainder will have received this by Snail-                        give at least 24 hrs notice unless there are
Mail; if you have an e-mail address that we can                    genuine     weather,     serviceability   or
use instead, again, please let me know.                            compassionate reasons.
                                                                  You may not book more than 2 consecutive
Chas                                                               slots without special arrangements with
                                                                   Neville.                                       You will be fined £25 per hour for any slots
______________________________________                             not flown or overbooked in contravention
                                                                   of the above rules.
CFI’s Column
                                                               GG is losing money at present. The above
Thanks to all those who have filled in the                     factors do not help, but in fact we are simply
Pilot’s Currency Declaration forms in the last                 not paying enough per hour to break even. As
few months. These will now be left by the Ops                  from 1 July I am sorry to say we will have to
desk in the club and, each time you sign out to                increase the hourly rate to £56.
go flying, you will be confirming that your
details are correct and that you are still legally             The latest version of the Tech Log, as amended
able to fly. A reminder to that effect will be                 by Chas Roach – thanks Chas – seems to be
situated prominently nearby! If you have not                   working well. Most people, or at least more
yet completed this form, please do so before                   than ever before I suspect, are filling it in more
you next fly.                                                  or less correctly. The instructions are all
                                                               incorporated ingeniously onto the form itself,
A few points from the recent committee                         so there is really no excuse for not filling it in
meeting:                                                       right. However:

The on line booking system, for all its                           Fuel and oil figures are not always as
advantages, has one important disadvantage. It                     accurate as they might be.
means that it is all too easy for people to book a
flight, or flights, forget all about them, and then               Note the procedure for accounting for and
not turn up to fly. That is the charitable                         recording defects that you feel are

AFA Newsletter                                        Page 1                                          1 July 2003
    acceptable but still need to be brought   to             family membership, up to now you may have
    the attention of other pilots.                           been erroneously charged only £2.50 per
                                                             family so if you name more than one family
   Airborne time should be rounded to the                   member you will need to send me a cheque for
    nearest 5 minutes. Pilot maths is seldom                 the extra and amend your Banker’s Standing
    that good and having to carry forward odd                Order for future years.
    minutes is too testing for me, certainly, and
    others I too I suspect. The 5 min convention             Moreover, we do need to record the names of
    has served aviation well enough for many                 those family members. Please therefore, send
    years! Let’s stick with it.                              the names and relationship of your nominated
                                                             family members to me at the address below. If
Finally the AGM, of which details elsewhere. It              you do not need to send a cheque because you
was a big disappointment last year for those                 have nominated only one family member then
who went to some trouble to organise an                      you can let me have the details by e-mail or by
excellent day. I know the word about the AGM                 phone.
did not get out in time last year, but this year
you have plenty of notice. There is likely to be             Chas Roach
a lot to talk about. We need your views and                  Air Traffic Control
your ideas.                                                  School of Army Aviation
                                                             Middle Wallop
Mike McKinley                                                Stockbridge
                                                             Hampshire SO20 8DY
A note from the Bookings Secretary
                                                             01980 674244
Clearly, the rule mentioned above by Mike that
members should not book more than two              
consecutive slots does not apply to Instructors              ______________________________________
or Club Checkers when they are flying with
different students or members. However, it                   Social Scene
would be helpful if, when booking instructional
or check flights on the Internet, Instructors and            Hi,
Club Checkers would indicate whom they are
instructing or checking. Similarly, would                    I am sorry that so many Flying Members
students or full members who make such                       missed a superb day on 20th June when we
bookings please indicate their Instructor or                 visited the Police Air Support Unit at HMS
Club Checker.                                                Daedalus in the morning and after lunch the
                                                             Police HQ in Netley. The whole day proved
Thanks,                                                      most enjoyable and fascinating. The weather
                                                             was just perfect.
______________________________________                       A HUGE thank you to Mike Munro, a flying
                                                             member of the AFA, who kindly organised
Membership Secretary’s Column                                such a great day for us.

Family Membership                                            The date of the AGM is later than usual this
                                                             year to accommodate members’ holidays etc. It
Family membership is designed for Flying                     will be held on Saturday 11th October at
Members to be able to take their immediate                   1000hrs. As usual the venue will be the
family (i.e. spouse and dependant children) as               ‘Chipmunk Restaurant’. This will be followed
passengers in AFA aircraft without having to                 by our annual Fun Flour Bombing Competition
sign them in as Temporary Members on a daily                 and Barbeque for members, family and friends.
basis. Family membership costs £2.50 per                     Please do join us on this day. There will be a
annum PER FAMILY MEMBER. If you have                         fall-back date for the Flour Bombing

AFA Newsletter                                      Page 2                                        1 July 2003
Competition and Barbeque of Saturday 18th                 The Aircraft
October in case of awful weather. Please put              Unlike other Police Air Support units the
these dates in you diaries now, and to give me            Hampshire Constabulary is one of only a
an idea of numbers for catering, please let me            couple of police forces that use a fixed wing
know if you intend to come to the Barbecue by             aircraft rather than a helicopter.
telephoning me no later than Sunday 5th

Looking forward to seeing you then if not
before and wishing you a great summer’s
flying and Happy Landings,

Gaynor                    01264 889678

AFA Visit to Hampshire Police Air
Support Unit
On Friday 20th June 2003 a number of AFA
Members were fortunate to have visited the                There    are      distinct    advantages      and
Hampshire Police Air Support Unit based at                disadvantages:
Daedalus, Lee on Solent and the Control Room
at Netley.                                                One of the disadvantages is that the fixed wing
                                                          aircraft cannot hover but has to orbit instead.
Jim Hull flew down in his Cherokee along with
James MacBeth. The others who attended and                The main advantage is both economical and
travelled down by car were:                               operational. The fixed wing aircraft used by the
                                                          Hampshire police air support unit is cheaper to
Vince Cunningham                                          buy and to operate and it has a greater
Graham Browning                                           endurance and range than that of a helicopter.
Neville Stops                                             The aircraft used is a Britten Norman Defender
Gaynor Luckett                                            spotter plane. Some interesting facts about the
Mike Munro                                                aircraft are as follows:

Mike Munro arranged the visit and without him             Length:                17.2m
the day would not have been such a success.               Wing span              16.15 m
                                                          Operating Ceiling      25,000ft
We arrived at Daedalus at Lee on Solent, which            Maximum cruise         151 kts
is an old Royal Navy base, at about 10.15am               Loiter                 59 kts
and were met by John Yendall who is an air                Endurance              up to 6 hours
observer.                                                 Powered by:            2 x Allison gas turbines
                                                          Fuel capacity          300 US gallons
We were then introduced to Sergeant Tim
Lucas who showed us a video of some of the                The aircraft normally operates at 1,500 ft and at
work that they have undertaken showing the                120 kts. It is fitted with the usual Hi-Tech
effectiveness of the Air Support Unit.                    camera equipment that is fitted on other police
We were also introduced to Paul Freeman who
is one of the ground staff working in the                 Fourteen personnel, plus a cleaner, staff the air
Operations Room operating the radio and                   support unit. They are totally self-sufficient and
communicating with the Police Control Room                operate their own fire-fighting vehicle and also
and the aircraft.                                         have their own fuel installation.

AFA Newsletter                                   Page 3                                          1 July 2003
The aircraft can be airborne in a couple of                Flight Safety Matters
minutes after being called but most of the time
they monitor the police frequency, watching                Food for Thought?
out for potential call outs and if there is a
                                                           It's Sunday afternoon. The weather is superb -
situation where it feels it can be useful it is
                                                           about +28 C - all that you had hoped for when
usually airborne before the control room makes
                                                           you booked GG.
a request for their assistance. By then it is
usually on its way and will arrive at the
                                                           A friend in the West Country has invited you
location within minutes.
                                                           and your wife to tea at his farm with its own
While we were there the aircraft was scrambled             landing strip. He also has a Cessna 152 that he
                                                           has been operating from there for several years.
to assist in the search for an escaped fugitive
                                                           His grass strip was cut about three weeks ago
who was captured as they aircraft arrived on
                                                           and runs E-W slightly sloping which he
scene. It was then diverted from there to help
                                                           estimates is about 2% running down to the
search for a missing person who suffers from
                                                           In your usual conscientious way, you arrive at
When the aircraft returned to base we were
                                                           the Clubhouse in plenty of time and find the
shown around it and an explanation given of all
                                                           kindly soul who has just come down topping up
its functions and the responsibilities for the
                                                           to full fuel at the bowser. You check the
three-crew members.
                                                           weather - CAVOK with a surface wind due
                                                           West at 8-10 Kts, uniform over the whole
                                                           South of UK. You identify where your friend's
                                                           strip is on the map and don't expect any
                                                           difficulties finding it: after all, you have trained
                                                           your wife to be an excellent map-reader in the

                                                           While doing your pre-flight check you notice
                                                           both main wheel tyres look a little on the flat
                                                           side. You put this down to the high temperature
                                                           and as both seem about the same, continue
                                                           round the aircraft happy and content.

                                                           After an uneventful flight, (yes, your wife lived
We then went to lunch at a superb coastal                  up to her reputation!) you arrive overhead his
pub/restaurant. After lunch we moved on to the             strip and notice that the grass is wet from a
Hampshire Police Headquarters and Control                  shower that has just passed through, although
Room at Netley.                                            this is now well clear. As you turn downwind, a
                                                           nagging doubt starts to impinge upon the
We were hosted by the Controller (whose name               serenity of the afternoon. Should I land upslope
I have unfortunately forgotten) who gave us a              but downwind or down slope and into wind?
very good insight into the workings of a very              And didn't one of those wretched Checking
busy police control Room.                                  Pilots say something about landing runs and
                                                           wet grass during my last annual check?
It was agreed by all those attended that it was
an extremely interesting day and worth                     Well, what would you do now? Can you list all
repeating for other members of the AFA who                 the relevant facts from the narrative and come
were not able to attend on this occasion.                  to a balanced judgement? (HINT Look at
                                                           Safety Sense leaflet 7B)
Vince Cunningham
                                                           John Davis

AFA Newsletter                                    Page 4                                            1 July 2003
ZV - Update for Club Members                                  give another excellent presentation on Flight
                                                              Safety. A packed conference room with some
Many of you will know that Aeroclub Ltd, the                  60 pilots from all fields of General Aviation,
consortium that owns G-BFZV, has decided                      including 15 AFA members, listened to the two
that its members wish to dispose of the aircraft              guest speakers and watched some eye-opening
and realise their investment. Their plan was to               video.
fly the aircraft to Bournemouth and sell it 'at
best' through an agent.                                       David Cockburn, Safety Regulation Group,
                                                              opened with some statistics of accidents and
A number of AFA Club members have shown                       highlighted how, with proper planning, so
an interest in buying ZV and setting up their                 many of these could have been avoided. He
own company to operate the aircraft at Middle                 showed that by making radio contact at the first
Wallop. Your Committee has all along believed                 sign of a problem, assistance could be given to
that the Club should operate two aircraft and                 get the pilot and his aircraft safely back on the
would be loath for ZV to be sold elsewhere                    ground, even if it did mean having to return to
leaving us with the task of finding a suitable                the aircraft at a later date to complete the flight.
replacement C172. It has therefore decided to                 Instead of looking out of the windscreen whilst
become a member of the new Company                            VFR flying, an over reliance on GPS was
investing a £5000 share on your behalf.                       shown at times to be a distraction.

The chief advantage to the new company is that                Aircraft handling was also well covered and as
it will retain the privileges of operating from               the video footage showed, some manoeuvres
MW (not insignificant). The advantage to us is                carried out in close proximity to the ground
that we shall have a place at the 'top table' and             also had some catastrophic results.
that the aircraft will continue to be available to
Club members as ZV has been in the past.                      Ian Herdman, Director of Airspace Policy,
                                                              highlighted infringements of Controlled
The new group has made an offer of £26,250                    Airspace and Danger Areas and went into
for ZV that has been accepted by Aeroclub. It                 detail on military low-flying requirements and
will now form a new company - name to be                      how best the GA pilot can avoid coming into
finalised but probably including the 'Wallop'                 conflict with military low flying aircraft.
brand - set up its constitution and decide on the
fee for us to fly the aircraft. As the new                    The differences between Flight Information
company is formed wholly from existing Club                   Service, Radar Information Service and Radar
members and AFA is a shareholder, we should                   Advisory Service (FIS, RIS and RAS) were
achieve better integration than was achieved                  made clear. Also, the need for all pilots to take
with Aeroclub. Both Neville and Gaynor,                       advantage of the Lower Airspace Radar Service
shareholders in Aeroclub, have elected to put                 (LARS) whenever possible, noting that being
their share of the 'sale' proceeds back into the              operated by the Military it is often available
new company as members.                                       only during weekdays. The LARS service is
                                                              especially useful for pilots operating in Areas
                                                              of Intense Aerial Activity (AIAAs) or near
I have been asked by your Committee to be the
                                                              danger areas, for example, Salisbury Plain. The
AFA representative on the new company, so I                   message ‘If I doubt, STAY OUT!’ was pressed
will let you know progress in each Newsletter.                home.
If you have any questions at this stage, send me
                                                              After a short refreshment break David
an e-mail
                                                              Cockburn returned to talk about aircraft safety
                                                              with the theme of SAFETY AND FUN. This
CAA Safety Meeting                                            looked at keeping the aircraft and its occupants
                                                              safe, with regard to corrosion, loose objects and
Mid February, the Museum of Army Flying,                      exhaust faults whilst emphasising the need for
Middle Wallop, saw the return of the CAA to

AFA Newsletter                                       Page 5                                            1 July 2003
the pilot to stay current and using the annual                Steve O’Donoghue, another of our Air Traffic
Dual Check with an instructor to his advantage.               Controllers at Middle Wallop and an AFA
                                                              member, has just volunteered to look after the
The evening finished with a draw: all attendees               management of the fuel bowser. So
having been given a ticket upon arrival to                    replenishment and battery problems should
receive sponsor donated prizes. Pilots were                   soon be things of the past. Thanks Steve.
reminded to collect their Log Books, these
having been duly stamped as having attended a                 Where Are They Now
CAA Safety Evening.
                                                              Over the years sadly we have lost touch with a
CFI Mike McKinley proposed a vote of thanks                   few of our members, despite the fact that they
to the guest speakers noting that he too felt that            are still paying Membership Fees by Bankers’
the annual check should be seen as an                         Standing Orders. There follows a list of names
opportunity for demonstrating the correct                     (names only I’m afraid, no ranks or titles) of
handling of an aircraft together with the chance              those Full Flying Members for whom we have
to look at the lesser practised skills of short               no contact details. If you can help, please let
field take-offs and landings as well as practice              me know, (preferably by e-mail, if not, then by
forced landings and incipient spins.                          phone or post, details on page 2)
A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking
evening.                                                      AO        Anderson
                                                              DA        Browning
                                                              JM        Channell
Maurice Hillier
                                                              JCR       Earle
_________________________________________                     D         Foxley
                                                              ET        House
And Finally………                                                H         Jenkins
                                                              MJ        Kerley
                                                              CD        Linton
Some notes from the Editor……
                                                              AA        Marshall
                                                              RGC       Misslebrook
Thank you to all the contributors to this new                 D         Nicholas
format newsletter. I’m thinking of producing                  PBM       Player
the next one in November, so please keep those                GJ        Sharp
articles coming in, preferably in Word format                 JD        Smith
                                                              M         Tierney
by e-mail to .
                                                              R         Westlake
                                                              MC        Whiteside
With my Air Traffic Control hat on: please, if                PMA       Wood
you take one of the aircraft away and then for
one reason or another cannot get back when
expected, or you divert somewhere, as well as                 Finally finally: now’s the time to put the AGM
letting Neville know for bookings reasons, also               and Flour Bombing dates into your diary and
tell Air Traffic Control at Middle Wallop as                  telephone Gaynor to tell her you will be there.
soon as possible. (01980-674308/4380/4244)
Otherwise we may be taking full overdue                       Happy landings,
action involving every Air Traffic unit in the
country as well as D & D and the SAR                          Chas.
services! If you departed when Air Traffic
Control was closed then you will have booked
out on the ‘Green Sheet’ in the Fire Section
(won’t you?) so please let them know instead.
(01980-674276 or 01264-781408) You will, of
course, also let them know when you land back
at Middle Wallop.

AFA Newsletter                                       Page 6                                        1 July 2003

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