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September 2009


                                                                                       a monthly publication from Jersey Baptist Church

  upcoMing eventS

   September	07	-	Labor	Day			
     Church Offices Closed

   September	13	-	Mission		 	
   	 Night	&	Family	Ice	cream		

   September	19	-	Day	of		           	
   	 fasting	and	prayer
                                                EVANGELIST	RICK	GAGE	(GO	TELL	MINISTRIES)	IS	COMING	TO	JERSEY
   September	20	-	23	The		           	
   	 Event	2009
                                           When:		September	20	–	23
   September	23	-	See	You	At		             Time:		 Sunday	morning	in	the	Worship	and	Activities	Center	9:45	and	11:00AM
   	 The	Pole                              	 	     Sunday	through	Wednesday	nights	at	7:00PM

   September	26	-	Women’s		 	
   	 Ministry	Kick	Off	Event              	 Don’t	miss	this	incredible	opportunity	to	             coaching	and	ministry.	Just	as	a	coach	is	always	
                                          bring	your	LOST	friends,	relatives,	associates	          striving	to	get	the	most	out	of	his	players	by	
   September	27	-	New		              	    and	neighbors	to	this	special	time	of	                   constantly	challenging	and	motivating	them,	in	
                                          ENCOUNTERING	GOD.	Tickets	available	for	the	             ministry	you’re	always	wanting	God’s	best	in	
   	 Member	Class
                                          Tailgate	Party	at	6:00	PM,	Monday,	September	            peoples’	lives	and	doing	everything	you	can	to	
    For	more	details,	visit	us	online		   21	(Cost	$3.00).	Buy	them	for	your	pre-Christian	        inspire	them	to	be	great	for	God.
        at               friends.                                                    His	campaigns	often	attract	well-know	
      under	resources/calendar.              Meet rick:	Once	a	promising	college	football	         individuals.	College	football	coaches	Bobby	
                                          coach,	Rick	Gage	walked	away	from	coaching	              Bowden	and	Mark	Richt,	and	Hall	of	Famer	and	
                                          football	and	surrendered	his	life	to	full-time	          former	Chicago	Bears	coach	Mike	Ditka	have	
                                          evangelistic	ministry.	He	                               endorsed	his	ministry.		
                                          has	always	had	a	passion	                                	 In	addition	to	Rick,	his	close	friend	and	
                                          for	small	communities	                                   evangelist,	Rick	Stanley,	will	be	speaking	Monday	
    MonthLy	manna                         which	makes	him	a	                                       night	at	7:00PM.		Rick	is	the	step-brother	of	Elvis	
                                          perfect fit for Pataskala                                Presley.	They	both	will	be	conducting	assemblies	
                                          and	the	surrounding	                                     in	local	high	schools	and	middle	schools	on	
   I	am	the	vine;	you	are	the	            communities.	Since	                                      Monday,	Tuesday	and	Wednesday.
   branches.	If	a	man	remains	in	         Gage	founded	GO	TELL	                                       You can find more about Rick Gage and Rick
   Me	and	I	in	him,	he	will	bear	         Crusades	in	1989,	he	                                    Stanley	on	their	websites:
   much	fruit;	apart	from	Me	you	         has	visited	more	than	
   can	do	nothing.                        500	small-town	venues	                       Rick	Gage
   –	John	15:5	(NIV)                      nationally,	helping	about	250,000	people	        
                                          reconnect	with	Christianity.	
                                          	 Rick	says	there	are	a	lot	of	similarities	between	     	 	      									More	on	The	Event	2009	on	page	2	>>

            13260	Morse	Rd.	SW
            Pataskala,	OH	43062
                                                                          p2     	See	You	at	the	Pole           p5    Mission	Night	and	Ice	
                                                                                                                      Cream	Social
                                                                          p3     DivorceCare	and	DC4K           p6	   Live	from...Israel
            Hours:	Monday	–	Friday	
            9:00AM	–	4:30PM                                                                                            September 2009 • Jersey Life
                              as we approach the event 2009 the most important thing we can do is pray.
                                                                little	prayer...little	power

                          much prayer...much power
    Our	prayer	ministry	team	has	put	together	a	21-day Prayer Guide	to	aid	you	in	this	process.		The	Prayer	Guide	will	be	
    distributed	one	week	at	a	time	as	an	insert	in	the	Listening	Guide,	or	you	can	obtain	the	entire	Prayer	Guide	at	the	InfoPoint	in	
    the	main	lobby	or	on	our	website.

    Additionally,	there	are	some	Special Prayer Meetings	that	will	allow	us	to	come	together	and	pray.

    				•	Prayer	Meeting	-	Sunday,	August	30	at	6:00PM	(No	childcare	available)
    				•	Prayer	&	Fasting	-	Saturday,	September	19
    										o	Stop	in	the	Chapel	anytime	between	9:00AM	and	3PM	and	join	others	in	a	season	of	prayer
    										o	Fasting	-	either	all	day,	or	skip	a	meal	and	focus	all	your	energies	on	prayer.

    We	are	also	encouraging	everyone	to	join	in	on	a	simple	plan	to	reach	out	to	those	who	need	Jesus.	Each One Reach One	
    is	ministry	designed	to	have	everyone	pray	for,	invite,	and	bring	at	least	one	unbeliever	to	The	Event	2009
    	-	September	20-23.	Do	you	have	a	friend,	neighbor,	or	relative	who	does	not	know	Jesus	Christ	and	the	peace	He	gives?	

    				•	Make a list of five people who you would like to see come into a personal relationship with Christ.
    				•	Then	make	a	commitment	to pray daily for	these	people.	If	you	would	like	others	to	pray	e-mail	your	prayer		                          	           	
    	         requests	to
    				•	Finally,	invite them	to	come	with	you	to	The	Event	2009.

    Let’s	commit	together	to	be	a	people	of	mUCH                  praYer!

                                                                               the event 2009 - all the details
    on Sunday morning, September 20	                                                			be	a	drawing	for	two	tickets	to	an	OSU	Football	game	-	you	must		
    			There	will	be	two all-church services at 9:45 and 11:00am	in					            			register	at	the	Event,	be	18	years	or	older,	and	must	be	present	
    			the	Worship	and	Activities	Center	(WAC).                                     			to	win.
    			All	worshipers	form	each	venue	(Emerge,	Gospel	Celebration,				
    			Live	and	Synaxis),	will	gather	together	for	worship.	                        on tuesday night, September 22
                                                                                    			There	will	be	one	service	at	7:00	PM	in	the	WAC.
    			At	8:30AM	Bible	Fellowship	will	continue	as	normal.
                                                                                    on Wednesday night, September 23	
    on Sunday night, September 20                                                   			Ground	Zero	on	Steroids:	The	Jersey	Students	(Grades	7-12)								
    			There	will	be	one	service	at	7:00PM	in	the	WAC.                              			madness	starts	at	4:30PM.

    on monday night, September 21	                                                  			Be	Early!	First	100	Students	will	receive	$5	Starbucks	Cards
    			There	will	be	a	Tailgate	Party	and	a	Service	featuring	Rick	Stanley					     			3-on-3	Basketball	Tournament	with	Championship	prize	of	
    			(Elvis	Presley’s	step-brother)	across	from	the	church	at	Emswiler’s		   	    			Cavs	tickets
    			Pavillion.	The	Tailgate	Party	will	begin	at	6:00PM.	The	tickets	will					    			Wii	Tournament	-	Big	cash	prizes	to	the	winners
    			be	$3	each	and	will	go	on	sale	in	Bible	Fellowship	Classes	on					           			Free	Chipotle	for	all	students	at	6:30
    			September	6	and	in	the	Main	Lobby	on	September	13.	                          			Register	at	the	door	for	Ipod	Touch	Drawings
    							This	is	a	great	opportunity	to	invite	your	unsaved	Friend,	Family			     			Concert	and	Speaker	at	7:00PM	for	all	ages
    			and	Neighbors.	The	service	will	begin	at	7:00PM	and	will	also					
                                                                                    			3-on-3	Basketball	Tourney	Championship	Game	at	8:30PM
    			be	held	at	Emswiler’s	Pavillion.	At	the	end	of	the	service	there	will					

                                                       JerSeY StUdentS: See YoU at tHe pole - SEPTEMBER	23
       With	the	gospel	being	proclaimed	all	week	at	Jersey	and	at	Ground	Zero	that	night	the	harvest	will	be	ripe	and	the	need	for	the	power	
       of	prayer	will	not	be	greater.	So,	start	thinking	now	how	you	will	invite	the	lost.	And	how	you	will	help	lead	prayer	at	your	school	that	
       morning at your flag pole. For See You at the Pole details go to

                                     your reference guide for Jersey life
                                                                                                                              The	café	makes	your	hectic	life	just	a	
                                                                                                                              little	easier	on	Wednesday	nights	by	
                                                                                                                              providing	a	“Meal	Deal”.	A	full	meal,	
faMiLy	life

                 SYMPATHY                                                                                                     including	dessert	and	drink,	for	$4.25	
                 •	   To	Scott	Burdette	on	the	loss	of	his	mother,	Joan	Burdette	and	on	the	loss	of	his	sister,	Belinda		     each	Wednesday	beginning	at	6:00PM.	
                 	    	       Carol	Aliff.                                                                                    When	it’s	gone,	it’s	gone	–		
                 •	   To	Joe	and	Millie	Anderson	on	the	loss	of	their	grandson,	Wesley	Anderson.
                                                                                                                              so	plan	to	come	early	or	purchase	your	
                 •	   To	David	Kirsch	on	the	loss	of	his	father,	Keith	Kirsch.
                 •	   To	Emily	Williams	on	the	loss	of	her	grandfather.                                                       tickets	in	advance	at	the	café!	
                 •	   To	Matsue	Toney	on	the	loss	of	her	sister	in	Japan.                                                     The	cafe	is	in	need	of	help	for	the	
                 •	   To	Jenny	Haller	on	the	loss	of	her	father,	James	Hardin.                                                11:00AM	service.	Contact	Kim	at	
                 •	   To	Maria	Flynn	on	the	loss	of	her	mother.
                                                                                                                    	for	more	
                 CONGRATULATIONS                                                                                              information.
                 •	 To	Gene	and	Janice	Smith	on	the	birth	of	their	grandson,	Jackson	Ayer	Fulkerson-Smith.
                 •	 To	Keith	and	Beth	Pryor	on	the	birth	of	their	son,	Caleb	Pryor.
                 •	 To	Dirk	and	Sue	Miller	on	the	birth	of	their	daughter,	Kadyn	Amber	Miller.
                                                                                                                              septeMber	menU
                                                                                                                              September 2
                                                                                                                              chicken	and	broccoli	divan,	whole-grain	
                                                                                                                              roll,	salad,	buttermilk	chocolate	cake
   memberSHip information
                                                                                                                              September 9
   The	church	has	a	New	Member	Class	which	is	11	weeks	long	and	is	required	for	church	membership.		
   It will be offered approximately eight times per year. The final class session will be for those desiring                  roasted	pork	loin,	mashed	potatoes,	
   church	membership.	The	senior	pastor	will	conduct	this	class	to	discuss	expectations	of	members,	                          peas,	peanutbutter	sheet	cake
   share	Jersey	values/purposes,	and	cast	vision.                                                                             September 16
   The	next	class	begins	on	Sunday	evening,	September	27	at	6:00PM	or	you	may	choose	to	attend	                               chicken	teriyaki	w/	fruit	salsa,	baked	
   classes	that	begin	on	Sunday	morning	October	11	-	either	9:45	or	11:00AM.	Please	call	Nancy	in	the	                        potato	w/	toppings,	yellow	beans	in	
   church office or email if you would like to pre-register.                                      butter,	brownie
                                                                                                                              September 23
                                                                                                                              the	EVENT	2009	café	open,	but	no	
                                                                                                                              meal	deals
   JUlY baptiSmS                                                                                                              September 30
   Jennifer	Blake,	Olivia	Bridgman,	Mary	Digruttolo,	Laura	Goetz,	Nancy	Knight,	Steve	Knight,	Tabitha	                        stuffed	chicken	breast	w/	gravy	wild	
   McKittrick,	Tricia	Nagy,	Tarik	Willis                                                                                      rice,	blend	corn,	peachy/apricot	

Jersey monthly Giving                                                    Weekly	Budget	Needed	–	$63,462                       faLL HoUrS
                                                                                                                              • SUndaYS	8:00AM	–	12:00PM	
                                                                                                                                (Closed	Sunday	evenings.)
               July 26
                                                                    $53,553                                                   • WedneSdaYS	6:00PM	–	8:30PM

              August 2                                                 $55,580
                                                                                                                               MonthLy attendanCe
              August 9                                                  $57,901
                                                                                                                                    July 26	            1,850
       August 16                                                 $50,897                                                            august 2            1,764
                                                                                                                                    august 9            1,728
       August 23                                                            $59,785
                                                                                                                                    august 16 1,746
                          0         10         20         30         40         50         60         70         80                 august 23 1,867
                                                                Dollars (thousands)

                                                                                                                            September 2009 • Jersey Life                 7
WoMen’s Ministries
KiCK off event:
    everY Women needS HeelinG
Join us on Saturday, September 26 to find out
what’s	happening	in	Women’s	Ministry.	Beginning	
at	9:00	-	11:00AM	
we	will	have	a	time	of	
praise	and	worship	
along	with	an	overview	
of	upcoming	classes,	
workshops,	and	events.	
Continental	breakfast	
will	be	provided.	RSVP	by	September	20,	by	sending	
an	email	to	or	call	Alvina	at	
740.927.1859	X202.
mom to mom miniStrieS
Moms will find help in parenting skills, hope in God
who	gave	them	their	children,	and	encouragement	          sunday, septeMber 6
from	one	mom	to	another.	9:00AM	Tuesday’s	                			Pastor	John	will	be	speaking	direct	from	the	Sea	of	Galilee.	The	Sea	of	Galilee					
beginning	September	29th	for	12	weeks.                    			is	rich	in	memories	of	the	three	years	of	Jesus’	ministry	around	its	shores.				
                                                          			Pastor	John	will	be	completing	his	series	“U	CAN	CHANGE”	with	the	message				
Women’S diSCipleSHip oppUrtUnitieS                        			“Just	Ask”	using	Jesus’	words	from	the	Sermon	on	the	Mount	in	
When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming               			Matthew	7:7-11.	
Yourself in the Age of Seduction	by	Beth	Moore	
September	29,	Tuesday	from	9:00	-	11:00AM,	or	            sunday, septeMber 13
6:30	-	8:00PM	in	the	Adult	Building.	                     			Pastor	John	will	be	back	at	Jersey	and	will	be	sharing	insights	gleaned	while				
                                                          			visiting	Israel.	
Return to the Garden: Embracing God’s Design for
Sexuality.	Join	Julie	Duncan	in	this	study	on	Tuesday	
9:00	-	11:00AM,	on	September	29	in	the	Adult	
Building.	Pre-register	as	class	size	is	limited.	
Isaiah Precept Study	There	are	three	parts	to	the	
study	held	on	Wednesday	nights	from	6:30	-	8:30PM:	
                                                          Small Groups
Part	1~	9/30	–	11/18;	Part	2~	1/13	–	2/24;	Part	3~	                     do you want to experience authentic christian community
3/10	–	5/5.	Because	of	the	depth	of	study	required	
this	will	be	a	closed	study	after	September	30,	so	                      by living out the gospel in our surrounding communities?
make	sure	you	register.		                                         are you serving on sunday mornings and can’t attend bible fellowship?
Childcare	is	provided	for	Tuesday	morning	studies	                do you want to study the bible in your home and invite your neighbors?
only,	if	you	have	pre-registered.
                                                          With	our	busy	lifestyles	and	demands	on	our	lives,	wouldn’t	it	be	wonderful	
                                                          if	people	had	a	chance	to	be	engaged	in	a	life	changing	Bible	study	and	
                            primetimers                   building	Christian	community	with	fellow	believers?	Wouldn’t	it	be	wonderful	
                                                          if	you	could	reach	your	neighbors,	friends,	or	work	associates	for	Christ?	In	
                          Senior	Adult	Ministries         many	cases	they	will	not	come	to	church	but	they	may	connect	with	Christ	
                                                          through	a	casual	Bible	study	in	your	home.	As	we	introduce	another	Bible	
                                                          teaching	venue	at	JBC,	Small	Groups	and	Bible	Fellowship	will	provide	the	
    tuesday eVening bibLe study                           opportunities	to	accomplish	these	goals.
    Tuesdays	7:00PM	at	the	home	of	Jane	Crabtree.		       This	month,	we	will	be	expanding	these	groups.	If	you	are	interested	and	
    For	directions	or	more	information,	contact	Alvina	   praying	about	leading	a	Small	Group,	please	contact	P.K.	at	
    Long	at	the	church	740.927.1859	X202.                 740.927.1859	x104	or	email

                                                          –	P.K.	Spratt,	Minister	of	Education
    MonthLy bibLe study
    Thursday,	September	10,	we	will	continue	the	
    study	of	Dr.	Jeremiah’s	book	“What	In	The	
    World	Is	Going	On“	-	chapter	9	”Arming	For	
    Armageddon”.	Following	the	study	will	be	a	
    covered	dish	luncheon	at	noon.	Bring	your	
    favorite	dish	and	join	the	study	and	fellowship	in	
    room	5018/19	in	the	adult	wing.
    To	learn	more	about	the	Jersey	PrimeTimers	
    contact	Alvina	Long	at	the	church	
    740.927.1859	X202

Jersey Kidz
   “This	is	how	God	showed	His	love	among	us:	He	sent	His	one	and	only	Son	into	the	world	that	we	might	live	through	Him.”	
   	        	      	      	       	      	        	       	       	       	        	        	      	         -	1	John	4:9	(NIV)
       bibLe feLLoWship proMotion sunday
       On	Sunday,	September	6,	2009	all	children	in	Preschool,	Children,	and	Youth	Bible	fellowship	classes	will	be	moving	up	to	the	next	
       age/grade	class.	All	parents	should	check	the	Children’s	Lobby,	Adult	Lobby,	Info	Desk,	or	their	child’s	current	Bible	Fellowship	class	
       to find out what class your child has been promoted to. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Buxton for Preschool and
       Children,	or	Sheri	Wade	for	Youth	at	740.927.1859.

                                            SiGn-UpS in CHildren’S lobbY!
                                                    •	Awana	Clubs	will	begin	on	September	2	for	children	age	3																			
                                            	            (by	September	1)	-	6th	grade.
                                            					•	Bible	Drills	will	begin	on	September	27	for	4th	-	6th	graders.

      Family Fall Festival is back!
           Mark	your	calendars	today!	This	year	the	event	will	be	held	on	October	31	at	Foundation	Park	in	Pataskala.	Come	out	
           and	enjoy	this	family	fun	event.	There	will	be	many	games	and	activities	to	participate	in.	There	will	be	LOTS	of	CANDY!	
           Watch	for	more	details	coming	soon!

                       in 5 &                                                                                           divorce Hurts
                      Mu tH 11:
                     Co sic	 e W 00a                                                                     DivorceCare	and	DivorceCare	4	Kids
                       nte Sty aC m
                          m le
                             po :	
       9:4                                                      tH 0am
     in 5 &                                                    Mu e C in                            Please	call	Nancy	Morbitzer	to	pre-register.	There	
    em tHe 11:00                                             Tra sic	 Ha                            is	a	$10.00	charge	for	DivorceCare	however	
                                                                dit Sty pe
  	    er           am                                             ionale  l:	                      DivorceCare	for	Kids	is	completely	free	of	charge.	
	          Ge                                                           l                           If	you	are	interested	in	serving	in	the	DC4K	ministry	
         Mu bU                                                                                      please	let	Nancy	or	Vicki	Monley	know	this	as	well.	
        Mo sic	S ild                                                                                We	are	always	looking	for	adults	18	years	or	older	
           de tyl in
             n	R  e:   G                                                                            who	have	a	heart	for	these	hurting	children.		
                   k                            9                                                   You	are	welcome	to	begin	attending	the	
                                               Mu :45a                                              DivorceCare	group	on	any	week.	Each	session	is	
                                             Se sic	S m in                                          “self-contained”	and	you	can	continue	through	the	
                                           •	9 ptem tyle: tH                                        next	13	-week	cycle	to	view	any	of	the	topics	you	
                                         •	9 /6	 ber 	Sou e C                                       have	not	seen.		Join	us	on	Wednesday	evenings	
                                       •	9 /13	 Ken 	Spe ther Ha                                    from	7:00	-	8:30	PM	in	the	Adult	Education	
                                           /27 Sid 	Sp cia        n	 p
                                              	 M e	B an l	M Gos el                                 Building.	For	further	information	contact	Nancy	in	
                                                 as y	S gle usic pel                                the church office.
                                                    ter         r
   lord’S SUpper in                                     s	M ide 	   :
   SYnaxiS September 13.

                                                                                                             September 2009 • Jersey Life                    3
    How	I	can	                                                                GroUnd Zero September -

    			Establish	a	
                                                                              Jonathan	Edwards	was	preaching	by	the	age	of	
                                                                              19	and	was	instrumental	in	the	gospel	spreading	

    						“Spiritual	BASE”
                                                                              across	America	over	two	centuries	ago.	His	words	
                                                                              are	timeless	and	you	are	the	ones	who	can	create	
                                                                              the	same	kind	of	Great	Awakening	in	Pataskala,	
                                                                              Reynoldsburg,	Johnstown,	New	Albany,	Pickerington,	
                                                                              etc.	Come	hear	us	speak	the	Ancient	Truth’s	of	
    believe	God	made	me	to	               Him	to	be	used	for	righteous	       Scripture	by	way	of	Jonathan	Edwards	which	have	
    love	me	and	to	live	for	His	          purposes.”		Romans	6:13             been	tweaked	to	fuel	your	passion	for	the	gospel	and	
    purposes.                                                                 the	idea	of	Revive	being	real	for	you	and	your	peers.
                                          expreSS	my	desire	for	Jesus	
    “Everything	got	started	in	God	       to	be	the	Lord	(leader)	of	my	
    and finds its purpose in Him.”        life.
    Colossians	1:16	
                                          “You	will	be	saved,	it	you	
    “Long	before	God	laid	down	           honestly	say,	‘Jesus	is	Lord,’	
    earth’s	foundations,	He	had	us	       and	if	you	believe	with	all	your	
    in	mind,	and	settled	on	us	as	        heart	that	God	raised	Him	from	
    the	focus	of	His	love.”		             death.”	Romans	10:9
    Ephesians	1:4
                                          “It	makes	no	difference	who	
                                          you	are	or	where	you’re	from	
    admit	I’ve	lived	for	myself,	         –	if	you	want	God	and	are	
    then	accept	God’s	free	               ready	to	do	as	He	says,	the	
    forgiveness	which	was	paid	for	       door	is	open.”	Acts	10:35
    by	Jesus.                                                                                 789	Study                 101112	Study
    “We’re	all	like	sheep	who’ve	         A	simple	prayer	you	can	pray:	
    wandered	off	and	gotten	lost.		       “Dear	God,	I	don’t	understand	      bible felloWSHip
    We’ve	all	done	our	own	thing,	        it	all	yet,	but	I	believe	you	
    gone	our	own	way.	But	God	                                                kicks off With a bang on septeMber 6.
                                          love	me	and	made	me	for	
    has	piled	all	our	sins,	everything	   your	purposes.	I’m	sorry	that	      In	the	Game	Room	789	will	be	diving	into	the	
    we’ve	done	wrong,	on	Him	             I’ve	lived	for	myself	instead	      Community	study	using	the	Book	of	Acts	as	its	
    (Jesus).”		Isaiah	53:6                of	for	You,	and	I	ask	for	your	     backbone,	Community	covers	many	moments	in	
    “Jesus	personally	carried	the	        forgiveness.	Thank	you	for	         the	life	of	the	New	Testament	Church,	its	miraculous	
    load	of	our	sins	in	His	own	          sending	Jesus	to	pay	for	my	        inception	at	Pentecost,	and	its	spread	throughout	the	
    body	when	He	died	on	the	             sins.	I	want	Jesus	to	be	the	       world.	Not	only	will	you	learn	the	history	of	the	New	
    cross so we can be finished           Lord	of	my	life.	Please	help	me	    Testament	church,	you	will	also	learn	their	roles	as	
    with	sin	and	live	a	good	life	        to	learn	to	love	You	and	trust	     members	of	the	modern	day	Church.
    from	now	on.”		I	Peter	2:24           You	and	live	for	Your	purposes.		   In	the	Barn	101112	will	be	exploring	a	whole	new	
                                          Amen.”                              study	called	Reverb.	Reverb	focuses	on	the	mission	
    “Saving	is	all	God’s	idea,	and	
    all	His	work.	All	we	do	is	trust	                                         of	God	in	the	world.	This	study	will	show	you	God’s	
    Him	enough	to	let	Him	do	it.	It’s	                                        overarching	plan	as	well	as	His	individual	plan	for	each	
                                          If this is the first time you
    God’s gift from start to finish!”                                         person	to	impact	the	world	around	him.	It’s	made	up	
                                          prayed	for	Christ	to	come	
    Ephesians	2:8                                                             of	8	six-week	courses	designed	to	keep	your	students	
                                          into	your	life….and	mean	it,	
                                                                              engaged	with	the	truth	of	God’s	Word.
                                          according	to	the	Bible	-	
                                          YOU	ARE	SAVED!		We	                 Bible	Fellowship	small	groups	are	interactive,	
    SWitCH	to	living	for	God’s	           would	love	to	hear	of	your	         challenging,	and	bonding	with	other	believers.
    purposes	in	my	life.                  decision.	Please	call	one	of	our	
    “Give	yourselves	to	God…and	          pastors…..we	want	to	rejoice	
    surrender	your	whole	being	to	        with	you!                           diSCipleSHip 2009
                                                                              Discipleship	begins	September	27.	Details	will	be	
                                                                              revealed	by	email,	Facebook,	Bible	Fellowship	
                                                                              announcements,	and	Ground	Zero	announcements.	
                                                                              Stay	tuned.

tell US YoUr StorY
We	want	to	hear	how	Jesus	has	changed	your	life.	Email	your	story	to	
For	more	information	about	
LifeChange	visit

                                                                                   Just a short little bit about the Soup Kitchen at the
                                                                                   Stowe Center…
                                                                                   My	name	is	Marlene	and	I	work	at	the	soup	kitchen	
                                                                                   along	with	two	great	gentlemen,	Clark	Bryant	and	
                                                                                   Lou	Rogan.
                                                                                   I	work	in	the	Soup	Kitchen	almost	every	day	and	I	go	
                   Jersey discipleship Classes                                     in	a	little	earlier	than	everyone	else.	I	start	by	doing	the	
                                                                                   laundry,	washing	dishes,	making	coffee,	cleaning	tables,	
                                                                                   and	then	start	to	set	up	for	the	volunteers	that	will	be	
                                                                                   helping	that	day.
CroWn bibliCal finanCial StUdY                                                     Once	we	open	doors,	everything	gets	very	busy,	very	
Crown	is	a	10	week	in-depth	study	of	what	scripture	teaches	about	money	           quickly!	We	are	constantly	wiping	down	the	tables	as	
and possessions. Life Group members have confirmed that marriages                  people	leave,	so	there	is	always	room	for	someone	
are being strengthened and individuals are finding their way out of debt.          new	to	eat.	We	also	answer	the	phone,	sign	people	up	
They	are	also	becoming	consistent	savers,	generous	givers,	and	prudent	            for	the	food	pantry,	and	give	out	eye	vouchers	for	the	
consumers.	Most	importantly,	people	are	entering	into	a	closer	relationship	       eye	clinic	if	needed.	All	of	this	is	going	on	while	lunch	is	
with	Jesus	Christ	as	they	learn	to	apply	His	Word	to	their	lives.	Groups	          being	served!
meet	for	2	hours	every	week.	Orientation	is	Sunday,	September	13	at	               I	can’t	imagine	what	we	would	do	if	we	didn’t	have	
6:00PM	and	classes	begin	September	27	at	5:15PM.	You	may	attend	the	               churches	and	volunteers	to	help	us…	and	the	folks	at	
Orientation	in	Room	4118	of	the	main	level	adult	classrooms	to	learn	more	         Jersey	help	us	out	a	lot	-	they	are	great!
about	Crown,	without	being	committed	to	take	the	course.
                                                                                   Jersey	always	cleans	up	SO	WELL,	it	makes	my	job	
SUrrenderinG tHe SeCret                                                            easier.	They	also	have	so	much	care	and	love	for	all	of	
                                                                                   the	people	that	come	in	to	the	Soup	Kitchen…	it	means	
Forty-three	percent	of	women	have	had	an	abortion	in	their	past.	You	are	          a	lot	to	me,	to	the	people	coming	in	to	eat,	and	to	God.
not	alone!	They	are	your	mothers,	your	sisters,	your	friends!		There	is	hope,	
there	is	healing,	there	is	freedom.	Surrendering	the	Secret	will	guide	you	on	     I	have	been	volunteering	at	Stowe	for	over	20	years	and	
the	path	to	the	abundant	life	for	which	Jesus	gave	His	life.	Come	share	your	      see	every	day	that	God	is	great!	I	see	this	in	the	faces	of	
heart in a safe, confidential environment, and experience all that God has in      all	of	the	people	that	come	to	help,	just	like	the	people	
store	for	you!	You	will	never	be	the	same!	Contact	Natalie	Gillespie	at	           at	Jersey!	
614.397.8155	for	information	regarding	this	8-week	class	which	begins	             Thank	you,
September	28.	Inquiries are confidential.                                          Marlene		
preparinG for marriaGe
                                                                                   mission night at Jersey baptist Church
Before	you	walk	down	the	aisle,	do	you	know	where	you’re	going?
Today,	more	than	ever,	it	is	vital	that	you	prepare	for	the	important,             Everyone	is	welcome	to	Mission	Night	at	JBC.	It	will	
lifelong	task	of	building	a	Christian	marriage.	This	study	includes	six	fun,	      be	held	Sunday	night,	September	13.	The	Homeland	
romantic sessions and five special projects that will prepare you as a couple      team,	the	World	Changers	team,	the	Cambodia	
for a loving, lasting marriage firmly established in Jesus Christ.                 team	will	all	be	speaking	and	sharing	pictures	of	their	
Pre-registration	is	required	as	class	size	is	limited.	If	you	are	considering	     adventures	in	various	parts	of	the	world.	We	will	also	be	
marriage	at	Jersey	Baptist	Church,	this	class	is	required	as	part	of	our	          hearing	from	the	Rhymer	family.	They	have	been	serving	
marriage	counseling.	Cost	of	book	is	$10.00.                                       in	Southeast	Asia.	They	are	living	in	the	JBC	guest	
Enrolling	now	for	classes	that	begin	on	Sunday	September	27.                       house	until	January.	Also,	our	friend	Bonita	W,	who	also	
                                                                                   serves	in	Southeast	Asia	will	be	sharing	with	us.	Please	
Leaders:	Carl	&	Donna	Sauder
                                                                                   join	us	to	hear	what	God	is	doing	at	home	and	around	
Please	note:	This	class	is	limited	to	4	couples.	Priority	registration	is	given	   the	world.	Following	the	speaking,	there	will	be	an	ice	
to	those	being	married	by	one	of	our	pastors.	To	pre-register	email	Nancy,	        cream	social	for	the	whole	family.	So	bring	the	kids.

                                                                                   the andy’s have moved to their new home in
                                                                                   Chile. Here is their address
YoUnG adUltS 18-29                                                                 EC	and	Connie	Andy
Get Connected                                                                      Casilla	225
                                                                                   Vallenar	Chile
We	offer	classes	at	9:45	and	11:00AM	on	Sundays	and	6:30PM	on	
Wednesdays.                                                                        They	would	love	to	have	mail!
Check	the	InfoBoard	for	a	menu	of	classes	and	locations	or	contact	Alvina	
740.927.1859	x202	or
                                                                                                September 2009 • Jersey Life                       5

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