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									TRX® Suspension Training® Equipment List
        TRX® MultiMount®

No space? No problem. You can easily create a functional training destination. Perfect for workout
facilities where space is at a premium, the TRX MultiMount allows you to offer individual, small and mid-
size group training and make more money for your club. Made from industrial steel with a powder-coated

       Supports up to 5 Suspension Trainers or 2 heavy bags
       Allows for pull-ups and other hanging exercises
       Also available with Monkey Bars

7’ = $695

14’ = $1125

21’ = $1550

        TRX® S-Frame®

          Create a new destination for Functional Training in your facility. The TRX S-Frame gives you the
ability to offer personal, small and large group training. It will help your club attract new members, retain
existing members, and generate more non-dues revenue than ever before.

       Commercial grade steel construction
       Available in two models: Standard (8'3 tall) and Elevated (with Monkey bars 9' tall)
       Includes multiple accessory attachment points, supporting TRX Suspension Trainers™, TRX Rip™ Trainers,
        heavy bags, hanging exercises, bands, battling ropes and more.
       Optional accessories include: TRX Dip bars, TRX Hammer bars, and TRX Castors (for easy portability)
       Available in 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft. configurations
       Accommodates up to 22 users
       For inside or outside use

10’ = Standard $3095, Elevated $3495

20’ = Standard $4695, Elevated $5095

30’ = Standard $6295, Elevated $6695


Dip Bar and Pull-up Bar set = $250
    Education Courses

    TRX® Suspension Training®Course

    This course teaches the fundamentals of TRX®Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise and how to incorporate it
    into your training and client programs.

    You will be able to:

   Properly perform over 70 TRX exercises
   Progress and regress TRX exercises for all fitness levels
   Adjust resistance and stability for all exercises
   Cue and correct common faults
   Correctly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer™

    Ideal for:
    Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Fitness Enthusiasts

    ACE 0.7, NASM 0.7, AFAA 5.5, NSCA 0.8, Can Fit Pro 4.0, NESTA 0.8, PTA Global 7.0, ISSA 7.0, IYCA 3.5 , REPS
    8.0 (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

    Exclusive Course for up to 20 staff trainers = $3495

    TRX® Group Suspension Training®Course

    Along with basic TRX fundamentals, this course teaches how to lead and cue TRX® Suspension Training® bodyweight
    exercise in a small, large, or boot camp-style group exercise formats for all fitness levels.

    You will be able to:

   Teach 2 different TRX group class formats
   Design group TRX workouts to fit your own style
   Cue techniques for group class settings
   Properly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer™
    Ideal for:
    Group X Professionals, Personal Trainers, and Fitness Professionals

    ACE 0.7, NASM 0.7, AFAA 5.0, NSCA 0.8, PTA Global 7.0, Can Fit Pro 4.0, REPS 8.0 (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

    Exclusive Course for up to 20 staff trainers = $3495


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