Volume 1
                                                                                                                                 Summer Issue
                                                                                                                                FY 2006/2007

                                                                                   MADD MESSENGER
                                                                                        Mothers Against Drunk Driving
                                                                                          Pacific Northwest Region

                                         PRATTS RECEIVE DUII ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR AWARD*
REGIONAL EXECUTIVE               The Oregon DUII Multi-Disciplinary Training Task Force honored Anne and Bruce Pratt April 28th as “DUII
DIRECTOR                         Advocates of the Year” at the 10th Annual DUII Multi-Disciplinary Impaired Driving Training Conference in
                                 Tigard, Oregon. A plaque and a well-deserved standing ovation was given to the Pratts by hundreds of
                                 prevention specialists, treatment providers, police officers, prosecutors and others involved in DUII treat-
DEVELOPMENT                      ment and law enforcement attending the conference.

KATIE KOVACICH                   The Pratts were honored for their years of tireless efforts to prevent drunk and drugged driving in Oregon.
                                 They have spent countless hours at the Oregon Legislature to successfully advocate for tougher sentences
MELISSA RUSSELL                  for drunk drivers who commit homicides and for other measures aimed at deterring impaired driving. In
REGIONAL VICTIM ADVOCATE         2005 alone, they made 63 trips from their Springfield home to Oregon’s Capital. In 2003, their work led to
OREGON STAFF:                    “Brian’s Law,” named after their son Brian Hood who was killed by a drunk driver in 1998.

CHARLOTTE BRIDGES                “When we lost our son to a drunk driver, I questioned my own ability to survive,” Anne told the audience.
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT         “While we knew we couldn’t change the past, we could work in the present to change the future for the
LOIS JOINER HARVICK              victims who would
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT         unfortunately
                                 follow    in  our

                                 Anne and Bruce
                                 joined       MADD
Inside this issue:               shortly after Brian
                                 was killed. They
                                 represented Crime
DIRECTOR’S CUT             2     Victims United in
                                 the legislature and
OREGON LEGISLATIVE         2,6   are members of
AGENDA                           Parents           of
                                 Murdered       Chil-
LAW ENFORCEMENT            3     dren. Anne serves
                                 on    the    MADD
                                 Eugene      Affiliate
                                 board and the
                                 Gov e rn o r’ s
                                 Advisory Commit-
                                 tee on DUII.
VOLUNTEERS                 5
                                 “Some of you may ask why Anne and I and other survivors do what we do,” Bruce remarked after
                                 receiving the award. “There are perks for fighting for tougher DUII laws in the Legislature – You can’t get
FUNDRAISING AND            5     fired. You can’t have your hours cut. You can’t lose your vacation time.” He added, “Special thanks go to
                                 those legislators who realize the importance of preventing DUII deaths and injuries.”

REGIONAL CONTACTS/         6     Anne and Bruce are very deserving of this recognition. They have worked hard for many years to protect
MADD’S MISSION                   innocent people. Congratulations Anne and Bruce. And Thanks!

                                 *Excerpts taken from Crime Victims United Newsletter
             Mothers Against Drunk Driving
             Pacific Northwest Region

                                             THE DIRECTOR’S CUT
For the past several                         upon government sponsored         this next fiscal year will be re-
months, the focus of the staff               grants and had done little to     warded.
in the Regional Office has                   cultivate foundation, corporate
been to complete and submit                  and individual support.           Andrew Carnegie once said,
the regional budget for FY                                                     “Teamwork is the ability to
06/07 as well as a variety of                Development is based upon         work together toward a com-
fundraising endeavors.                       relationships, and due to the     mon vision; the ability to di-
                                             Herculean efforts of Janice       rect individual accomplish-
Much of the last year has                    Halfon and Ernest Sickey,         ments toward organizational
been spent on cultivating and                most of the important relation-   objectives. It is the fuel that
developing relationships re-                 ships in the Seattle area have    allows common people to at-
lated to fundraising as well as              been cultivated.                  tain uncommon results.”
working on creating the nec-
essary infrastructure needed                 In addition, research has been
to support a variety of funding              completed for Oregon and we
initiatives. MADD Washing-                   are greatly encouraged that
ton was heavily dependent                    our fundraising efforts during


•  Lower the per se BAC form .08 to .05 for repeat offenders (introduced as HB 2183 and SB 70 in the
2005 session). Would reduce the per se BAC from .08 to .05 for all repeat offenders if the defendant has
been in a prior diversion program or has been convicted of a DUI in the past 15 years.

•  Update the definition of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (introduced as HB 2184 and SB
70 in the 2005 session). Would expand the definition of DUII to include any substance or drug that
adversely affects the mental or physical faculties of a person to a noticeable or perceptible degree.

• Enhance penalties for repeat offenders (introduced as SB 112 in the 2005 session). Would enhance
the sanctions against repeat DUII offenders by extending the allowable qualifying time for a diversion
program from 10 year to 15 years and increasing community service hours for repeat offenders to 120 hours
minimum and 280 hours maximum. This strengthens the consequences and puts the hours in eight-hour

•   Extend wait time before repeat offenders are eligible for hardship permits (introduced as HB 2185
in the 2005 legislative session). Would extend the hardship permit wait time from one to two years for
repeat DUII offenders who refuse an evidentiary BAC test.
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              Mothers Against Drunk Driving
              Pacific Northwest Region

                                              LAW ENFORCEMENT
         OSP ASTORIA TROOPER RECEIVES                                            DUII TRAINING
         AMERICAN LEGION’S AWARD FOR                                          CONFERENCE A SUCCESS
     “LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THE YEAR”                                               TIGARD, OR
An Oregon State Police Senior Trooper assigned to the
                                          Astoria Area                    The Annual DUII Multi-Disciplinary Im-
                                          Command                         paired Driving Training Conference was
                                          Office     was
                                          recognized                      held April 28-29, in Tigard, OR. The
                                          last    Friday                  conference brought together police,
                                          by The Ameri-                   prosecutors and treatment professionals
                                          can     Legion                  to develop effective          strategies for
                                          Local     Post
                                          #12 as the                      combating the problem of impaired
                                          "Law Enforce-                   driving. This year, the conference hosted
                                          ment Officer                    presentations on cognitive impairment,
                                          of the Year"                    principles of adult learning, difficult
                                          for    Oregon.
                                          The     award                   concepts in DUII and pharmaceutical
was presented during The American Legion's 88th annual                    abuse among others. The conference was
Department Convention in Portland.                                        extremely well attended, nicely organized
Oregon State Police Senior Trooper James Pierce, age 45, is a             and the speakers were engaging and
17-year veteran assigned to the Patrol Services Division at               knowledgeable. MADD was responsible
the Astoria Area Command office. In addition to his regular               for   sending      41     law    enforcement
patrol trooper duties, Senior Trooper Pierce is the northwest
region lead crash re-constructionist, a Drug Recognition Ex-              individuals via scholarships, representing
pert and active in impaired driving enforcement. He is active             12 counties from around the state.
in the local community and involved with area high schools                Thanks to Charlotte Bridges for coordinat-
and community college, including assistance with high school              ing this effort with Lt. John Diehl, DPSST.
senior projects related to fatal DUII crash re-enactments.

Former Washington County Dep-                   partnership with the ODOT           ference Planning        Commit-
uty DA Deena Ryerson has                        Transportation Safety Division,     tee, to name a few of her respon-
joined DOJ as the new DUII Re-                  TSD/Impaired Driving Program        sibilities.
source Prosecutor.              Ms.             and the Criminal Justice Divi-
Ryerson is a graduate of The Uni-               sion, Oregon Department of          Gretchen McKenzie, Impaired
versity of Oregon School of Law                 Justice, where the position re-     Driving Program Manager with
and joined the district attorney’s              sides. The position was de-         ODOT says, “It’s a pleasure to
office in 2000 where she devel-                 signed to act as an expert          see the continued, positive,
oped an expertise and passion for               resource to prosecutors             commitment to partnerships in
prosecuting DUII cases. Deena                   throughout Oregon. Deena will       dealing with impaired driving.
will start her new      position on             also work with our    partners      To all of you who worked so
July 27  th and she will be a great             in the OSP Forensic Lab, DUII       hard to make this position be-
resource for everyone.                          law enforcement, the DRE pro-       come a reality, thank you!”
                                                gram and         of course, the
This position is funded through a               DUII                     Multi-
                                                Disciplinary Task Force Con-
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                 Mothers Against Drunk Driving
                 Pacific Northwest Region

                                                 VICTIM SERVICES
         FAREWELL TO                             Susanne’s calm demeanor               grants in Washington and she did
                                                 and compassion, as well as her        an     outstanding      job    of
       SUSANNE GUINN                             sensitivity in working with           administering these grants due to
                                                 victim/survivors, will be missed      her     impeccable attention to
Susanne Guinn, Regional Man-                     by all here in the Pacific            detail. Her sense of humor and
ager of Victim Services, has re-                 Northwest Region.       She was       unconditional support of MADD
signed from MADD effective July                  instrumental in developing the        and its mission were unflagging.
5. Susanne, a 5-year MADD em-                    victim services policies and
ployee has accepted a position                   guidelines      necessary     to      While we will miss Susanne here
with the State of Washington that                implement the restructuring           in the Regional Office, we all
enables her to broaden her ex-                   in Washington and Oregon.             wish her the best in her new
perience in working with crime                   Susanne was also responsible for      professional endeavors. Goodbye
victims.                                         preparing, implementing and           Susanne and good luck to you
                                                 overseeing both VOCA and OCVA         from your friends at MADD!

                                  EDUCATION AND OUTREACH
    MADD EUGENE AFFILIATE OFFICE                                     their essays and displayed their posters for the
      HOLDS AWARDS CEREMONY                                          ceremony. The theme for this year’s contest was
                                                                     “Time to Stop Drunk Driving.” The contest is an
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Eugene                          annual event sponsored by David Jordan, Dawn’s
Affiliate Office held an Awards Ceremony for the                     father. A drunk driver with 22 prior convictions
                                                                     killed Dawn when she was 17 years old.

                                                                     Essay Contest:Award Recipients:
                                                                     1st Place-$350-Kevin Pazar, age 14 Siuslaw HS
                                                                     2nd Place-$250-Jacob Mitchell, age 15 Siuslaw HS
                                                                     3rd Place-$100-Grace Hill-Speed, age 17 Oakridge HS

                                                                     Honorable Mention Essay Winners -$75 Award
                                                                     Genevieve Burkhart, age 14 Siuslaw HS
                                                                     Sam Pearson, age 15 Siuslaw HS
                                                                     Amanda Pilcher, age 14 Siuslaw HS
                                                                     Hope Sneddon, age 15, Siuslaw HS

                                                                     1st place Elementary Poster Contest- $50 Award
                                                                     Aimee Belleville, age 10, Eugene Christian School
                                                                     Haley Randall, age 10 Eugene Christian School
Left to right: Amanda Pilcher, Sam Pearson, Kevin Pazar, Genevieve
Burkhart, Hope Sneddon, Jacob Mitchell and Grace Hill-Speed.         1st place Middle School Poster Contest-$50 Award
                                                                     Kelsey Hill, age 12, Siuslaw MS
student winners of the Dawn Jordan essay and                         Shantelle Nicholson, age 12 Shasta MS
poster contest on Monday, May 8th. Affiliate Board
Co-chairs Randal Whipple and Jim Torrey                              2nd Place Middle School Poster Contest- $25 Award
officiated as Masters of Ceremony.                                   Christopher Ryan, age 11, Siuslaw MS
                                                                     Zana Reavis, age 12, Siuslaw MS
                                                                     Mariah Johnston, age 12, Siuslaw MS
Award recipients, ranging from $25 to $350, read                     Taylor Kauffman, age 12, Siuslaw MS

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              Mothers Against Drunk Driving
              Pacific Northwest Region

We continue to need volunteers in our Regional Office. We have a variety of jobs and                assignments to offer
volunteers and supporters of MADD. Currently, we need volunteers who can assist with funding telephone
calls, grant writing, speaker’s training and an assortment of administrative needs in our office.                  If you
would like to volunteer or know of someone, please call Katie Kovacich at 425-251-5252, ext.105.
Please join us!

                             DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING
Three years ago, MADD’s idea of               What is a Combined Federal Cam-         Tidbits and Tips:
hiring staff whose focus would be             paign (CFC)?                            •  Cultivate! Cultivate! Cultivate!
on fundraising was unheard of. The            It is an employee giving campaign       •  Get involved in the employee
journey started by hiring develop-            that is solely federal employees           fairs with presentations and
ment officers in six locations. In            including military personnel.              exhibits.
three short years MADD has gone               MADD National handles all legal         • Offer to provide qualified
from six to thirty-five development           paperwork for this campaign and            speakers for company events,
officers.                                     works through America’s Charities          including safety events.
                                              for its CFC efforts.
MADD is at the very beginning of                                                      Benefits:
our 2006-2007 fiscal year and I               How can we participate in this          • It’s easy to sign-up.
thought I would relay to you some             campaign?                               • There are NO start-up costs.
thoughts about the various                    The Pacific Northwest Region can        • Free exposure for MADD lo-
W o r k p l a c e      G i v i n g            help you with the forms and                cally and its volunteers.
Campaigns that were brought to my             legalities for raising funds through    • Donations are regular, consis-
attention by Jennifer Legere,                 local independent campaigns,               tent and generous due to
MADD’s National Field Fundraising             including state, county, and/or city       monthly deductions.
Director.                                     employees’ groups. Please feel free
                                              to call me at 425-251-5252 x. 101.      This is an overview of Workplace
What is a Workplace Giving                                                            Giving Campaigns, please feel free
Campaign?                                     What is United Way (UWC)?               to call me at the Pacific Northwest
This is a campaign where                      This is an employee campaign that       Regional office if you should need
employees have the opportunity to             is local business oriented.             any assistance with fundraising,
give to a 501(c)3 nonprofit                                                           fundraising ideas or just want to
organization, either through a                How to get started with UWC?            talk abut your area in general. I can
one-time donation or payroll                  Contact the local United Way            be reached at 425-251-5252 x. 101.
deductions, at their place of                 office; ask to be a part of the Donor
employment.                                   Option or Donor Choice cate-            Janice Halfon
                                              gory—Partner or Member status is        Reg. Mgr of Development
                                              not an option, nor is it necessary.

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            Mothers Against Drunk Driving
            Pacific Northwest Region

                                              Continued from page 2...
 MADD Pacific Northwest Region
                                              • Clarify the definition of refusal. Would extend the fine for
  REGIONAL VICTIM HELPLINE:                   refusing a breath test to include blood and urine tests as well.
                                              •   Create the offense of Murder by Intoxicated Driver –
   Regional Website and Email:                Would increase the penalty to a mandatory minimum of 25                        years for vehicular homicide while intoxicated when the offender                       has 1) one or more previous convictions for vehicular homicide
                                              while under the influence of intoxicants or 2) has previously
                                              caused serious physical injury while under the influence of
                                              intoxicants or 3) has had three prior DUIIs .

                                              •   Enhance hospital BAC reporting requirements – Would
   SEATTLE CHARTER OFFICE                     require hospitals to provide BAC test results to law enforcement
                                              within 6 hours of testing, instead of the current 5 days.
  18000 72ND AVE S., SUITE 180
          KENT, WA 98032                      •    Enhance penalties for high-BAC offenders. Would double
 P: 425-251-5252 or 800-364-MADD              suspension time, hard suspension time, mandatory minimum
         FAX: 425-251-5253                    jail time, ignition interlock time, and fines for those offenders
                                              who have a BAC greater than or equal to .15.
  PORTLAND AFFILIATE OFFICE                   •   Enable sobriety checkpoints to be done.             State v.
  405 WEST ARLINGTON STREET                   Boyanovsky and Nelson v. Lane Co indicate that checkpoints
      GLADSTONE, OR 97027                     need to be authorized by the legislature in order to pass consti-
  P: 503-723-5040 or 800-598-6233             tutional muster. This would provide such an authorization.

                                              •   Work to get more funding for State Troopers to employ
    EUGENE AFFILIATE OFFICE                   more officers. There are several vehicles for this. A few are: 1)
                                              work with State Highway Safety Office to allocate funds
            PO BOX 11396                      differently, 2) get an appropriation to go directly to State
          EUGENE, OR 97440                    Troopers, 3) lobby for increased budget for State Troopers, 4) set
           P/F: 541-343-8115                  up a DUI fund to put offender fees back into enforcement. (We
                                              may want to talk to State Troopers to see what they think would
                                              work best.)

         MADD’s mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent
                                             underage drinking.

               As a nonprofit grassroots organization, MADD relies on individual contributions, corporate
         sponsorships and government grants for funding. Support of the organization includes both monetary
          and in-kind donations from volunteers, corporations, foundations, federal and state government and
                                individuals who believe in and support MADD’s mission.

         The money is used to help achieve MADD’s mission. 73% of MADD’s funds are spent on community
           programs and services. The over 600 MADD affiliates depend on this funding for education and
         awareness programs. Other expenses include management and operating costs (9%) as well as cost
               associated with fundraising (18%). All money raised in the Northwest, stays in the NW.

         Donate online or you can mail your check or money order to our office locations listed above. Thank
                             you for helping to keep our streets and communities safe.

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