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									                    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.... and beyond?

                                       D-BATE – 8 September – 12:30-14:30 – C-541/3 – IVM W&N building

  After the crises of 2009 and early 2010, the role of the IPCC is being challenged. What is its role at the interface of climate change science and climate
  policy? Are the crises emblematic of the strenuous relationship between science and policy, or were there simply mistakes? And what are the challenges
                                                       of the science-policy interface at the global level?

                                       The Research cluster D-bate on Science, Technology and Environmental Governance
                                                               is proud to present its first debate

                                                 Prof. Frans Berkhout (IVM) and Prof. Arthur Petersen (PBL)
                                 will debate about the current position of IPCC in the global climate debate and ways forward.
                                                                    Moderated by Laurens Bouwer

 Arthur Petersen (PBL) is Director of the Methodology and Modelling Programme at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). He
 has been active within the context of Working Group I of the IPCC, both as an expert and as a member of the Dutch government delegations to
 IPCC meetings - to reflect on the assessment of uncertainties in climate models.
 On the basis of a review process the PBL has undertaken, Arthur Petersen argues that improvements in the IPCC's review process and
 communication of uncertainty are indeed in order.

                       Frans Berkhout (IVM) is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM). Among other
                       advisory roles, Frans is a lead author in the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report.
                       The problem according to Berkhout lies outside the IPCC: in the changing political commitments to multilateral climate action; in the opening of a
                       public debate about procedures in science; and in the emergence of new voices in knowledge production enabled through Web 2.0.

 Laurens Bouwer (moderator) is researcher at IVM and member of the D-bate cluster. He studies climate change impacts and adaptation, and is a lead
 author for the Third and Fifth Assessment Reports and contributor to the Special Report on Extremes of the IPCC.

 When and where                                                                           Contact
                                                                                          Eleftheria Vasileiadou: eleftheria.vasileiadou@ivm.vu.nl
 Date:                   8 September                                                      Susan van ‘t Klooster: susan.van.t.klooster@ivm.vu.nl
 Time:                   12:30 -14:30 hrs                                                 Institute for Environmental Studies
 Place:                  Room C-541/3                                                     VU University Amsterdam
                         IVM, W&N building, VU Campus                                     De Boelelaan 1087, 1081 HV Amsterdam
                         (entrance via De Boelelaan 1085)                                 T +31 (0)20 598 9555

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