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					          AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMP TROLLERS                        JANUARY 2006

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                                                 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                     the presentations and question/answer      INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
                                     periods should be really interesting.
                                     Plan on joining us there. Your ASMC
                                     organizational training focal point has President’s Message
                                     the registration information you’ll
                                                                             ASMC Items of
                                     Enjoy this month’s newsletter. It’s
                                     another fine one!
                                                                             Featured Article:
                                                                           Is Telework for
                                                  Ken Isbell             You?—-by Cheryl
                                                                         Deckard (AFAA VP)
         KEN ISBELL
                                                                         Newsletter Incentive
                                                                         Award                        7

The warm January we experi-
enced is now behind us, and we                                           Mini PDI Agenda
were fortunate to get it. I am                                                                        8
looking forward to more warm
weather this spring because I                                            Health & Wellness            9
really hate driving to work in the
snow. Cheryl Deckard and her
supervisor figured out a way to                                                                      10
                                                                         National News
avoid that drive for her, and her
article in this month’s newsletter                                       Exec Board Minutes
gives insight on what she did. I
think you’ll find it informative.                                        Chapter Events          12-13
                                                                         Chapter Competition
You’ll find the February mini-                                           Program                     14
PDI (to be held on the 9th) infor-
mative as well. Much of the focus                                        Chapter Officers and    15-16
will be on the new National Secu-                                        Chairpersons
rity Personnel System (NSPS);

                                                 FIVE STAR CHAPTER

               There is no luncheon scheduled for February, 2006 in lieu of the
                                 Aviation Chapter Mini-PDI
                                          (9 Feb 06)
                                 Please see enclosed agenda in this issue!!!

          15 March - Monthly luncheon—Ms. Kathy Casterline, Civilian Health and Wellness Pro-
          motional Services (CHPS).

          12 April - (ASMC/AGA Joint Luncheon) - Sam McCall, national AGA president, will be
          our speaker. More information will follow as we learn his topic.

             The following members earned their CDFM certification within the past 30 days:
           Sandra Coker (AFAA)              Barry Kreger (NASIC)   Diane Manning (AFMC)
           Misty Pohlman (AFAA)             Mary Sue Quattlebaum (AFAA)
           Lynn Teschendorf (AFAA)          Leah Wyckoff (AFAA)    Tse-ing Eugene Yu (AFMC)

        Aviation Chapter is proud to have 174 Certified Defense Financial Managers locally!!
     Local CDFM Information can be obtained by visiting the Aviation Chapter CDFM CoP
     website at: https://km.saffm.hq.af.mil//ASPs/CoP/OpenCoP.asp?Filter=OO-FM-IP-PD

                         **MARK YOUR CALENDAR**
                      2006 AVIATION CHAPTER MINI PDI
                            9 FEB 06, HOPE HOTEL
                                                   FIVE STAR CHAPTER                     WRIGHT FLYER

   Judith Simon, HQ AFMC (Destination: March AFB) - Promotion to SES!!!
         James McGinley, HQ AFMC—SES
         Ann Marburger, AFIT—GS-14
         Lisa Spotts, DFSG—GS-13
         Stuart Foote, AFAA—GS-13
         Adriane Peoples—GS-13

                                                 ASMC Member’s Essay Award

It’s time once again for the ASMC National Essay contest. The contest is open to members only. This year’s topic is “What are the three pro-
fessional attributes that contribute most to creating an effective defense financial manager?” Essays are not to exceed 1500 words, and should
be submitted by mail directly to ASMC National Headquarters. Be sure to include your completed application, available at:
www.asmconline.org under National Awards Program. Entries must be received by National no later than 28 February.

But that’s not your only chance to win! Submit an electronic copy of your essay to the Awards committee to enter our local competition. Es-
says will be reviewed in March, and the winning authors will be announced at the April ASMC luncheon. E-mail your entries to
robin.perkins@wpafb.af.mil and to bryan.daly@wpafb.af.mil by 28 February.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Perkins at 656-1187.    Good luck!

                                                  Continuing Education Award

Are you working on a degree? Could you use a little help with those tuition bills? Then you should apply for an ASMC Member’s Continuing
Education Award!

To qualify, you must be a member in good standing and have been a member for at least two full consecutive years. You must be entering or
be in a business or resource management field of study (business administration, economics, public administration, accounting, etc.).

This is a great opportunity because you may compete at both the local and National levels. Fifteen grants up to $5,000 are available at the Na-
tional level, and one grant is awarded by the Aviation chapter. Applications are due to the Awards committee by COB 10 March to be eligible
for both local and National awards.

Please submit application to Robin Perkins, NASIC/FM, Bldg 856. Questions? Call Robin at 656-1187.          Good Luck!!

                             Miss the Crossword Puzzle??? Send a note to the Newsletter Editor
                       at Cyndi.uyhelyi@wpafb.af.mil with a request for another in the next issue!!!

                                                                 FIVE STAR CHAPTER                                         WRIGHT FLYER
                                                FEATURE ARTICLE:
                                         Is Telework for You?
                             by Cheryl Deckard, AFAA VP, Aviation Chapter

                                          Recently, I had the opportunity to try teleworking during the audit report
                                          writing phase of my project. If someone would have asked me the first day
                                          if I liked it, I would have said it was okay. By the end of the first week or
                                          two, I would have said I hated it. By the end of the third week, I would say
                                          it was great for both the Government and me personally. Let me explain.
                                          The first day, I was excited and actually found myself working more hours
                                          than I would have if I was at the office. That was due to time savings in the
                                          morning and evening commute as well as a more flexible work day. All that
                                          was great, but I soon realized the frustration of trying to do things from
   home that I had previously done at the office. Let’s see, I need to talk to someone in finance--what is his phone
   number? Oops, I’d better get that information and put it in my home office. I received an ASMC e-mail I need
   to send out to all the members. Hmmm, can't do that from home--will have to put that off until I go into the of-
   fice. I need some information on my audit topic for additional history. But, I can't…. that information is on
   a .mil site and they won't let me in. As you can see, it took some time to get settled into it. Now, though, it has
   been over a month, and I think it is a very valuable benefit. I find that I can get work done faster and more effi-
   ciently with fewer interruptions and less distractions. I’ve even developed some better organizational skills in the

   For those of you considering telework, I developed a listing that shows my views regarding the pros and cons and
   some tips I learned to make telecommuting more efficient. It may give you some insight into teleworking so you
   can decide if it’s right for you.

   •     Work schedule flexibility
   •     Very few interruptions
   •     Easier to focus on tasking at hand
   •     Lower gas consumption – I saved at least 10 gallons per week
   •     Can work around home requirements (e.g., waiting on a repairman)
   •     Office time is more productive
   •     I’ve become more organized and structured
   •     Relaxed setting (putting my feet up on the couch)
   •     Save time getting ready for work in the morning (fuzzy slippers instead of shoes)
   •     Save time driving to and from work

   •     Computer related
   •     Can't get to everything on web mail – size limitations and file size
   •     Dial-up connection is too slow

                                                             FIVE STAR CHAPTER                          WRIGHT FLYER

              E-mailing to distribution lists
                                            FEATURE ARTILCE (Con’t.)
                                                  Is Telework for You?
                                                   by Cheryl Deckard
                                                AFAA VP, Aviation Chapter

  •   Personally-owned equipment use - printer cartridge, cell phone and internet service
  •   Can't access global address book and some web sites will not let you in because you are not “.mil”
  •   Miss face to face interaction and office social events
  •   Reminding family/friends that I am really “at work” to minimize interruptions
  •   Feedback is not as quick as if you were in the office
  •   Requires more coordination with supervisor regarding workpaper reviews
  •   Sometimes no matter how well you prepare while at the office, you end up not having everything you need at
  •   Perception and comments from others as if you are not doing anything while teleworking

                                          Tips to make telecommuting more efficient
  ∗   Develop an agreement that details what is expected during the telework time period.
  ∗   Contact your supervisor if you have to deviate from the plan. Adjustments can be made but have to be agreed upon.
  ∗   Determine what information to take home; schedule time at the office to get things done (sending out group e-mail
      or use .mil web sites) that can't be done by web mail at home. Good planning and organizational skills are a must.
  ∗   Make sure you have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  ∗   Hold e-mail that has to be sent to a wide audience for days you are in the office if possible. If not, plan to go into
      the office sooner than projected. Also, consider consolidating messages that have a wide audience that way you
      don't have to send so many e-mails and slow the system down.
  ∗   Practice good and frequent communication with your supervisor.
  ∗   Make a note of those topics that you would prefer to handle one on one and save them for the office days if possible.
  ∗   Spend a day or two per week in the office.
  ∗   Let family and friends know that you are at work when they call and you will get back with them when you take a
      break or are at the end of your day. Surprisingly, this gets better after the first week.
  ∗   Make sure you have an office phone roster at home so you can call people when you need to communicate quickly.
  ∗   Be flexible.
  ∗   Make a list of the things you need to do in the office.
  ∗   Keep a time log of your progress for yourself and your supervisor to review. Periodically discuss your work with
      your supervisor to ensure that the work you agreed upon is being accomplished.
  ∗   Try to schedule the days you will be in the office to coincide with social events.

  Ms. Deckard is a Audit Manager in the Director of Acquisition and Logistics Audit Office
  - Certified Government Financial Manager; - Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Accounting, University of Missouri
  - 12 years with AFAA, Wright-Patterson, Audit Manager and Auditor
  - 11 years with Accounting and Finance, Wright-Patterson, Various positions
  - 5 years commercial experience, City of Springfield, Financial and Medical

PAGE 5        can't be done                               FIVE STAR CHAPTER                                          WRIGHT FLYER
                                INSERT FEATURE ARTICLE:
                              Telework - A Supervisor’s Perspective
                                         by Randy Story

  Having done my masters research paper on telecommuting, I already knew the pros and cons of tele-
  commuting. Of course, the unspoken perception is that teleworkers are not really working while at
  home. Although, in reality, research has shown that teleworkers are actually more productive while
  enjoying the numerous benefits of working from home. The audit profession is ideal for telecom-
  muting because so much of the process is not location-based and is done on a computer. The biggest
  unknown with telecommuting is how a person will handle working in an isolated setting.

  My research paper was my only experience with telecommuting; however, my initial thought was
  that it would be a positive experience. So when I heard Cheryl voice a concern about rising fuel
  costs, I suggested she try telecommuting. The entire experience was positive. The number one thing
  that made this experience a success was the frequent communication by telephone and e-mail. Be-
  cause Cheryl and I communicate so frequently there was never any concern about productivity. Con-
  tacting Cheryl was easy. Information was only a phone call or an e-mail away; and with e-mail, we
  easily passed information back and forth.

  This recent experience has really confirmed my positive perspective about the use of telework. I
  would highly encourage others to try it out.

  Mr. Story is a Program Manager in the Director of Acquisition and Logistic Audit Office
  - Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  - Master of Science in Administration
  - 11 1/2 years with AFAA, Wright-Patterson, Program/Audit Manager
  - 5 1/2 years with AFAA, Robins, Auditor
  - 3 1/2 years Active Duty, United States Air Force, Eglin AFB, Logistic Program Manager

                                                  FIVE STAR CHAPTER                          WRIGHT FLYER

   Here’s another opportunity to shine----and earn $$$! The Aviation Chapter has
   established a quarterly incentive award in the amount of $100 for newsletter
   articles. The first quarterly award period is 1 Oct – 31 Dec 05. If you would like to
   participate on the Review Board for your organization, please contact your
   organizational VP. Review Board members must be active and in good standing. If
   you are interested in competing for the first Aviation Chapter Newsletter Article Quar-
   terly Incentive Award, please prepare an article and submit it through your organiza-
   tional ASMC Vice President. Guidelines for article submissions are as follows:

         −  Article must be no less than one page in length (Times New Roman, 12 pitch
         font, 1” Margins)

         −  Article must be authored by an active ASMC Aviation Chapter member in good

         −  Article must address one of the following topics within Financial Management,
         Auditing, or WPAFB Organizational experience, as long as there is a clear connec-
         tion to ASMC and/or its members: Leadership, current policy/trends/technology,
         professional development, current initiatives/hot topics, ethics, or a personal job-
         related experience that would serve to inspire others

         −   Articles must be current and not published in any past venue.

         − Articles must be received by the Newsletter Chair, through the organizational
         Vice President, by the 15th day of each month.

                      Articles are due by the 20th day of the month of publication.
     Potential topics/Ideas: Financial Management (FM), Leadership, Inspirational Message, FM
                                    Organizational Successes, etc.!!!!

                                                 FIVE STAR CHAPTER                  WRIGHT FLYER
                                         MINI-PDI 2006
                                      TENTATIVE AGENDA
                                        “A Look Forward”

  0815 – 0830   OPENING CEREMONY

  Session 1
  0830 – 0915   Mr. Robert Hale, ASMC Executive Director – Outlook for DoD Financial Managers
  0915 – 0930   Aviation Chapter Awards Presentation
  0930 – 0945   Break

  Session 2
  0945 – 1030   Mr. Roger Bick, SAF/FMT – Air Force Financial Management Transformation Initiatives
  1030 – 1045   Aviation Chapter Awards Presentation
  1045 – 1100   Break


  1100 – 1145   Buffet Lunch
  1145 – 1230   Mr. Mark Adams, President, EnthusiAdams, Inc. – Coaching and Motivating in Times of Change and Transformation
  1230 – 1300   Break

  Session 3
  1300 – 1345   Mr. Jim Leftwich, Vice-President for Aerospace, Defense, and Technology, Dayton Development Coalition --
                Outlook for Wright-Patterson AFB and the Miami Valley
  1345 – 1400   Aviation Chapter Awards Presentation
  1400 – 1415   Break

  Session 4
  1415 – 1500   Ms. Katherine Platter, AF/DPXC – National Security Personnel System (NSPS)
  1500 – 1515   Aviation Chapter Awards Presentation
  1515 – 1530   Break

  Session 5
  1530 – 1615   Ms. Katherine Platter, AF/DPXC, and Mr. Ted Singer, 88 MSS/DPCD – NSPS Question & Answer Session
  1615 – 1630   Aviation Chapter Awards Presentation
  1630 – 1645   Thank you - Closing

                                                              FIVE STAR CHAPTER                             WRIGHT FLYER
                           THE HEALTH & WELLNESS ZONE

                                     Denette Marshall & Linda Viverette
                                           Health and Wellness Co-chairs

    Exercise: It’s worth it.
                       Sep 04           Sep 05
    Cholesterol          194             187   (Less than 200 is favorable)
    HDL                    47             59   (greater than 45 is favorable)
    LDL                  136             117   (less than 130-100 is favorable)
    Triglycerides          56             54   (normal 0 -249)

    These numbers may not mean much to you; however they mean a lot to me because they are mine. I went
    to my doctor for a routine annual check-up. This checkup included lab work. I was disappointed with
    what I saw. My cholesterol level was getting out of control. High cholesterol runs in my family. I knew
    I didn’t want to take cholesterol medication, so I thought about what I could do to improve my labs.

    How did I improve these numbers? I began to work out three times a week consistently. Once I began
    my routine, I was disappointed if something came up that made me miss my exercise class. Although I
    worked out previously, my exercise time was hit or miss. If I worked out it was okay, if I didn’t it was
    okay. I discovered that an early morning workout best fits my schedule. When I worked out in the eve-
    nings, it was easy to talk myself out of working out, since there was always something to be done, i.e.,
    taking the kids to activities, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

    Initially, I was a little disappointed with the results of my workout. Several times during the week, I
    would jump on the scale. Instead of losing weight, I was gaining. Even though I was gaining, my clothes
    were beginning to fit better. After a conversation with my workout instructor, I found out I was gaining
    muscle, which weighs more than fat. My clothes were fitting better because, although I was gaining
    weight, I was losing inches. My instructor encouraged me to continue working out and told me that even-
    tually the weight would begin to drop. Now instead of using the scale to measure how successful my
    workout is, I use the way my clothes fit to evaluate success.

    In addition to better labs, muscle gain and weight loss, exercise class has provided me with another bene-
    fit. Once I began my exercise class, I made new friends. We became one another’s motivation. My exer-
    cise mates and I have formed a strong bond. We have helped one another cope with many things includ-
    ing serious illnesses and pregnancy. (Our class is expecting its first baby in March)

    In summary, what are the benefits I have experienced since I began working out? Better lab results, more
    muscle, less fat and new friends. Exercise, it’s worth it.

                                                         —————-Submitted by Jacqueline Durant and Denette Marshall

                                                  FIVE STAR CHAPTER                                  WRIGHT FLYER
                                                    NATIONAL NEWS
                                                 Link to the below for additional information:

ARMED FORCES COMPTROLLER: National would like to have a regular Letters to the Editor
column in the Armed Forces Comptroller. They are asking that we encourage leadership and the ASMC
constituency to write to National with thoughts on articles, or things they would like to see. Letters may
be sent via mail to ASMC National Headquarters, 415 N. Alfred St, Alexandria, VA 22314 or to

Sound Off on Financial Services Topics
Grant Thornton LLP, along with ASMC, is co-sponsoring a survey on financial management topics with
a focus on financial services. Tell us what you think and learn the results at PDI 2006 and in our quar-
terly Journal. The short survey should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Go to
http://inquisite.gt.com/surveys/XDSSZT or follow the link on the ASMC web site.

                                                    The National Professional Development Insti-
Plan to Attend PDI 2006                             tute (PDI) is a premier training event for re-
Registration for PDI 2006 – to be held              source managers in the Department of Defense
May 30 to June 2, 2006 in San Diego –               and US Coast Guard. Each year, more than
will open in mid February. We have an               3300 attendees converge for a four-day event,
extensive program planned to include                which includes a full day of service activities,
more than 100 workshops and Service                 seven general sessions, more than seventy
Day presentations. New features in-                 workshops and many special events. Corporate
clude more workshops targeted toward                sponsorship and booth registration is now open.
newer professionals as well as pre-
conference CDFM training. In your off               Attendee registration for this year’s PDI in San
hours take in the Chapter Fair, attend a            Diego will be $500 for members, and will open
Padres game, or visit beautiful San                 in February 2006. Housing reservations will
Diego. More information will be posted              open at the same time.
on the ASMC website as it becomes
                                                    DoD Event Approval: The Department does
                                                    not provide blanket approval or endorsement for
                                                    attendance by DoD employees at training
                                                    events. Individual DoD Component commands
                                                    or orgs are responsible for approving atten-
                                                    dance for its DoD employees.

          VISIT www.sandiego.org

                                                     FIVE STAR CHAPTER
                                                                                               WRIGHT FLYER
                                       EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING

          General Fund: $69,827.06                            Augsburg Fund: $81,793.72
                                     Selected Meeting Minutes—Jan 05

  MEETING REVIEW: Awards – There was discussion regarding how to recognize the recipient(s) of
  the Essay Award since the essays are not due until after the Mini-PDI. In the past plaques have been pre-
  sented to the winners. It was determined that this should be a discussion item for the next Executive
  Board Meeting. Communications – Lt Col Rhodes noted that the latest version of the Chapter Newslet-
  ter included no articles from the membership. Ms. Uyhelyi used a free publication by author John Max-
  well. PDI Chapter Booth – Ms. Sue Bacas has resigned and Ms. Debbie Ward has been named co-chair.
  The Committee is still waiting for the letter with details of the PDI. Professional Development The
  CDFM subcommittee efforts are on hold until after the Mini-PDI. The Committee is working on getting
  the speakers lined up to tape the sessions and make the tapes available to the membership. Programs –
  Ms. Marino and Ms. Evans noted that they will not continue on the Programs Committee next year and
  are looking for interested members who may be interested in the Committee to work with them for the
  remainder of this year. There has been some confusion regarding the DVs. While they are no longer sit-
  ting at a “head table”, they are still to be recognized. Ticket Reps need to mark their forms noting any
  DVs to be in attendance and the DV’s title. Ways & Means – Mr. Reams stated that Entertainment Book
  sales were very low this year (approximately 60 were sold). He is closing out this fundraiser now and
  does not yet know what the profit will be. Kings Island opportunities will begin again in April. AFMC
  VP Lt Col Rhodes will be deploying and Mr. Mac McCutcheon will serve as the AFMC Alternate.
  DFAS: There was discussion regarding the upcoming closure of DFAS-Dayton and the fact that the By-
  Laws will need to be revised. OLD BUSINESS: Short Course Sponsorship - Mr. Kain stated that for
  now, this will be limited to the Audiocasts sponsored by National. Discuss plan (Ad Hoc Committee-
  Scholarship) for procedures to use to fund member(s) to the PDI (number of scholarships, criteria, what
  we can pay for, estimated cost, how the Chapter will make payments). Ms. Jankowski is still waiting for
  a response from National to know if it is okay to provide PDI attendees with prepaid credit cards that have
  checks and balances. An updated will be provided at the next meeting. Ms. Johnson stated that there will
  be an open solicitation to the membership 1-15 Mar 06 for members who would like to be sponsored by
  Aviation Chapter. The decision will be made at the April Executive Board Meeting. Professional Devel-
  opment: Feedback on the 15 Dec 05 audiocast sponsored by National. There were 30 to 45 people signed
  up to attend the audiocast but due to weather, there were 16 in attendance. There was not a lot of feed-
  back, but the process worked well and Mr. Kain says if the funds are available, the Board should consider
  offering this again. The Chapter will not participate in the February audiocast due to the mini-PDI.

            The next meeting will be held 14 Feb 06, 0900 in the HQ AFMC/A8P Conference Room.

                                                       FIVE STAR CHAPTER                      WRIGHT FLYER

  July: (12 Jul 05) First luncheon of the new ASMC Fiscal Year!! Speaker: Ms. Pat Zarodkiewicz,
  HQ AFMC/FM. Ms. Zarodkiewicz addressed AFMC Leadership Perspectives before leading the induc-
  tion of new Chapter officers.

        Dayton Air Show: (15-17 Jul 05) ASMC teamed with AFSA and NDTA to operate the beer con-
  cessions stands for the Dayton Air Show. A total of 20 ASMC members volunteered to run the Runway
  Blast Show on Friday night and concession stands on Saturday and Sunday. A total of approximately
  $2700 was earned for the Aviation Chapter. Thanks to all who volunteered!

  August: ASMC and SCEA joined forces to host the annual ASMC/SCEA Golf Outing on August 12th.
  There were 120 individuals who participated in the event! Many thanks to each of you who assisted in
  making this yet another successful golf outing. Pictures are available at the Aviation Chapter public web-
  site: asmcaviation.org

  September:         Our monthly luncheon was held on September 6th at the Club and Banquet Center. Major General
  (Ret) Everett Odgers, former Director of Financial Management, AFMC Comptroller, and current President and
  COO for Green Tree Group, gave an interesting presentation on "Transformation". Major General (Ret) Odgers
  shared his ideas and provided examples of events that occur in both the public and private sector of how transforma-
  tion affects all. The Aviation Chapter of ASMC was truly fortunate to have the opportunity to hear the outstanding

       USAF Marathon (17 Sep 05): ASMC sponsored one team of four Chapter members and five individual
  Chapter members in the Full USAF Marathon—26.2 miles! The team name was “Spare Change” and members
  included: Kathy Hall, Capt Lisa Wildman, Capt Noelia Suarez, and1Lt Troy Suarez. The individual-sponsored
  Chapter members were: James (Jim) Teaters, Robert (Bob) Coletto, Robert Craven, Ann Ring (former CMSgt),
  Mike McLaughlin. All team members wore white tee-shirts with the ASMC logo in green and individually spon-
  sored members adorned grey tee-shirts with green lettering. Thanks to all who lent support!

  October:       Ms. Susan Sandberg, Education and Training Flight Instructor, gave a dynamic presentation on
  "Personality Dragons - How to Handle Their Heat" at our luncheon held on October 18th. Ms. Sandberg gave tips on
  the different types of personality dragons (PD), how to recognize a PD, and how to manage or cope with the dragons
  in our lives. The information provided was invaluable and can assist each of us in our professional and personal
  journeys. In the words of Ms. Sandberg, "You teach others how to treat you! People can't push your buttons unless
  you show them the panel!!"

PAGE 12                                                FIVE STAR CHAPTER                             WRIGHT FLYER

          Membership Appreciation Day—The Chapter’s Membership Appreciation Day, held at
  Kings Island on October 8th, was a success! There were 85 members who received free tickets, an addi-
  tional 176 adult tickets and 7 children’s tickets were sold, 24 season ticket holders attended and 59 parking

  November: Our monthly luncheon was held on November 15. ASMC welcomed Lt Col Trent
  Edwards, 88 CPTS/FM, who spoke about his deployment experience.

       The Aviation Chapter joined forces with the First Sergeant's Association and the Family Support
  Center in providing Thanksgiving Food Baskets for WPAFB families and it was a success! Items do-
  nated that were not on the menu list were added to the Airman's Pantry. MSgt. Rhonda Clayton passed
  on her and the Family Support Center's appreciation for the generosity of the ASMC membership. Be-
  cause of the quantity of food donated from the membership, the Family Support Center will be doubling
  the size of the Thanksgiving Food baskets.

  December: Many of our ASMC members were very good during 2005, as evidenced by the gifts they
  received from Santa's personal elf, Elf Patty, at our holiday luncheon. We all enjoyed delicious food, fun
  games, great company, and cheery singing! Many thanks to our carolers, Elf Patty, and all the people who
  worked hard to throw yet another successful luncheon.

  The Aviation Chapter made WPAFB community children smile on Christmas morning. We supported the
  Adopt-A-Family holiday gift program through an Angel Tree.

       Audio Conference: 16 people attended the 15 December 2005 National HQ Audio Cast, "Fiscal
  Law and Contractor Employees in the Federal Workplace" held at AFIT. Matt Reres, from the Office of
  General Counsel for the Army, provided the instruction. It was very informative, and we may participate
  in similar sessions in the future.

  January: Maj. Gen (Ret) Charles Metcalf gave a briefing on current programs, and the plans that the
  National Museum of the Air Force has for the future. More building to house new acquisitions, and a
  conference center are in the works.

  February: There will NOT be a luncheon this month due to the 9 Feb Mini-PDI.

                                                 FIVE STAR CHAPTER                             WRIGHT FLYER
                                                                   ASMC IS A NON-PROFIT EDUCATIONAL AND
     Aviation Chapter Newsletter                                   PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR PERSONS,
                                                                   MILITARY AND CIVILIAN, INVOLVED IN THE
                   P.O. Box 33215                                  FIELD OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERSHIP.
    Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio                          ASMC PROVIDES MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR
                                                                   YOU TO DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP. AL-
                                                                   THOUGH ASMC IS NOT OFFICIALLY PART OF
  Newsletter Chair: Cyndi Uyhelyi                                  YOUR CHAIN OF COMMAND, YOUR DEMON-
              Co-Chair: Kurt Jackson                               STRATED LEADERSHIP ABILITIES WILL NOT
                                                                   GO UNNOTICED.
  Web Master: Dave Gleason                                                   BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!
                                                                     Contact our Chapter Membership Chair:
     Chapter Website link:                                                         Saadia Hunt
     http://www.asmcaviation.org/                                          Chapter Member Total: 646
                                                                   New Members: Contact your organiza-
                                                                   tional VP to start receiving chapter info!

                            ASMC Annual Chapter Competition Program Report Guidelines (as of Apr 2005)

    Annual Five Star Chapter competition winners recognized at National ASMC level
    Aviation Chapter competes in A-1 (351 members & higher) category
    Report complied by Aviation Chapter Competition Committee – due annually in April
    Points awarded for the following (note that some have maximum point limitations)

    Membership                                                                Awards Program
    Membership growth (net increase x 25 pts)                                 Awards program (250 pts for having one)
    Membership program (300 pts for having one)                               High school scholarship program (250 pts for having one)
    New member orientation program (100 pts for having one)                   SMC member continuing education grant program (250 pts)
    Sponsorship of new chapter (1500 for sponsoring)

    Professional Development                                                  Communication & Publicity
    Armed Forces Comptroller (600 pts for article)                            Newsletter (300 pts per newsletter)
    Other professional journal (300 pts for article)                          Publicity (30 pts per communication outside membership)
    Trng events (1000 pts per 8 hrs of ASMC sponsored trng)                   Website (500 pts for having chapter website)
    CDFM certification program (500 pts for having one)
    CDFM certified members (3% - 200 pts; 5% - 500 pts)                       Community Service
    Educational-schools groups (100 pts per ASMC member                       Joint meetings (25 pts per joint luncheon, e.g., with SCEA)
          presentation)                                                       Note that 150 pts needed for Community Service Award
    Membership meetings (75 pts per luncheon meeting)
    Community service events (50 pts per event)
    Executive committee meetings (50 pts per meeting)

    Administration (Mandatory)
    Membership roster - sent to National quarterly (50 pts per qtr)
    Update of Chapter listing –sent to National quarterly (25 pts per qtr)

                                                                       FIVE STAR CHAPTER                                     WRIGHT FLYER
                      CHAPTER OFFICERS (1 Jul 05—30 Jun 06)
              (Monthly changes will be posted at: http://www.asmcaviation.org/board.htm)

          OFFICE                    NAME                             MAIL
          President                 Mr. Kenneth Isbell         Kenneth.Isbell@wpafb.af.mil

          President-Elect           Mr. Felix Castro           felix.castro@afit.edu

          ASC Vice Pres             Ms. Samantha Gilmore       Samantha.Gilmore@wpafb.af.mil
           Alternate                Ms. Molly Faust            Molly.Faust@wpafb.af.mil

          AFAA Vice Pres            Ms. Cheryl Deckard         Cheryl.Deckard@wpafb.af.mil
           Alternate                Ms. Tami White             Tami.White@wpafbb.af.mil

          AFIT Vice Pres            Mr. Roger Hardy            Roger.Harrdy@afit.edu
           Alternate                Ms. Deniece Chin           Deniece.Chin@afit.edu

          AFMC Vice Pres            Ms. Cyndi Uyhelyi          Cyndi.Uyhelyi@wpafb.af.mil
           Alternate                Mac McCutcheon             Mac.McCutcheon@wpafb.af.mil

          AFRL Vice Pres            Ms. Brenda Ross            Brenda.Ross@wpafb.af.mil

          DFAS Vice Pres            Ms. Shirley Reed           Shirley.reed@dfas.mil

          88th ABW Vice Pres        Ms. Deanna Gonet           Deanna.Gonet@wpafb.af.mil

          DFSG Vice Pres            Ms. Marcia Irvin           Marcia.Irvin@wpafb.af.mil

          Contractor Vice Pres      Ms. Sharon Johnson         Johnson_sharon@bah.com

          Secretary                 Ms. Elaine Chaltry         Elaine.Chaltry@wpafb.af.mil

          Treasurer                 Ms. Beth Jankowski         Marilyn.Jankowski@afit.edu
           Alternate                Mr. Gerald Colter          Gerald.Colter@wpafb.af.mil

PAGE 15                                                                                 WRIGHT FLYER

                                  FIVE STAR CHAPTER
          CHAPTER CHAIRPERSONS (1 Jul 05—30 Jun 06)
           (Monthly changes will be posted at: http://www.asmcaviation.org/board.htm)

     COMMITTEE/OFFICE          NAME                               MAIL
     Chapter Comp              Mr. Roy Kellerman          Roy.Kellerman@wpafb.af.mil
           Co-Chair            Ms. Ann Marburger          Ann.Marburger@wpafb.af.mil
     Communications:           Ms. Pamela Green           Pamela.Green@wpafb.af.mil
                               Ms. Anita Kerns            Anita.Kerns@wpafb.af.mil
            Newsletter         Ms. Cynthia Uyhelyi        Cyndi.uyhelyi@wpafb.af.mil
                               Mr. Kurt Jackson           Kurt.jackson@wpafb.af.mil
           Photography         Ms. Anita Kerns            Anita.Kerns@wpafb.af.mil
     Website                   Mr. David Gleason          David.gleason@pentagon.af.mil
     Advertising/Journalism    Ms. Cheryl Short           Cheryl.Short@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Mr. Terri Rick             Terri.Rick@wpafb.af.mil
     Community Act             Ms. Mary Sue Quattlebaum   Mary.Qualttlebaum@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Misty Pohlman          Misty.Pohlman@wpafb.af.mil
     Health & Wellness         Ms. Linda Viverette        Linda.Viverette@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Denette Marshall       Denette.marshall@wpafb.af.mil
     Investment                Ms. Michelle Harker        Michelle.Harker@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Mr. Mark Olson             Mark.Olson@wpafb.af.mil
     Membership                Ms. Saadia Hunt            Saadia.Hunt@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Scharlita Evans        Scharlita.Evans@wpafb.af.mil
     PDI Chapter Booth         Ms. Deborah Ward           Deborah.Ward@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Rebecca Tipton         Rebecca.Tipton@wpafb.af.mil
     Prof. Development         Mr. Shawn Kain             Shawn.Kain@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Joan Lee               Joan.Lee@wpafb.af.mil
     Programs                  Ms. Scharlita Evans        Scharlita.Evans@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Nora Marino            Nora.Marino@wpafb.af.mil
     Scholarship               Ms. Debbie Vonada          Debbie.Vonada@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Colleen Robinson       Colleen.Robinson@wpafb.af.mil
     Audit                     Ms. Linda Walter           Linda.Walter@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Lori Dusoe             Lori.Dusoe@wpafb.af.mil
     Ways & Means              Mr. Patrick Reams          Patrick.Reams2@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Ms. Lisa Rabi              Lisa.Rabi@wpafb.af.mil
     Awards                    Ms. Robin Perkins          Robin.Perkins@wpafb.af.mil
            Co-Chair           Mr. Bryan Daly             Bryan.Daly@wpafb.af.mil

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                               FIVE STAR CHAPTER

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