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					In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

The Marshall University Foundation greatly appreciates the support of contributors. If we have
inadvertently omitted your name from these lists or spelled your name incorrectly, we apologize for
the error. Please contact us so we may update our records.

The Marshall University Foundation also acknowledges with gratitude many anonymous gifts of
varying levels.

A                                              Arthur’s Enterprises, Inc.                 Gerald G. ‘83 and Cindy C. Blackwell ‘82
James L. Adkins ‘67                            Daniel R. Ashworth                         Vallee Blagg Family Trust
Richard L. ‘60 and Peggy A. Adkins             ASME Student Chapter                       Rodger A. Blake and Ann Conjura
Roger L. ‘65 and Elizabeth C. Adkins ‘62       Joseph P. Assaley ‘88 and Renee Domanico   Donald R. ‘67 and Emese K. Blankenship
Adrienne Arnett Trust/Peck Estate              Barbara M. Atkins                          Boggs Roofing, Inc.
Wesley F. and Carolyn B. Agee                  Paul E. ‘59 and Bette Austin               William A. Boleyn ‘43
Air Systems Sheet Metal Co., Inc.              The Ayco Charitable Foundation             Patrick C. ‘81 and Barbara J. Bonasso
David B. Akers                                 B                                          Alexander D. ‘49 and Rosemarie Bonnington
Paul V. Akers, Sr.                             Daniel P. Babb                             Boone County Friends of Marshall
The Alcon Foundation, Inc.                     George R. and Judith W. Baise              Patricia B. Bort
Christopher C. Allen                           Baker & Hostetler                          George “Bob” R. ‘65 and *Sylvia E. Brammer
Dewey D. and Elizabeth G. Allen                                                           Richard D. Brammer ‘77
                                               William B. ‘57 and Marga L. Bales
John R. and Nancy C. Allison                                                              Joan M. ‘50 and Lansing G. Brisbin, Jr.
                                               Bank of America
John F. ‘86 and Mary A. Amendola                                                          C. Anthony Broh ‘67 and Jennifer Hochschild
                                               C. Robert ‘65 and Lysbeth A. Barnett ‘81
American Babbitt Bearing, Inc.                                                            Jonathan A. ‘78 and Nancy M. Broh
                                               Steven R. and Martha J. Barnett
American Chemical Society                                                                 Norma Bromley
                                               Barnett Ink
American Electric Power Company - MG                                                      Raymond T. and Gretchen S. Brooks
R. Scott ‘92 and Maribeth B. Anderson ‘92                                                 G. David ‘69 and Martha F. Brumfield
                                               BB&T West Virginia Foundation
Anonymous                                                                                 James R. ‘75 and Lynn M. Butler ‘76
                                               Gary R. ‘91 and Eunice B. Beckett
Anonymous                                                                                 C
                                               Beford South Point Ford
Anonymous                                                                                 Cabell Huntington Convention &
                                               George D. ‘61 and Caroline M. Beldon ‘65   Visitors Bureau
                                               David L. Bell ‘78                          Richard S. ‘71 and Lucianne K. Call ‘71
Arch Coal Inc. (Corp. Headquarters- matching
gifts)                                         Benjy’s Enterprises                        Nancy E. Campbell ‘79
Ronald G. and Elizabeth L. Area                Better Foods, Inc.                         Robert C. ‘79 and Annette E. Campbell
George M. ‘72 and Sue F. Arnold                Wilbur E. ‘61 and Carol S. Billups         Sarah K. Carey
Phyllis H. ‘76 and James S. Arnold             William “Bill” D. Bissett ‘92              Charles W. ‘50 and Norma C. Carroll ‘51

    page 1     Annual Report 2010-11
In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

Paula J. ‘97 and David A. Carson             D                                              F
Harry T. ‘67 and Letitia N. Chafin ‘86       Dennis L. ‘80 and Cathy S. Damron ‘74          Craig M. ‘82 and Febby J. Faerber
William E. ‘55 and Joann M. Chambers         Floyd C. ‘53 and Mildred M. Davis              Fahlgren Martin Inc.
Champion Industries, Inc.                    Hannah J. ‘76 and Carl J. Denbow               Family Medicine Foundation of W. V.
Mark A. Chandler ‘82                         Sarah M. ‘69 and William N. Denman             James L. ‘65 and Bobbie W. Farley ‘68
Varsha G. Chandramouli ‘00                   David A. Denning                               Charles N. ‘63 and Susan T. Ferrell ‘71
Chemalloy Co Inc                             Louis E. DeVaughn ‘62                          David S. Ferrell ‘69
Chenoweth Body Shop LLC                      Belinda J. Akley DiMarcello ‘85 and David B.   Michael K. Ferrell
Felix H. Cheung                              DiMarcello                                     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
City National Bank                           Dingess-Rum Properties, Inc.                   First Sentry Bank
Michael T. ‘71 and Saundra J. Clifford ‘68   Patrick M. Dom ‘98                             The First State Bank
Philip E. Cline ‘55                          The Dow Chemical Company Foundation            Jan I. Fox ‘81 and William L. Cremeans, Jr. ‘77
Johnna R. ‘71 and Robert S. Coats            Hans G. and Susan S. Dransfeld                 Shawn D. ‘02 and Jill I. Francisco ‘94
The Coca-Cola Company                        The Dress Barn, Inc. Foundation                Fruth Inc.
Ezra H. Cochran, Jr. ‘52                     *Elizabeth Gibson Drinko                       The Fyffe Jones Group
L. Gray ‘88 and Karen L. Cochran, Jr. ‘86    Robert O. Duncan                               G
Ronald E. ‘66 and Sandy F. Cohen             R. Lawrence and Deirdre Dunworth               Edward D. Garrett ‘71
Roger J. Combs ‘76                           Roger S. Dyer ‘71                              Michael W. ‘63 and Elizabeth D. Gerber ‘62
Community Trust Bank                         E                                              Charles E. Giangarra
Complete Dental Services                     Phyllis J. ‘63 and William V. Eaton            GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Charles K. ‘48 and Nancy E. Connor, Jr.      Jack C. and Judy S. Eblin                      Bijan J. Goodarzi ‘83
Robert W. Coon                               Debra G. Edwards ‘98                           Robert L. ‘55 and Jane B. Gough
Bernard E. ‘79 and Pota M. Coston ‘80        The Elba B. and Marion J. Drown Trust          The Gough Family Trust
Barbara J. and F. Layton Cottrill, Jr.       R. Carter Elkins                               Marnie L. ‘93 and David A. Graley
The County Commission of Cabell County       Stephen H. ‘72 and Pamela K. Ellis ‘73         Grand Chapter of West Virginia Order of the
Georgia A. ‘73 and John C. Court             William R. ‘72 and Carol S. Ellis ‘76          Eastern Star
William B. ‘70 and Linda F. Craig, Jr. ‘70   Roger A. ‘84 and Kimberly L. Elswick           Greater Huntington Theatre Corporation
Angela Crum                                  James W. ‘79 and D. Elaine Endicott ‘79        The Greenbrier
CSX Transportation, Inc.                     Energy Corporation of America                  Stephen E. ‘96 and Laura A. Greer ‘99
Roger E. and Barbara M. Cubby                Engines, Inc.                                  William L. ‘67 and Janet A. Grimes ‘66
Christopher D. ‘81 and Diana B. Curry ‘78    Enterprise Holdings                            Dwight C. Groves ‘81
Christopher D. Curry, CLU, ChFC              Patricia P. Evans ‘62                          Suzy Gumm
Sally O. Cyrus ‘54                           ExxonMobil Foundation                          Barbara P. ‘88 and Kenneth E. Guyer, Jr.

 page 2        Annual Report 2010-11
In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

H                                             R.M. Huffman Company                          Menis E. and Judy V. Ketchum, II ‘66
Garrie J. ‘83 and Teresa Haas                 Humana Inc.                                   Arthur B. ‘63 and Helen S. Keyser ‘57
Ted P. and Judith L. Haddox, Jr.              Carolyn G. ‘68 and Willard C. Hunter ‘61      Chong W. and Choon Kim
David E. and Carolyn S. Haden ‘61             Huntington Area Development Council           J. T. Kim
Sharon K. Halcomb                             Huntington Clinical Foundation, Inc.          Aubrey C. ‘63 and Mary M. King ‘65
Allene L. ‘72 and Paul R. Hall                Huntington Realty Corporation                 John E. and Robin A. Kinzer
John R. and Donna S. Hall                     Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce       John K. ‘62 and Betty Sue Kinzer, Jr. ‘67
Gray Hampton, III                             Huntington, WV Scottish Rite of Freemasonry   Virginia L. Kirkwood ‘54
Jacqueline R. Hampton                         Foundation, Inc.                              Stephen J. and Jane Kopp
Julia L. Hampton ‘76                          Maxine S. ‘42 and Wilburn L. Hurst            Stuart W. ‘63 and Joy A. Kramer
Gregg W. and Lynda F. Happe ‘67               I                                             L
Gregory S. ‘93 and Teresa L. Hardin ‘88       IBM                                           Stanley Lane ‘83
James W. ‘62 and Harriet A. Harless ‘58       Insurance Systems Incorporated                Charles D. ‘80 and Doronna G. Lanham
Philip A. ‘68 and Constance M. Harmon         Internal Medicine of Griffin, LLP             Jeffrey L. ‘90 and Brooke A. Leaberry
C. Donald ‘77 and Sandra S. Hatfield ‘57      Isource, LLC                                  Johnsey L. ‘65 and Alfreda C. Leef, Jr. ‘64
Anderson E. ‘99 and Erin S. Haughey ‘00       J                                             Clark and Deirdre Lehman
Hayflich and Steinberg CPA’s, AC              William V. ‘68 and Linda C. Jackson ‘70       Thomas F. ‘66 and Sally M. Lemke ‘65
Timothy L. ‘69 and Sandy H. Haymaker          Jewish Community Foundation                   Fred L. and Mary E. Lester, Jr. ‘69
James D. and Susan J. Heckman                 Homer and Phyllis M. Jimison, Jr.             Licking County Foundation
Earl W. ‘57 and Nancy L. Heiner, Jr.          Rex W. and Rebecca D. Johnson ‘80             Nicola J. and Joseph A. LoCascio
Stephen W. ‘70 and Frances M. Hensley ‘70     Ross E. ‘85 and Deidra L. Johnson             Lockheed Martin Corporation
John G. ‘73 and Jane Y. Hess ‘77              Johnson & Johnson Inc.                        Lockwood Family Foundation Irrevocable Trust
Robert A. ‘80 and Jannell Hess ‘82            J. Patrick ‘78 and Cynthia D. Jones ‘78       Charles M. and Sally B. Love, III ‘83
Hess, Stewart & Campbell, PLLC                John M. ‘81 and Kristine Joseph               Cathy M. Lucas
Homer H. and Linda Hickam, Jr.                Joseph L. ‘97 and Lori G. Joyce ‘92           James H. and Jane L. Lynch
Dorothy E. Hicks                              James C. Justice, II ‘74                      M
Highmark West Virginia                        James C. Justice Companies, Inc.              Mary Nan S. ‘86 and Jeffrey C. Mallory
John F. ‘75 and Carol A. Hill ‘79             K                                             Todd R. ‘83 and Rhonda F. Marcum
Mary H. and J. Churchill Hodges ‘48           Janice Keatley ‘71                            Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of
Thomas J. Holbrook, Jr.                       Keith Albee Founders Trust                    Medicine
HomeTown Sportswear, Inc.                     *Robert E. ‘73 and Priscillia L. Kell         Marshall University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc.
Ronald H. ‘84 and Lisa R. Hooser              Jennifer L. Kendall, D.D.S., Inc.             David L. Martin, Jr. ‘05
Houston Area Marshall University Alumni       Thomas Kennedy ‘54                            Gregory T. Martin ‘92
Edward T. ‘65 and LaRue S. Howard, III ‘64    Victor Ketcham                                Molly J. ‘96 and William W. Mathews, Jr.

 page 3       Annual Report 2010-11
In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

Katrina S. May                                  MUAA Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Club          Charles E. ‘71 and Ava W. Peters, Jr.
M. Ann McClure ‘71 and Larry A. Edwards         MUAA Lincoln Co. Friends of Marshall Club       Margaret Casto Phillips Estate
Darla H. McCormack ‘69                          MUAA Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter                    Kelly M. Pitsenbarger ‘83
C. Michael McCurdy ‘73                          Diane W. ‘82 and Maurice A. Mufson, M.A.        David Pittenger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. McDonie ‘99              Melissa A. ‘91 and Daniel N. Mullins ‘88        Marilyn Polan
Richard J. ‘91 and Elizabeth H. McDuffee, II    James C. Musser ‘86                             Tom L. and Sharon A. Pressman
Kermit E. ‘48 and Dorothy E. McGinnis           J. T. and Susan M. Muth                         Michael and Deborah E. Prestera, Jr. ‘71
Aaron M. ‘95 and Melissa D. McGuffin ‘94        N                                               Pritchard Electric Company, Inc.
John T. Meadows, Jr. ‘00                        Nalop Realty Company                            Procter & Gamble Fund
Media Promotion Enterprises                     Neighborgall Construction Company               Patricia Proctor ‘84
Thomas R. ‘85 and Carol Menders                 Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP         Anthony J. Provenzano ‘96
Microsoft                                       Michael J. ‘85 and Ruth M. Nerenberg            Robert L. ‘65 and Elsie M. Pruett ‘81
Ben F. and Beverly A. Miller                    Deborah A. ‘75 and Robert C. Nerhood            Jerome Puryear, Jr. ‘97
David J. ‘91 and Pamela G. Miller ‘91           Charles C. ‘76 and Cathy A. Nimmo               Q
Scott E. Miller ‘86                             Larry E. ‘73 and Toby M. Nitardy ‘71            Carol B. Queen
Scott E. Miller, M.D., F.A.C.C.,P.L.L.C.-       Norfolk Southern Foundation                     R
Cardiology                                      Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation Inc. - MG   William J. Raglin ‘60
Mark W. ‘79 and Betty J. Mitchell ‘77           NRP Operating LLC                               Ransbottom Law Office
Philip E. ‘51 and Jean S. Modlin ‘51            William G. ‘82 and Jacqueline M. Null           Charles E. ‘73 and R. Victoria Rappold, II
Manuel E. Molina ‘81                            O                                               Thomas E. ‘74 and Patricia A. Rappold
H. F. Mooney, Jr.                               Robert L. O’Dell ‘74                            Connie L. Reed ‘78
Jack E. and Sue A. Moore ‘79                    Gayle Ormiston                                  Reger Funeral Home, Inc.
Scott E. Moore ‘04                              Orthopaedic Research and Education              James S. Reid, Jr.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact       Foundation                                      Elizabeth G. ‘43 and Clifford J. Reuschlein
Funding Trust, Inc                              David B. Osborne ‘79                            Douglas V. and Sharon M. Reynolds ‘06
Catherine L. ‘74 and Alan S. Morrison           P                                               Marshall T. and Shirley Reynolds
Edward W. and Karen S. Morrison, Jr. ‘72        The Pace Family Foundation, Inc.                Mary E. Zimmer Reynolds ‘77 and W. Nicholas
Morrison Family Trust                           L. Randall ‘72 and C. Gail Palmer               Reynolds
Moses Honda                                     Jack L. Pauley ‘96                              Charlotte A. Rhee ‘91
Norman C. Mosrie ‘85                            James C. ‘99 and Mary R. Pennington ‘97         Ezra B. ‘84 and Manda E. Riber
Mountain State Insurance Agency, Inc.           Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company                     Grant J. Rice ‘94
MU Black Alumni, Inc.                           Huey J. ‘58 and Greta J. Perry ‘93              James H. Rife ‘67
MU Research Corporation                         Joseph R. Perry ‘95                             Douglas F. ‘02 and M. Yvonne Ritchie
MUAA Atlanta Chapter                            Simon D. and Frances M. Perry ‘51               River Cities Anesthesia, Inc.

 page 4       Annual Report 2010-11
In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

River Cities Club of the MUAA                   Jennifer A. ‘93 and Henry Sobanet           Charles E. ‘59 and Linda M. Turner ‘60
Charles D. ‘76 and Anna Robinson ‘80            SOM Class of 2010                           Larry and Cheryl Tweel ‘69
E. L. Robinson Engineering, Co.                 Southeastern Asso. of State Hwy &           Larry A. Tyree ‘58
John D. and Sharon P. Rockefeller, IV           Transportation Officials                    U
Charles E. ‘58 and Phyllis C. Romine, Jr. ‘57   Southwestern District Labor Council         Ultimate Health Services, Inc.
The Rotary Club of Huntington                   Skip and Rebecca Speaks                     John L. ‘64 and Donna M. Underwood
Royal Pest Services, Inc.                       Chris Spence                                Donna M. Underwood Trust
John ‘79 and Jennifer W. Rulli                  Michael T. Spence                           United Bank Inc.
Cary S. ‘87 and Michael S. Russell              Marc A. ‘70 and Susan J. Sprouse ‘71        University Pediatrics
S                                               David W. ‘55 and Patricia E. Stallings      Jack G. Upton, Jr. ‘63
Julian and Jihad Saad                           Eleanor D. ‘52 and William D. Stark         V
Sara Lee                                        State Farm Companies Foundation             Donald L. and Diana M. Van Horn ‘07
William R. ‘75 and Margaret M. Sawran           Erland P. and Ellen M. Stevens, Jr.         Verizon - MG
Andrew ‘85 and Patricia Schindzielorz ‘86       Ron D. Stollings ‘82                        Verizon
James J. and Shirley W. Schneider               Strictly Business Computer Systems          Barbara Viehman
Carol A. and Samuel E. Schudmak, III            Arthur E. Stringer                          Janet S. ‘77 and Gary A. Vineyard
Scripps-Howard Foundation                       Thomas B. ‘82 and Julia A. Styer ‘79        Tony K. ‘00 and Mary Virgin
Ruth Drenan Sevy Testamentary Trust             James P. ‘70 and Lynda G. Summers ‘72       W
Sharon K. ‘91 and Grant M. Shaffer              SWVA, Inc.                                  John B. Walden
Antoinette S. Shanker ‘88                       T                                           David M. Ward ‘75
P. Michael and Patricia Shaver, Sr.             T. S. C. Inc DBA Tri-State Amusement        Larry W. ‘82 and Bridget R. Watson ‘83
Scott K. ‘83 and Elizabeth L. Sheets ‘84        Stanley S. and Ann B. Tao                   Charles A. Weiler ‘65
Geoffrey S. ‘86 and Melinda J. Sheils           Richard L. ‘62 and Althea C. Thomas         Arthur and Joan Weisberg Family
Mark F. ‘81 and Janet L. Sheridan ‘87           Three Putt Management, LLC                  Foundation Inc.
Anne M. Shuff ‘71                               Stephen G. Tolley ‘80                       Wells Fargo Insurance Services of
Julia B. and John Siegel                                                                    West Virginia, Inc.
                                                Jahala Ann Tomaselli ‘48
Friday G. ‘84 and Ted R. Simpson                                                            Joseph W. ‘70 and Toby Werthammer
                                                John F. ‘76 and Teresa A. Toney ‘76
Christopher L. Sizemore ‘02                                                                 West Virginia Community Voices, Inc.
                                                The Touma Foundation, Inc.
Richard L. ‘90 and Tina R. Slater                                                           George F. ‘63 and Sandra J. White
                                                Touma Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Carolyn N. Smith ‘68                                                                        Harvey P. ‘55 and Sheryl White
                                                Jack C. Trainor ‘64 and Patricia W. Watts
George O. Smith ‘57                             Trainor ‘62                                 John Jay ‘75 and Catherine H. White ‘76
Margaret E. Smith ‘71                           Tri-State Building and Construction         Tamela J. White
Jeff Smith Insurance Agency, Inc.               Trades Council                              William N. ‘89 and Laurie B. White, II
Mildred B. Snider Estate                        Russell Troutman ‘55                        Thomas D. ‘50 and Sandra T. Wilkerson ‘57

    page 5    Annual Report 2010-11
In recognition of the loyalty and commitment of donors who have
generously contributed during the July 1, 2010 –June 30, 2011 period.

Bennett H. ‘66 and Peggy C. Williams, II ‘65
Larry D. ‘64 and Sally A. Williams ‘66
Thomas R. ‘87 and Mellanie B. Wilmink, II ‘93
Arthur H. Wilson ‘84
Douglas D. and Kelly G. Winbigler
James D. ‘72 and Annie P. Wise
S. Kenneth and Margaret D. Wolfe ‘97
WV Chapter of Int’l Association
of Arson Investigators
Laban E. and Edwina Young
Young Professionals Committee
Philip N. ‘84 and Kimberly Zambos
Eddie A. ‘71 and Rebecca A. Zimmerman ‘71
Samuel W. ‘59 and Patricia A. Zygner, Sr.

 page 6       Annual Report 2010-11

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