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									M & A Advisor – Adds Value To The Merger
           Acquisition Process

The M & A advisor will assist you in merger and acquisition process from start to finish.
    He can follow the norms and devise the best strategy according to your specific
                               situation or requirements.

     t is true that many business owners fail to achieve their objective through
     mergers and acquisitions. It could happen to you especially if you have decided
     to go for M & A in a hurry. You will have to deal with a number of issues like
     securing more consistency with a suitable strategy, deciding the right price for
acquisition, checking its validity in present market condition and taking measures to
realize the value after the acquisition process. All this and much more can be made
easy for you by the M & A advisor. The financial advisor will closely work with you,
and strive to increase the value of your organization by offering an extensive service
from formulating the best fit strategy for merger and acquisition to realization of
value after M&A.

When present growth in your company is unable to meet the expectations of your
stakeholders, or you just want to get rid of non-performing units, the M&A
specialists can surely help you. An expert M & A advisor can make you find new
assets, markets, personnel, technologies, intellectual property and reliable sources
for financing very easily. He will focus on to analyze different methods for capital
raising including the intellectual property monetization and choose the best one to
help strengthen the financial structure of your company.

The financial service of M & A advisor covers everything from mergers or
acquisitions through to raising fund for almost all industry sectors. Whenever you
are in a difficult situation, you can deploy M&A experts – who can combine their
local knowledge and industry expertise effectively to make your deal successful.
They will be available with a wide range of advisory service including tax, due
diligence, and legal advice.

M & A Advisor – Solutions For Key issues

      Quickly recognizes new markets, technologies, assets, personnel and guides
       you on intellectual property monetization and other sources of financing.
      Helps you restructure the financial condition of your company by disposing
       of loss making units or sections.
      Estimates the right value of your business.
      Lets you raise fund for future expansion.
      The M & A advisor helps you set the right direction and business strategy,
       which can result in a successful M&A transaction.

How useful can be the M&A advisory service for you

      Professional advice all through the transaction.
      Great ability to find the right buyer for your company, or to recognize the
       best valued acquisition goal.
      Specialized consultation in the M&A policies regulating registered
      Best practices in M&A with the added advantage of local knowledge.

M & A advisor service offerings

Gives advice on all areas of mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, and private equity
financing, including:

      Deal creation.
      Deal processing.
      Assets evaluation.
      Preparation of business strategies and financial model of projections.
      Private equity financing, Fund raising and debt raising.
      Debt reformation.
      Co-operation with due diligence service providers and legal advisers.
      Review of exit strategy.
      Right kind of advice and assistance in deal planning and deal making.
      Private to public transactions.
      Advice on bid defense and hostile offers.

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