Revolutionizing Speech Technology in the Cloud

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					        Revolutionizing Speech Technology in the Cloud

Utilizing an enterprise grade Unified Speech Assistant can lower costs, streamline processes,
taking corporate productivity to new heights. It’s even become part of some enterprises “work
smarter” programs. Question is - why aren’t more organizations embracing it more quickly? Siri
has certainly made an impact in the consumer world, bringing speech technology to the
forefront, however, some have begun to sour on Siri’s performance as referenced in a recent NY
Times article.

The situation is not the same with enterprise speech applications like Mobiso. Mobiso grew up
in the large enterprise space and continues to successfully support global Fortune 1000
customers, as well as small and mid-size customers from the cloud. Our partnerships with
Avaya, Mitel, Broadsoft , Metaswitch, Genband and Cisco continue to grow too as Mobiso
becomes the Unified Speech Assistant of choice. With superb accuracy on Day 1 as a result of
Mobiso’s patented Logical Choice software and
unique Day 2 Continuous Linguistic Improvements,
enterprises appreciate the performance Mobiso
delivers year after year. Here are the key reasons
why partners choose Mobiso: Telovations Licenses
Lyrix's Mobiso Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant

Historical barriers to adoption of speech technology
in the enterprise consist of the sizable capital
investment of deploying and maintaining a speech
recognition system. Even though there may be
substantial ROI, in these recent tough economic times, the upfront costs can often put the
project “on-hold”. Traditional on-premise deployments take a bit more time and can sometimes
present deployment challenges, and speech technology is tricky to support and maintain. For
organizations with limited IT resources or expertise in the right areas it’s sometimes simply a no

A hosted or cloud-based speech technology solution overcomes those barriers. It offers all the
same features and functions as a traditional premises-based speech enabled auto attendant, but
can be deployed much more rapidly and easily, and eliminates the associated costs of a
premise-based solution. With a pay-per-user/month model vs. a huge up-front investment,
Capex moves to Opex and becomes a more predictable operating expense. A cloud-based
solution reduces overall costs, centralizes management, offers infinite flexibility, and enhances
communications continuity and disaster recovery. By putting your Speech Enabled Auto
Attendant applications in the cloud, it becomes a robust Unified Speech Assistant solution and
makes it much easier to deal with the challenges of mobility, and multiple devices - including the
challenges of BYOD. Mobiso can also uniquely help facilitate and support a BYOD program with
software and services with WEM services.

Whether you’re a CIO, IT manager, Call Center Manager or potential partner, we can help you
extend the value of your existing voice and UC infrastructure and support your ongoing strategy
and business case for deployment that aligns with your organizational needs.

With Mobiso’s Unified Speech Assistant in the Cloud you can:

    Leverage, extend and invoke existing Voice/UC solutions to support a growing mobile
     and virtual workforce, and accelerate adoption of collaboration applications that enhance
     decision making with the simple power of your voice: to call, message or conference.
    Reduce total cost of ownership while extending communications and collaboration to the
     maximum number of employees, adjusting capacity and functionality on-demand.
    Centralize administration with cloud deployments and streamline business processes to
     support the capabilities of a lean IT staff.
    For Our Parteners: Mobiso extends the value of your comprehensive hosted
     communication solutions, providing differentiating capabilities and adding the valuable
     applications customers are asking for.

Mobiso can also be deployed within a VMWare environment. Our expertise and best practices
support our service providers and customers to ensure a risk-free migration path to the cloud.

                 We invite you to try Mobiso and take your voice to the cloud!

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