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                    CAlendAr of eVentS 2011/2012
                    Marketing institute - south region
                    Council Members for 2011/2012
                    Jenny o’Flynn (Vice-Chair)          Mandy Young               Brendan hyland (treasurer)
                    norina o’Callaghan                  ashley hennessy           karl o’ Flanagan (Media & Pr)
                    audrey Burke McCarthy               Brendan Coughlan          Paul o’Connell (secretary)
                    Colette Quinn                       Mark hegarty

                    Marketing house, south County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18
                    tel: 01 295 2355 email: Web:                                               Vincent Scanlon
                                                                                                                           ACMA MMII

  Month         Date          event type                venue              Speaker                 title               SponSor
 Sep 2011      Tues 20th     Marketing                  The Kiln          Mr Tom Trainer           Marketing -
               @ 6.00pm      at Night                   Murphys           FMII CeO MII Ireland     What’s Current

 oct 2011      Tues 18th     Marketing                  Clarion Hotel     Ms Avril Twomey          From Kitchen
               @ 6.00pm      at Night                                     sales & Marketing        Table to scale
                                                                          Glenilen Farm

 nov 2011      Tues 22nd     Marketing                  Gresham           Mr Conor Carmody         Achieving
               @ 6.00pm      at Night                   Metropole         Head of Consumer         standout in a
                                                                          Marketing - Vodafone     Commoditised
                                                                          Ireland                  Market
 dec 2011      FRI 9th       Marketing Connection       Rochestown        TBC                      Christmas
               @ 12.30pm     in association with Cork   Park Hotel                                 Luncheon                TBC

 Jan 2012      Tues 24th     Marketing at Night         Hayfield Manor    Mr Don O’Leary - Head Marketing in
               @ 6.00pm      in association with        Hotel             of Benelux Countries     The digital Age
                             Cork Chamber                                 On-Line sales for Google

 feb 2012      Tues 21st     Marketing                  Clarion Hotel     Mr Alf Smiddy            Good Boss;
               @ 7.30am      Breakfast                                    Chairman of Quintas &    Bad Boss
                                                                          of eolas International
                                                                          Research et Al

 mar 2012      sAT 24th      The Marketing              TBC               Mr Vincent Scanlon       TBC
               @     Ball 2012                                    Chairman MII south
                                                                          Region. Ms Jenny
                                                                          O’Flynn Ball Chairperson
                                                                          MII south Region

 apr 2012      Tues 24th     students                   C.I.T.            Marketing students       students
               @ 6.00pm      Marketing                                                             Marketing
                             event                                                                 Challenge

 may 2012      Wed 2nd       Marketing Breakfast in     River Lee Hotel   TBC                      TBC
               @ 7.30am      association with the                                                                         TBC
                             sales Institute

 may 2012      Tues 15th     Annual                     silver springs    Mr Vincent Scanlon       Annual Meeting
               @ 6.00pm      Members                    Moran Hotel       Chairman MII south       of south Region
                             Meeting                                      Region. Ms Jenny
                                                                          O’Flynn Ball Chairperson
                                                                          MII south Region

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