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SiteSell Building a Successful Business Using the Internet


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									Best Managers on the Net®

    Building A Successful Business
           Using The Internet

              Session 1
       The 10-DAY BIG Picture
   Master The ALL-Important Basics
   My Experience (Instructor)
      • Five years at the Air Force Academy, two years at The
        American University, and at the Citadel School of
        Business Administration since January 2007, at Trident
        Technical College since Fall 2009..
      • Five years teaching management and leadership skills
        to companies in South Carolina.
      • Since 2003, Certified webmaster using tools taught in
        this course to help client businesses improve results.
      • Instructor Pilot in fighters and bombers.

      NOTE: played a lead role in the national deployment of
        the National Guard’s Distance Training Network
SiteSell Education
   Goal of Session 1

   • See the BIG picture.
   • Learn course navigation/access
             – Our Learning Management System
   • Discover the Business Building Checklist.
   • Achieve Learning Objectives for Intro/Day 1:
         What to understand
         What to accomplish

SiteSell Education
What You Need To Succeed


   3 Biggest Dangers To Avoid

      • Building Web sites that don't work.
      • Believing you make money overnight.
      • Having an offline business mentality.

SiteSell Education
   What Works Online?

   • Quality relevant information.
   • Targeted traffic.
   • Trust and credibility.

SiteSell Education
   Content Is The Key To Success

        • High-value content related to your business.
        • Content written to please your visitors.
        • Content written to please Search Engines.
        • Content that connects and builds relationships.

SiteSell Education
   Your Opportunity For Success
         • You follow a proven PROCESS.
         • You identify and develop YOUR best site concept
           using the business-building tools included.
         • You write original site content based on your passion
           and first-hand (or researched) knowledge.

         • You implement proven money-generating techniques
           to generate revenues in more than one way.

SiteSell Education
   The Process Is Simple

SiteSell Education
Successful Online Entrepreneurs Are…

• Against Get-Rich-Quick

• Motivated to persist and

• Forward-looking and

• Always working towards
  long-term profit
The #1 E-Commerce Reality
Nothing happens by accident in
the world of computers, the Net,
and customer response…
There is always a reason for
what happens, good or bad, and
that reason is...

   The Process You'll Learn

   The successful online business process is…
   • C-T-P-M and it really works!
   You learn step-by-step using the…

   as urged by those who've done it already…
SiteSell Education
Successful Business-Building Basics
• Emulate countless other successes.

• Take it one step (day, week) at a time.

• Follow DAYS 1-10 of the Action Guide.

• Prepare a solid foundation in DAYS 1-5.

• Create great content in DAYS 6-10.
Your Web Business Toolkit
             The course materials include a
             complete set of all the tools and
             services you need to:
             •Do precise market research.
             •Develop your best Site Concept.
             •Create CONTENT people want.
             •Attract targeted TRAFFIC.
             •PRESELL visitors/prospects.
             •MONETIZE (generate income).
What Makes Good CONTENT?

Good website CONTENT…
• Relates perfectly to your theme.
• Pleases your visitors because it's what
  they were searching for.
• Pleases Search Engines, who want to
  give searchers what they seek.
• Builds positive relationships between
  you and your visitors.
   Making The Search Engines Happy
   • Alexa Rating for 32,171
   • Alexa Rating for 531,508

SiteSell Education
How Do You Get TRAFFIC?
What Is PREselling?

                • PREselling is the online
                  version of offline relationship

                • PREselling warms up your
                  prospects by building their
                  trust and respect for you.

                • PREselling is giving visitors
                  what they want without
                  "selling" them.
Some Proven Ways To PREsell
• Provide pages with quality content
  that's exactly what visitors want.
• Offer a free e-book or white paper
  to establish credentials.
• Offer a free e-course that entices
  visitors to buy the full package.
• Publish a free newsletter to keep
  on building trust and credibility.
• Announce a weekly surprise to get
  visitors to return often.
How And When To MONETIZE

              • Do not rush into it. Do C, T
                and P before M.
              • Don't sell or prod your
                visitors to buy.
              • Don't beg or plead with
                visitors to buy.
              • Do gently lead your visitors
                to click through to one of
                your income streams.
Deciding On A Site Concept
Your Site Concept must:

• Be on a subject that's in demand
  by enough people.

• Not be too broad, in other words,
  too competitive.

• Not be too narrow either.

• Be something that excites you.

• Offer high ROI potential.
The Site Concept Choosing Process

               • Choose 3 themes/concepts
                 that interest you.

               • Do market research on all 3
                 (via Brainstorm It!).

               • Choose the one with the most
                 profit potential.
What Keyword Research Will Reveal

                • The type of information
                  people are looking for.
                • How often people search for
                  that information.
                • What competitors provide
                  and how they do it.
                • What content you'll need to
                  deliver and how.
The Keyword Research Tool
Offline vs. Online Market Research
In the offline world, you…   In the online world, you…
• Research what people       • Find out what people are
  are buying.                  searching for.
• Research possible store    • Note the most profitable
  locations.                   keywords/search terms.
• Open the business at the   • Create a site based on
  right location.              keyword value.
What Do You Know And Love?

• What are you passionate
• What do you love to talk
• What have you learned on
  the job?
• What do family and friends
  say you're good at?
• What's your favourite hobby?
What Are Your Possible Concepts?
• What activities do you enjoy most
  about your current occupation?

• What bugs you?

• Do you have solutions to everyday
  problems that would be of value to a
  lot of people?

         Write them down!
Already Have A Business?
            • What is your business concept?
            • What "solution" does your business
            • Do you target a particular market
            • How do you position your business?
              What angle do you take that makes
              you unique?

                 Write it down!
   Your Business-Building Homework

   • Study DAY 1 & DAY 2 of the Action Guide.
   • Log into Brainstorm It! and explore. Click on the
     question marks for related help.
   • Identify 3 potential Site Concepts, write them
     down and bring them to the next class.

                     Any Questions? E-mail Us.

SiteSell Education
SiteSell Education
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                  What finally convinced you to
                   sign up for it?
                  What do you expect to get out
                   of it?
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   Get Ready For Site Build It!

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   • Find and read the "Get Ready For Site Build It!"

   • Find your SBI! username and password in that
     "Get Ready…" e-mail.

   • Log into Brainstorm It!. Then log out.

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