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									(213) 250-9797 •                                         Community Journal                                      LA MIDWEEK ASIAN JOURNAL • DECEMBER 15-17, 2010                      B

                                                                                                                Calendar of Events
   SCE provides a holiday shopping gift                                                                                       across                                      America
   guide of energy-efficient products                                                                           DECEMBER 15
                                                                                                                Simbang Gabi at the Cathedral
  ‘Be an Outlet for Change’ Sweepstakes Winners to get HD TVs                                                       The whole Filipino community is invited to attend the traditional Archdiocesan Simbang Gabi
                                                                                                                at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Dec. 15 at 6:30pm. For any questions, you may
   ROSEMEAD, CA — Southern California Edison           cent less energy than standard units. The most
(SCE) has a reminder for customers shopping for        energy efficient models are liquid crystal display       get in touch with Ms. Cora Aragon Soriano (213) 999-1993.
holiday gifts. Items that plug in have two costs:      TVs with light-emitting diode (LED) screens. The         DECEMBER 17
the cost to buy them, and the cost to run them.        average cost to run a 50-inch ENERGY STAR-
The more energy efficient an electronic device or      labeled TV is more than $46 per year; the same           6th Annual Parol Parade and Contest
appliance is, the less its owner will have to spend    sized plasma TV without the ENERGY STAR costs                All are invited to watch the 6th Annual Parol Parade on Dec. 17 at 5:30pm. The parade
to use it.                                             about $92 per year, nearly twice as much.
                                                                                                                route will start from the Manila Terrace Social Hall 2328 W. Temple St., Los Angeles CA, 90026. It
   To help navigate the dizzying choices of elec-         DVD players and combination TV/DVD units
tronics and appliances, SCE created a download-        account for the greatest portion of “standby”            will then proceed from Temple St to Carondolet St to Council St to Park View St to Beverly Blvd
able gift guide, which can be found at www.sce.        electricity consumed in homes – approximate-             To Rampart to Benton Way and will end at the Center of Hope at Temple St. For more informa-
com/shopping.                                          ly 35 percent. (Standby power is the electric-           tion contact Erlinda Lim (213) 924-4048 or Leo Pandac at (213) 810-0279.
   In addition, SCE is holding a sweepstakes for       ity used by a device when it is off or in sleep
two HD ENERGY STAR-labeled televisions. All            mode.) ENERGY STAR-rated players use as little           AFAA Christmas Party
eligible California residents who pledge to “Be an     as one-fourth of the standby energy of standard              The Association of Filipino American Accountants (AFAA) New York chapter will hold its
Outlet for Change” by unplugging electronics, us-      models.                                                  annual Christmas party at the Astoria World Manor, Astoria, Queens on December 17 starting
ing energy-saving surge protectors and choosing           Holiday light strings with LED bulbs cost a frac-     at 7pm. Dinner $50 per person. For more information please contact Neva Fajardo, AFAA NY
ENERY-STAR-qualified devices are able to win           tion of the price to operate as light strings with in-   Secretary (718) 275-1422.
prizes. Each week through Dec. 31, 10 winners          candescent bulbs, and they’re safer because they
will receive either a solar powered cell phone         emit almost no heat.                                     Cinelayan Filipino Film Festival
charger or an energy-saving surge protector.              The average American household spends $100                Mark December 17 on your calendars for the Filipino Film Festival happening at the Portland
Grand prize winners of the two HD TVs will be          a year to power electronic devices while they’re
                                                                                                                Community College Cascade Campus (Terrel Hall 122) at 3am-6am. For inquiries and reserva-
selected in early January 2011. To learn more or       off or in standby mode. (That’s more than $10 bil-
to enter the sweepstakes, visit           lion annually in wasted energy costs.) Energy-sav-       tions email
   “It’s our mission to help our customers make
                                                       ing surge protectors or “smart strips” can help by
                                                       automatically turning off the power to electronics
                                                                                                                Simbang Gabi 2010
smart energy decisions – this season and beyond,”      when not in use.                                            The Filipino-American Association of Idaho, Inc. invites you to A Filipino Traditional Mass
said Gene Rodrigues, SCE’s director of Customer           Ninety percent of the energy used in operat-          Celebrated by Fr. Victor Manuel called the Simbang Gabi 2010 happening on December 17,
Energy Efficiency and Solar. “The ENERGY STAR          ing a washing machine goes toward heating the            6pm at the Sacred Heart Church 811 Latah ST Boise. For inquiries,please contact: Jimmy Lara
icon is an easy way to identify the most efficient     water that will wash and rinse the clothes. Wa-          559-4284, Auring Arellano 375-4781, Irene Berntsen 860-2046, Tita Veloso 375-7481, Edith
products that help save money, energy and the          ter-saving models can cut water and energy use           Teves 841-6623 (Event Coordinator).
environment.”                                          by more than 40 percent. The most energy-ef-
   The SCE gift guide includes the following en-       ficient washers are front-loading models, which          JFAV/SPACE Joint Christmas Party
ergy-saving tips:                                      use about a third of the water to wash the same              The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and Seniors for PACE will hold a joint
   ENERGY STAR-qualified TVs use about 40 per-         amount of clothes. n                                     Christmas Party as it end-year event for 2010 on Friday, Dec. 17 from 11:30am-3pm at the
                                                                                                                Kapistahan Grill at Luzon Plaza. 1925 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90026. There will be a
                                                                                                                voluntary donation of $ 10 at the door for the JFAV Defense Fund for the civil suit that was filed
                                                                                                                in San Francisco Federal Court. But nobobdy will be turned away for non-donation For more
                                                                                                                information please contact Al P. Garcia at (213) 241-0995 or Ernest Tamayo at (213) 503-0429
                                                                                                                Email as at or visit our facebook account at jfav-los angeles.

                                                                                                                Simbang Gabi sa Philippine Center
                    Welcome aboard!                                                                                 Everyone is invited to attend the Simbang Gabi at the Philippine Center, 556 Fifth Ave., New
                                                                                                                York, NY 10036 on Dec. 17 at 7pm. The mass’ main celebrant is Rev. Msgr. Oscar Aquino as-
                                                                                                                sisted by Rev. Fr. Jomar Legaspi. For more information please call Ner Martinez (347) 837-5853,
                                                                                                                Fe Martinez (973) 222-0085, Sofie Abad (347) 453-9851, and Art Diongon (917) 822-9225.
                                                                                                                DECEMBER 18
                                                                                                                FASO at the Monrovia Public Library
                                                                                                                    Holiday and classical sounds from the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra at the Monro-
                                                                                                                via Public Library – 321 S. Myrtle Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016. Admission is free! Violin and Guitar
                                                                                                                Duo from 2pm–3pm at the library lobby, Clarinet Quartet from 3pm–4pm and Flute Ensemble
                                                                                                                from 4pm–4:45pm at the Library Community Room. The event is sponsored by the Friends of
                                                                                                                the Monrovia Public Library.
                                                                                                                Holiday Ball 2010
                                                                                                                    The Filipino-American Association of Idaho Inc., invites you to come and enjoy a spectacular
                                                                                                                evening of fine dining and dancing in the Holiday Ball of 2010 with music by the Mix Emotions
                                                                                                                Band on Dec. 18, 6pm, at the Red Lion Hotel Downtown 1800 Fairview Ave., Boise ID 83702.
                                                                                                                For more information, please call: Jimmy Lara at 559-4284, Billy Reyes at 440-4921, Lani Bright
                                                                                                                at 407-1101, Irene Berntsen at 860-2046, and Auring Arellano at 375-7481.
                                                                                                                SISA Annual Christmas Party
                                                                                                                   The SISA’s Christmas Party 2010 will take place on the 18th of December at 5pm at the
                                                                                                                Granada Pavilion (near Trader Joe’s/Chase Bank, next to PepBoys/PetAdventure). Address:
                                                                                                                11128 Balboa Blvd. Granada Hills CA. There will be dancing and it’s potluck! Holiday attire:
                                                                                                                purple and/or green. Contact Erlyne Arugay at (818) 624-3369 or Ludi Santos-Martin at (818)
                                                                                                                PASCPA annual Christmas Party
                                                                                                                    Let’s all come together and celebrate, bring all your loved ones and friends on December
                                                                                                                18, 2010 Saturday, starting 4pm at The Philippine Village, 4515 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles,
                                                                                                                CA 90041. Entrance Fee: $15 per head, All kids come FREE. Bring a gift worth $15 for “White

                                                                                                                SMISAN Christmas Party
                                                                                                                   Please join us for dining and dancing at the SMISAN Christmas Party on Dec. 18 fro 6:30pm-
                                                                                                                midnight at Danceworld USA, 1950 South Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Suggested
                                                                                                                donation is $25. Bring a gift worth at least $10 for gift exchange if you want to participate. For
                                                                                                                RSVP please call Alex Pena (702) 373-9522 and Madelyn Banez (702) 370-3152.

                                                                                                                International Migrants Day health screening for immigrants
                                                                                                                    Philippine Forum, in collaboration with Kalusugan Coalition, La Guardia Nursing Club,
                                                                                                                APICHA, and Wyckoff Hospital, bring a health screening to Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and
                                                                                                                Woodside. From 10am - 2pm, everyone may avail of services and screenings at Bayanihan Fili-
                                                                                                                pino Community Center at 4021 69th Street, Woodside, NY 11377. Services will include blood
    MANY Filipino-Americans who haven’t been           too. Even the game host was Pinoy. As usual,             pressure screenings, cholesterol and glucose screenings, HIV testing, STD screening, and patient
 exposed to the term OFW might not be aware            we were treated extra well by our kababayans,            teach-ins. Nurses are on hand for consultations for the community members in the area. Jackson
 that many jobs filled by Filipinos, especially in     from our state room to our formal dining experi-         Heights, Elmhurst, and Woodside are neighborhoods with very high concentrations of Filipino,
 the hospitality business, are for contract em-        ences on board. Even the customs officers wel-           Latino, and South Asian recent immigrants.
 ployees that companies like hotels, resorts and       come us home each time with a friendly, “hope
 cruise ships recruit from different parts of the      you enjoyed your vacation, welcome home” and             Aurorans to hold Christmas Party
 world, the Philippines being one of them. And         a little friendly conversation. Most customs of-             The Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance-USA will hold its annual Christmas celebration on
 most of these positions filled by Filipino OFWs       ficers we have dealt with during our travels are         December 18, Saturday, starting at 4 pm at the house of Mr Ed and Linda Querijero, in Cerritos,
 are domestic in nature.                               usually straight faced, don’t make much eye con-         California. California-based immigrants from the municipalities of Baler, San Luis, Maria Aurora,
    I’ve been on a few cruises before, where many      tact, and don’t say much.
                                                                                                                Dingalan, Dipaculao, Dinalungan, Casiguran and Dilasag are hereby enjoined to grace the affair.
 of the stateroom attendants, housekeeping,               My entire family loves to cruise, and they have
 maintenance and wait staff were Filipino (OFWs).      been on many more cruises than I, all of which           Aurorans are urged to get in touch with Treasurer Lucy-Gonzales-Entac (818) 428-9906, Sec-
 Most of them are at sea for about 10 months at a      they were well taken care of by Filipino state-          retary Violy Feraren, (562) 466-6403, Roland Protesta (562) 691-2136 Dr. Belen Guerrero (626)
 time or longer. They get to break and go home to      room attendants, dining room wait staff, and             749-5806, Robert Teh (818) 331-7586, Primo Teh (323) 728-8365, Letty Porter (619) 829-7693,
 see their families until their next contract. Keep-   more. Since we tend to travel in large packs,            Rose Mangosong (805) 478-4784.
 ing on the contract schedule, reporting for duty,     it’s usually difficult to get seating for everyone
 and not abandoning ship at any ports of call is       together in one area. But every dining experi-           Paskong Pilipino
 vital for these workers because they are able to      ence we have had aboard a cruise ship has been              Everyone is invited to attend the Paskong Pilipino on Dec. 18 at the St. Paul UMC, 33350
 stay in the mainstream pool of the contract labor     fantastic, and our waiters really take care of us.       Peace Terrace, Fremont, CA 94555. The event will have three parts Himig Pasko, Simbang Gabi,
 force, and as long as they follow the rules and       For my family, next on the agenda is Central and         and Salo-salo.
 keep in good standing with their company, they        South America!
 are eventually able to move up in the ranks as           We often wonder what it’s like for these Fili-        DECEMBER 19
 well as maintain good employable status. I don’t      pino cruise workers who spend 4 to 8 days with
 know how accurate these situations are, but it        us at a time, and they let us have a chance to           FAAWC Simbang Gabi 2010
 seems that many of the cruise staff just enjoy the    get to know them a bit for those few days. Once            Thee Filipino-American Association of Western Connecticut (FAAWC) will hold a ‘Simbang
 conversation with fellow Filipinos who happen         we disembark and end our trip, they get ready            Gabi’ mass from 3pm - 9pm at the St. Rose Church at Newtown, CT.
 to be passengers, and they share with us their        for the next batch of passengers, while they             DECEMBER 26
 employment stories. Most stories are delivered        stay aboard and do the whole thing over and
 with a tone that simply represents their appre-       over again until their contract ends. How many           Celebration
 ciation for having a job, and that they are able      other kababayans do they meet and serve and                  The Orleans Hotel and Casino is proud to present the Philippine Music Icon, Imelda Papin in
 to meet so many different people and travel to        take care of? How many other lives have they
                                                                                                                a one-night concert called the Celebration,on Dec. 26, 8pm at the Orleans Showroom. Perform-
 places they wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit.      touched with their hospitality and their personal
    My family’s first cruise was with a very nice      stories? When during our time on the ship we             ing with Imelda Papin are: John Gummoe of The Cascades together with Ron Dante (who sang
 eight-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. The          feel like we are the best passengers they have           Sugar, Sugar). The Orleans Hotel & Casino is located at 4500 W. Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas,
 majority of the stateroom attendants as well as       ever had the pleasure of serving! But once we            NV 89103. Ticket prices are $40, $60, and $80. For tickets, you can visit
 the dining room wait staff were Filipino. They        say our good-byes, the next set of passengers            or call the ticket box office at (702) 365-7075 or 1-800- 365-7111.
 gave us superior service because their cruise line    will come aboard, meet all of them just like we
                                                                                                                JA N UA RY 9
 proudly offered first class service, and because      did, and will probably go home feeling the same
 Filipinos tend to treat fellow Filipinos well, just
 because. On this cruise ship we noticed that Eu-
                                                       way. I hope they enjoy meeting us passengers as
                                                       much as we enjoy meeting them! If you haven’t
                                                                                                                Amore, An Afternoon of Timeless Music with
 ropeans and Australians held positions that were      already cruised before, you should try it, and you       Philippine’s Prince of Operatic Pop
 non-domestic, like cruise entertainment staff,        might see how well you are taken care of by your             Ahiah Center for Spiritual Awakening presents “Amore, An Afternoon of Timeless Music with
 activities staff, pursers and dining room maître      kababayans. Go with fun on your minds, don’t             Philippine’s Prince of Operatic Pop,” Jonathan Badon on January 9, 2pm, at 277 North El Molino
 ds. One recent trip that my family took was a         expect much, be just as friendly, and you will see       Ave. Pasadena, Ca. 91101.Donation is only $20. For more details, you can text or call Genny Go
 Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. It was nice to       how well you will be treated by the entire staff,        at (626) 278-1970 or (626) 795-4216 office.
 see Filipino staff working in higher positions on     especially in the dining rooms. Once you have
 that cruise line to the Caribbean, typically filled   as pleasant of an experience as my family has,
 by Europeans. The cruise director was Filipino,       you will start to miss that friendly greeting, “wel-         If you have an upcoming event and would like us to post it, please email us the
 and the maitre’d of the main dining room was,         come aboard!” (Anna Soriano - West Hills, CA)                     details at or

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