When lion never hunt... a corporate message by drsranganathan


									Wildlife biologists and scientists have clearly established that lions seldom attack
humans and other animals after its meal. Once the lion has had its full meal, it prefers
to rest & sleep and generally avoid attacking humans and animal even if they encounter
them close. Why should a hunter avoid hunting or attacking animals when an easy
chance is available? Especially when the possibility of hunting becomes easy, why
should it behave differently?

Many corporate leaders should learn the answer and must attempt to follow the same
in the corporate jungle. Lion in the jungle appears to follow high level of discipline and
righteousness in its conduct. No wonder why the early man has called lion, the ‘king of
the jungle’. The value and righteousness of lions, the corporate leaders must know and

The power, the strength and the dominance are only to use and not to misuse. The
distinction between ‘use’ and ‘misuse’ one must know. Lion in the jungle has perfectly
understood the difference between ‘use’ and ‘misuse’ and that is why post meal they
seldom attack animals.

Not only lion knows its power, strength and dominance, but it also knows to respect
them and that is why it never attempts to misuse them. Imagine, if the lion starts
misusing its power, the co-existing of other animals along with lion in a ‘lion country’
will not be possible. If the prey animals move away from lions, the lions may
progressively die of starvation. The law of misuse of the power will necessarily breed
self destruction is well known to the lions in the jungle.

The corporate leaders need to introspect whether they are ‘using’ or ‘misusing’ the
power. In most instances, the corporate leaders love to misuse the power than use
them appropriately. In most boss-subordinate conflicts and other conflicts in the
corporate, misuse of power by people can be seen predominantly.

The power, the strength and the dominance of an individual should wakeup the person
to a state of consciousness. The important question is that how many of our corporate
leaders have reached such state. Are they really using or misusing their power, strength
and dominance?

The pedigree of such corporate leaders should be ascertained by how they conduct the
people who are weaker than them (people at bottom of the hierarchy). After its meal,
the lion is very graceful, kind and accommodative to all animals in the jungle, starting
from a small rabbit to a gigantic buffalo. They never ever even acknowledge that they
are very powerful or strong or are dominant.

Corporate people must learn the theory of ‘use and misuse’ of power, strength and
dominance from lions in the jungle.
Another important management message also one needs to learn from the above. Only
a strong leader knows to respect his power. Only a strong leader alone will use the
power and never misuse them.      It is for the corporate people to find the fact that
whether they are strong leaders and if so are they using or misusing their power,
strength and dominance.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

Learn more from the management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management –
lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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