SMS Marketing UAE – A Marketing Strategy You Can’t Miss by mikewatson85


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									        SMS Marketing UAE – A Marketing
            Strategy You Can’t Miss

Today, in this competitive global market, every business needs to be on its edge to survive in the
market, by using new and innovative marketing methods. While most businesses use traditional
marketing methods to advertise their business, some businesses take the advantage of advanced
                                  marketing methods to stay one-step ahead of their competitors.

                                  Marketing is the core factor in any business success and a marketing
                                  strategy can either make or break a business. While selecting a
                                  marketing approach, businesses take into consideration there budget
                                  and target market. In these tough economic times, one of the most
                                  cost effective and innovative way to market any product or service is
                                  by SMS marketing. Due to the excessive use of simple phones and
                                  Smartphone, this strategy has gained a lot of popularity and
                                  businesses are gaining very impressive ROI through SMS Marketing.

                                  SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing is normally through special
                                  SMS Software offered by numerous companies online that allow you,
as a business owner, to send bulk SMS advertisements to your target market quickly and very cheaply.
Most of the businesses in UAE have started using SMS Marketing to reach their target marketing within
UAE, and internationally.

Following are the key features of Bulk SMS Marketing Service offered in UAE:

   -    Web Based and Desktop applications are used to send and receive bulk SMS messages to a
       large group of people all at once, in a very efficient manner.
   -   Excel Plug – You can import and export Contacts List and SMS Messages saved in Excel format.
   -   SMS Gateway API – This is an automated SMS Sending service used by most of the SMS
       Marketing companies.
   -   Allow you to send direct advertising for business purposes – You can reach your targeted
       audience within few clicks with Bulk SMS
   -   Completely Automated systems are provided to
       schedule the SMS Sending. This makes the
       process of marketing quite hassle free.
   -   You can only send SMS Messages to those that
       are your highly laser targeted audience – e.g. a
       women fashion store can target the group of
       women in the age between 16-25.
   -   Being a very cheap mode of marketing – it increases your ROI to a great extent.
   -   You can get global marketing done instead of just Local SMS Marketing.


SMS Marketing is by far one of the best marketing medium in these times. Many businesses in UAE are
already making the most out of this new way of promotion. If you are not using Bulk SMS Marketing in
your business marketing, than you are missing some serious potential revenue.

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