FIVES FORUM 2.2012 by lanyuehua


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Volume 28 Issue 2                                          February 2012

Donna Massey, President                              deal of the property. It could also result in a
                                                     legal issue if someone was injured. The so-
                                                     lar system has paid for itself, and really pro-
The front entrance to Mainlands remains a            vided for a much more usable pool. We will
work in progress. The back of the monu-              keep the residents informed on our progress.
ments was painted and looks a great deal
better. The Master’s Association is in the             House washing is scheduled to begin the
process of approving landscaping the area.           end of January, weather permitting, in Phase
Several landscapers have presented plans,            III. Please cooperate by removing plants
but no agreement was reached at the last             and furniture, as necessary. The Daly
Master' meeting.
        s                                            Group, as well as the Homeowners Board,
Many of the palm trees in the medians are            will not be responsible for items not moved
decaying and, therefore, will have to be re-         that are damaged from the cleaning solu-
placed. The Master’s began discussing a              tion.
plan. It was decided to have the county ex-          Nate Andersen is working hard to get our
tension office look at the trees, and advise         lawns in top condition. He has had several
if they have a disease or old age. To re-            meetings with Ameri-Pride to prevent the
place all of the trees would cost about              influx of bugs and disease after the winter
$100,000. So, we will await advice from              cold. He is in the process of checking sprin-
the County, and then prepare a plan to re-           klers to try to get all of them in working
place a few at a time, pending the results of        condition.
their evaluation.
                                                     Just a reminder, if you see sprinklers work-
The roof over the shuffleboard court is              ing improperly, please call the Mainlands
rusting and when it rains, the courts be-            Office, not Nate. He cannot repair the prob-
come wet. In part this is due to the solar           lem, so he would have to call the office. If
panels. When the panels, which are full of           you call the repair in, it should be com-
pool water that contains chlorine, wet the           pleted more quickly.
aluminum roof, a chemical reaction occurs.
Chlorine is a very corrosive chemical and            We again have a problem with Mainlands
can destroy most anything it touches.                Boulevard in Unit V with the asphalt slip-
Mike Finkelstein is presently working to                                 s
                                                     ping. The Master' Association has decided
find a solution to this dilemma. There is            to have an engineer examine the undercar-
no other place to put the panels and get the         riage of the road, and then proceed with re-
maximum effect. If placed on the ground,             pairs as necessary.
the trees would block a high percentage of           The use of a camera to examine the sewer
the sunlight, and it would take up a great           lines by the City of Pinellas Park is pro-
      Page 2                                                           FIVE’S FORUM

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (cont.)                       Klatch for $4.00.
gressing nicely under Tom Punton’s leader-
ship. To date, several small problems have       On Saturday, March 10th, we are having an
been noted. When the process is complete,        individual garage sale. These garage sales
we will then get prices to do the necessary                                   s
                                                 will be at each individual' home. For de-
repairs.                                         tails, there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin
                                                 board in the Clubhouse. You must see Ra-
A new Welcome Committee was formed               chel O'Hara for details.
with Stuart Hoff as the Chairperson. If you
have suggestions for this committee, please      The February Social Club speaker will be
contact Stuart. We will be giving more in-       Pinellas County Deputy Denise Nestor.
formation as this process progresses.            Please attend your Social Club meetings on
                                                 the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Let' help
In closing, all vendors who do work in the       "Keep Unit Five Alive". You can achieve
Mainlands must have identification on their      this with your volunteer help to keep things
vehicles. This helps to insure that all ven-     going forward for you and your neighbors.
dors are licensed and insured. If an unli-
censed vendor is found to be working in the      GRAPES ON THE VINE
county, the vendor can be fined, as well as
the homeowner who employs them. This is          The New Year 2012 was ushered in by 54
very important at this time of the year, since   people at the Clubhouse - snacking, drink-
non-licensed contractors have taken advan-       ing, and dancing to the music provided by
tage of many homeowners, The Mainlands           our own Tom Perry. Apparently, all had fun,
Office has a list of licensed and insured ven-   while the rest of us did our own thing, i.e.,
dors, and would be happy to give you infor-      going to bed early? Some of the women
mation on your contractor.                       encircled John Myers and danced around
                                                 him - bet he loved the attention! Also
SOCIAL CLUB                                      heard, John had the great pleasure of danc-
Jack Hersh, President                            ing with “the ol hen” as she calls herself,
Looking forward to our upcoming events,          Julia Miglin. She sure has the energy.
we will enjoy our Free Pizza Party on Satur-     Hopefully next New Year’s Eve will entice
day, February 18th at 4:00 p.m. We have a        more people to join the party!! Think about
great group coming in to entertain us. The       it!! We were concerned that Koffee Klatch
Free Pizza Party is for Unit 5 residents only.   wouldn’t be held, but true to the Unit 5
There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin         motto “Keep Five Alive,” Dick and Marilyn
board in the Clubhouse. Please sign up so        McKelvey and Howard Biggs stepped up to
we will know how many pizzas to order.           the plate. A BIG Big thank you! Seen at
                                                 one of the Koffee Klatch mornings were
In March, our Italian Nite will be on Sun-       Carol and Larry Lillie, Rachel and Jim
day, March 25th at 4:00 p.m., and again fea-     O’Hara, Bob and Audrey Litchfield, Joe Se-
turing the Italian Dancers direct from           pic, Nate Andersen, John and Betty Myers,
Naples. Tickets will be on sale at Koffee        Mary Bachman, Kay Edwards, and Mary-
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GRAPES ON THE VINE (cont.)                      back from a much-needed vacation in Mi-
Ann Hill. Don MacAuley was there minus          ami. Seen at PoFolks was Eva Barker with
his “rib,” Paula, who was in Boston helping     Inez Wyatt. Were you enjoying the all-you-
her sister. He even celebrated his birthday     can-eat fried fish? Yummy!
without her. HAPPY BELATED 85TH Don!
Others at the KK were Jean and Whitey           YOGA
Williams, Jack Mischler, Mike and Nadine        Berny Bates
Finklestein, the Boudreaus (Charlie cele-
brated his birthday also). Saw Lola Perfetti,   January was a very busy month for yoga.
Elaine Waldschmidt, Carol Zaborowski,           Reporters and photographers have been the
Norm Doucette, Frank Weigel, Carol Will,        norm - from Channel 13 in Orlando, to Ten-
Jim Murray, Ed Wisner, Millie Dubois, and       nessee and California (the yoga teacher is
Eleanor Molewski. Wow! Frank Schworer           writing a book on yoga). Snapshots of our
was seen walking to KK in shorts. Where do      classes have appeared in numerous periodi-
you think you are… in warm and sunny            cals, including the AAA magazine.
Florida? One must know that Frank is from
the cold north. We had the pleasure to meet     Attendance has increased since we opened
the newlyweds and new residents, Morris         up our yoga classes to all of the Units in
and Gracie Cornelius. May you have many         Mainlands. My sincere thanks to all of the
more happy and healthy years together, and      students - you share in and are a motivating
welcome to Unit 5! MaryAnn Hill was             force behind the Guinness achievement and
showing everyone the picture of the newly       certificate.
born quarter horse named after her: Mary-
Ann Streaking. Please MaryAnn, don’t get        For those of you who have not yet taken the
any ideas about streaking yourself! Wel-        opportunity, drop in for a class (check the
come back home, Chris Jerie, from celebrat-     schedule on the Forum calendar), and see
ing the holidays with family in Maryland,       how yoga may improve the quality of your
and also to Birgetta Schuster who visited       life.
family in California. Heard that Lee Se-
abury celebrated her “39th birthday.            SHUFFLEBOARD
Thought one had to be 55 to reside here.        Mary Allmeyer
Seen at the Social Club meeting were new-
bies Larry and Marilyn Jackson. Welcome!        We played LaPlaza on January 12th.. Win-
Game night is growing: additional players       ning both games were John Robinton, Betty
included Bridget Kindel with friend Al, and     Harper, Young Pat Fabisiak, Carol Robinton
Lola Perfetti with friend Ted, also Regina      and Caryl May.
Lancaster, and Ann and Fran Quinn. The
more the merrier. The current tragedy in It-    Thanks to John Robinton for painting the
aly hasn’t dampened Erna Thayer’s plans to      League scoreboard. It was in pretty bad
cruise the Caribbean. Hope you have a           shape, and now it looks like new. Also,
great time. Jack and Barbara Hersh are          John is providing a detailed schedule of our
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SHUFFLEBOARD (cont.)                             Tom Perry with a 206 and Dina Oertli with
weekly games and standings. It is a more         a 220 game are the individual scratch high
comprehensive list, and we really appreciate     game second half stars.
the added information. Mary has posted it
on the shuffleboard courts'bulletin board,       Other noteworthy accomplishments in the
and we all thank John for the time and work      second half:
he put into it.
                                                 High scratch series
On Jan. 19 we played the first place team,       Women — Dawn Perry 527
East Bay Oaks. We lost 18-14, but against        Men – Stuart Hoff 564
that team we felt pretty good with the
score. We had another first victory: Con-        High handicap series
gratulations to Mike Tehonica for winning        Women – Connie Shildt 701
his first League game. That' always excit-       Men – Charlie Boudreau 712
ing, not only for him, but for the whole
team. Steve Zebos and Mary Allmeyer won          There are still ten weeks remaining in the
both games.                                      season. If you have thought about giving it
                                                 a try, now would be a perfect time, since
BOWLING                                          your commitment would be limited. Who
Tom Perry                                        knows, you might like it enough to come
                                                 back for more !
As attributed to Yogi Berra, “It’s déjà vu all
over again.”                                     MOVIE NIGHT
                                                 Dottie Liskow
Here we are, five weeks into the second half
of the season, and the Aces, first half cham-    Friday, February 24th at 7:00 PM
pions, are again in the lead. The combina-
tion of Connie Shildt, Judy Bowman, Norm          “SALT” starring: Angelina Jolie and Liev
Doucette and Bud Weber has proved to be          Schreiber
formidable. It will take a combination of
luck and skill to catch and pass them in the     It’s a thriller!!! After Evelyn Salt is accused
remaining weeks.                                 of being a Russian sleeper spy
                                                 who actually is a rogue CIA agent, she goes
Three of the teams within eight points of        on the run, using numerous tactics, accents,
first place are the High Rollers, with Unit      and disguises.
Five residents Shelba Santelli and Bob
Litchfield, the Noshing Gators, with Dale        Free movie, snacks, just bring a cushion for
Butters and Charlie Boudreau, and the Ten        comfort and something to drink.
Pins, led by Dina Oertli, Tom Perry and
Mike Tehonica.                                   SEE YA AT THE MOVIES!!!
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GOLF (9-hole Tuesdays at Cypress                  is sharing the wonderful weather and com-
Links)                                            panionship with good people. I will play
Stuart Hoff                                       again… soon as the wounds heal !

Press time prevents our being able to share       The league tournament will begin in Febru-
the results of our Golf Fun Day scramble on       ary, and continue for six weeks. For those
Sunday, January 29th at Cypress Links. This       people who stay around through the spring
much is definite: people will have a good         and/or summer, we will discuss trying to put
time, a lot of pizza and wings will be eaten,     together a schedule of courses to play to
soft drinks and beer will be consumed in          broaden our horizons.
quantity, and “woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’
will be the oft-heard phrases in the post-        BEARS CREATIONS
mortem.                                           Kathy Bortscheller

The league tournament gets underway on            Would you be willing to take an hour or two
Tuesday, February 7th. The fall/winter sea-       of your time to donate to a worthy cause ???
son will culminate with our annual banquet        We are working on creating bears for cancer
at The Wine Cellar on Wednesday, March            patients at St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Pe-
21st, at which time tournament champions          tersburg, FL. These bears go the NEW can-
will be recognized and prize money distrib-       cer patients. We will meet the 4th Monday in
uted. We will also hold our first elections in    the month (February 27th). We meet at the
the last 12 or 13 years at the banquet. Inter-    Clubhouse from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. We
ested parties should contact Carol Stevens,       trace bear patterns onto material, and also
Lola Perfetti or Stuart Hoff. Carol, Lola and     stuff bears. Please join us for this very good
Nate Andersen hope to work on bringing the        cause.
League By-Laws up to date with suggested
modifications that can be discussed at or be-
fore the banquet.                                 FAITH-BASED HELPING HANDS
GOLF (9- and 18-hole Thursdays at                 Chuck Graham
Mainlands Golf Course)
Stuart Hoff                                       Our group meets the first and third Wednes-
                                                  day of each month, 2 - 4 PM, in the Club-
In next month’s Forum, I should be able to        house office, and everyone is welcome to
report the results of the first annual U.S. vs.   attend.
Canada Challenge Cup matches, which took
place across 3 weeks in January. I did my         Our meeting on January 18th was a great
part to insure positive relations with our        success, with 10 members in attendance, in-
friends to the North by enduring what can         cluding our newest member, Rev. Don
only be described as “a humiliation whip-         Lunsford. We had an open discussion on
ping.” The saving grace of the game of golf       the following:
      Page 6                                                        FIVE’S FORUM

FAITH-BASED HELPING HANDS                       (on a chilly Friday) made by some of our
GROUP (cont.)                                   members. It’s nice to be able to count on
How Tim Tebow is doing more for Christi-        the members, and Carol Zaborowski’s hos-
anity and our great nation than some of our     pitality committee to do a great job. Girls,
Pastors, religious leaders and politicians.     thanks for the food.

We discussed how the Mormon religion            Our February 11, 2011, meeting is our an-
has evolved over the years and is considered                    s
                                                nual President' Luncheon, when the Presi-
a Christian religion.                           dents and Vice Presidents from the other
                                                Units are our guests. It should be a fun time,
We discussed the possibility of changing        because Elvis will be in the building. (Bruce
our name to "Helping Hands Bible Study          Nye, Elvis impersonator). At this meeting,
Group," and the possibility of inviting all     we ask the members to bring a salad of your
residents of Mainlands to attend our meet-      choice to share with all. We will provide
ings.                                           rolls, dessert, coffee and tea. Sign up with
                                                Gert and pay your dollar for a great time.
Our February meetings will be on the 1st
and the 15th, and we will discuss the follow-   We have formed a nominating committee,
ing:                                            chaired by Carol Stevens. Please think
                                                about volunteering for the Board for next
Overcoming recent laws and regulations re-      year. We need you. Give Carol a call, and
stricting Christian groups from meeting.        she will find a spot for you.
What is the job of the ACLU?                    Remember: Board meeting January 31,
                                                2011, after Koffee Klatch. See you all at
If you need help that is within our means,      the February meeting.
call any of our group members.
                                                MEN’S CLUB
Spotted on a church marquee: "Love your         Jim Murray
enemies; after all, you made them."
                                                Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday,
WOMEN’S CLUB                                    February 7th at 6 PM. We have the meeting
Nadine Finkelstein                              first, and then enjoy a delicious dinner pre-
                                                pared by our resident chef, Don MacAuley
Our January meeting was very interesting        and his staff. It is most important that if you
and successful, thanks to Joanne Hannon,        plan to attend, that you sign up - in ad-
Dorothy Frommer and Betty Myers. Joanne         vance - on the bulletin board, so that he has
was the organizer and MC of a “This is          an accurate number of attendees.
Your Life” segment on Betty’s and Doro-
thy' careers. Who knew we had such talent       We had three new members at our January
and celebrities in our midst ? Girls, thanks    meeting, giving us a total of ten new mem-
for the memories. We also had great chili
      Page 7                                                        FIVE’S FORUM

MEN’S CLUB (cont.)                             some of our newer residents who have been
bers so far this year. If not a member –       busy getting moved and settled.
come, meet and enjoy the friendship of the
men in Unit 5. All male residents of Unit 5    Today, I went outside to get my newspaper;
are invited to join the Men’s Club. The        water was running down our street. Look-
membership dues are $15 a year, and that       ing down the street, the water seemed to be
includes a delicious dinner each month                                       s
                                               coming out of a neighbor' garage. The
(September through May).                       house had been vacant for several months.
                                               Nobody had turned the water off ! A broken
Mark your calendars for Sunday, March          water line, or a leaking water heater ?? I
18th, when we will be having our St. Pat-                                              t
                                               looked for the shut-off valve - I didn' see
rick’s Day celebration. Also in the planning   it. Neither the Block Captain nor the
stages are a Sports Day and a day at the       neighbors had a key. I went to the Club-
racetrack.                                     house - no key in the file ! Fortunately, Bob
                                               Litchfield was at the Clubhouse, and he
PANCAKE BREAKFAST                              came over, found the shut-off valve and he
John Adamec                                    and Jim Bortscheller got the water turned
                                               off !
It' January, and all the snowbirds are
back. We did a fantastic job again. Our        The people who are buying the house had
numbers this season have increased every       come by yesterday, and being a nosy
month. Bud Stemm attributes the increase       neighbor, I had gone over to welcome them
to the number of signs we put out. Fran        to Unit Five. They left me their name and a
Schworer say it' because she and Frank are     phone number, so I was able to call them
working. Whatever it is, I hope it contin-     this morning. The water mostly damaged
ues. We beat last year' figure by 38, for a    only the laundry area; it could have been
grand total of 244 meals. Frank Schworer       worse.
and Stuart Hoff ran their butts off, doing
anything and everything to help. We have       Moral of the story: Turn your water off
an excellent crew, no make that a fantastic    when you leave…even for a few days, and
crew. I can' praise them enough. It takes      certainly if going away for an extended
every one of them to make this event a suc-    time. And, complete an Emergency Notifi-
cess. I thank each an every one of you.        cation Form (forms and a box to leave the
                                               completed form in are near the bulletin
INCIDENT AND A REMINDER                        board in the Clubhouse). Leave a key with
Joanne Hannon, Unit Five Secretary             someone and/or in the file in the Clubhouse.

I was thinking it was time to write some-      Oxymoron
thing for the Five' Forum about completing
an Emergency Notification Form, as some        Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball
residents have not done that…especially        game" when we are already there?
      Page 8                                                  FIVE’S FORUM

DIAL DIRECTORY                           GARAGE SALE
Dottie Liskow                            Rachel O'Hara

Beech, Suzanne & Richard                 We will be having a garage sale in partici-
9055 38th Lane                           pating homes on Saturday, March 10th, from
Tel # 813-785-7509                       8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. There will be a sign-
                                         up sheet on the bulletin board in the Club-
Cornelius, Morris & Gracie               house. If you want to take part, please sign
9307 41st Way                            up with your name and telephone number,
Tel # 812-887-3191                       so that we can track how many homes will
                                         be involved.
Fuentes, James & Melinda
9045 40th Way                            COMMUNITY CONCERNS
Tel # 577-7913                           Paula MacAuley

Grossman, Harry                          Get Well cards were sent to:
4039 93rd Terrace
Tel # 224-5983                           Carol Stevens
                                         Thelma Clark
Lane, Lorraine & Paul                    Dewey Wilson
9304 41st Way
Tel # 8277308                            A Sympathy card was sent to the Duvall
                                         family, on the death of Jim
Pellerin, Betty
9204 41st Way                            ALUMINUM CANS
Tel # 579-3976                           Jim Bortscheller

VanDusen, Dennis                         The Men’s Club collects only aluminum
9212 42nd St                             cans for recycling. Please put in garbage
Tel # 367-9533                           cans provided by the back of kitchen door
                                         area. Please do not throw them behind the
Add Tel # for                            air conditioner. No plastic bottles, paper,
Schwartz, Gregory                        metal cans or glass bottles. Thank you very
816-421-4657                             much for your cooperation.

Change Tel #                             Questions That Haunt Me
Jolicoeur, Albert & Lois
Tel # 954-6194                           Can you cry under water?

The new Dial Directory should be ready   If electricity comes from electrons, does
shortly.                                 morality come from morons?
      Page 9                                                            FIVE’S FORUM

REFLECTIONS OFF THE TOP                          To give to others but also to accept help
Stuart Hoff                                      gracefully
                                                 To make changes for the better when possi-
We are working on trying to improve the          ble, knowing that those changes can become
process by which new residents are brought       ever-widening circles - but if they don'      t,
into the community. To that end, I would              s
                                                 that' okay too
like to speak with up to five residents who      That depression is lightened by doing some-
have moved into Unit Five within the last        thing nice for someone
12 months. This can occur as a one-on-one        That our minds and bodies are intertwined
(or one-on-two) or as a group discussion,        and that positive thoughts influence our
whichever is more comfortable. Since you         bodies in beneficial ways
have most recently experienced this, your                      t
                                                 That life isn' always smooth but the rough
feedback will be very valuable in trying to      spots bring greater appreciation for the good
determine what needs to be done, as well as      times
what needs to not happen. Please either e-       To not live in the past, but to profit from the
mail me at, or call        past while living in the present and the fu-
me at 579-4060 to indicate your interest in      ture
participating. Hopefully, we will all benefit
from the dialogue.                               Learn To Create Your Own Happiness

The January 25th edition of the Tampa Bay        The consensus of the elders is that we can't
Times mentioned a project at Cornell Uni-        wait for external events to bring about hap-
versity called The Legacy Project. From in-      piness. They suggest we can make a choice
terviews with older Americans, a professor                                                 re
                                                 not to brood negatively about life. If you'
has written a book entitled 30 Lessons For       struggling and need a lift, consider these
Living: Tried and True Advice from the           statements from The Legacy Project elders:
Wisest Americans. I went to the website
(, and it        I have learned the importance of getting out
offers the ability to search by topic. I chose   and doing things and making friends wher-
several at random, and some are worth shar-      ever you are, and not feeling sorry for your-
ing:                                             self (Juan, 71).

Matilda' Lessons For Living, Peaceful And        I had a very rough life, and it would take me
Poetic (Matilda is 78)                           hours just to tell you what has gone on in
                                                 my life. You just have to pull up your boot
Over my life, I have learned:                    straps and keep on going. You have to
                                                 make up your mind, you' either got to live
To see the fun in the world instead of dwell-                                   s
                                                 one way or the other, it' your choice
ing on the unhappy things                        (Laverne, 82).
To be involved is to feel useful and fulfilled
To have love for others is to receive love       Here is what I have learned: I came into this
      Page 10                                                             FIVE’S FORUM

REFLECTIONS OFF THE TOP (cont.)                  yer, "What goes up a hill with three legs,
world with nothing, my experiences are           and comes down with four?" The lawyer
only mine and I will leave this world with       uses his laptop to search all references he
nothing. The only one I can change is my-        can find on the Net. He sends e-mails to all
self. You must learn to create your own          the smart friends he knows, all to no avail.
happiness; you cannot depend on others to        After an hour of searching, he finally gives
do this for you (Cheryl, 86).                    up. He wakes the senior and hands him
                                                 $500.00. The senior pockets the $500.00
Don' brood on any past shortcomings or           and goes right back to sleep. The lawyer is
failures. Learn what you can from them, re-      going nuts not knowing the answer. He
solve to do better, and live on (Jerome, 69)     wakes the senior up and asks, "Well, so
                                                 what goes up a hill with three legs and
Anyone interested in the creation of a Unit      comes        down       with       four?"
Five Legacy Project ?
                                                 The senior reaches into his pocket, hands
JOKE                                             the lawyer $5.00, and goes back to sleep.

A lawyer and a senior citizen are sitting next   Questions That Haunt Me
to each other on a long flight.
The lawyer is thinking that seniors are so       If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable
dumb that he could get one over on them          oil is made from vegetables, what is baby
easily. So, the lawyer asks if the senior        oil made from?
would like to play a fun game.
The senior is tired and just wants to take a     If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy
nap, so he politely declines and tries to                                      t
                                                 all that ACME stuff, why didn'he just buy
catch a few winks. The lawyer persists,          dinner?
saying that the game is a lot of fun...."I ask
you a question, and if you don' know the                                       s
                                                 If the professor on Gilligan' Island can
answer, you pay me only $5.00. Then you                                                t
                                                 make a radio out of a coconut, why can'he
ask me one, and if I don'know the answer,        fix a hole in a boat?
I will pay you $500.00," he says.
                                                 Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the
This catches the senior' attention and, to       carpool lane?
keep the lawyer quiet, he agrees to play the
game. The lawyer asks the first question.        If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why
"What' the distance from the Earth to the        is there a stupid song about him?
Moon?" The senior doesn'say a word, but
reaches into his pocket, pulls out a five-       Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?
dollar bill, and hands it to the lawyer.
                                                 Why are you IN a movie, but you' ON
       s           s
Now, it' the senior' turn. He asks the law-      TV?

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