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									                                  Rob Colbert
                          1600 Villa Street | Mountain View, CA 94041
                           650-260-5076 |

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       Build creative, cutting-edge Web-based technology solutions that predict and then meet
       today’s most challenging business needs and objectives by implementing innovative,
       forward-thinking software systems as a contractor/consultant or permanent/full-time


Sep, 2011 - Feb 2012     VMware, Inc.                                       Palo Alto, CA
                         Senior Member Technical Staff

       Designed and built the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript client and C++ Win32 compiled
       desktop agent as well as back-end Java-based Web services for AppBlast, an application
       remoting technology. Today, AppBlast requires nothing but an HTML5-compliant
       browser client to connect to a Windows host, run applications on it and interact with them
       using only a RESTful API (no Flash or WebSockets).

Aug 2011 - Sep 2011      HP/Palm, Inc.                                      Sunnyvale, CA
                         Senior Engineer - webOS Platform

       1. I sign my offer letter, accepting position in webOS group; 2. HP kills the Personal
       Systems Group prior to my first day on the job; and 3. Two weeks later, I’m at VMware.

Nov. 2010 - Apr. 2011    Rivet Games, Inc.                                  San Francisco, CA

       Used Adobe Flash Builder/FLEX, Action Script 3, Java and PHP to extend Rivet's
       social games development framework user interface capabilities. Improved development
       productivity, implemented back-end services and designed/built an automated load
       testing solution in support of Pet Tales on Facebook.

Mar. 2010 - Oct. 2010    2K Sports, Inc.                                           Novato, CA
                         Senior Online Software Engineer

       C++ was used to build high-performance network relay servers. The relay server was
       built to provide a solution for peer-to-peer network connectivity problems in 2K Sports
       games related to NAT traversal and consumer bandwidth limitations.

Apr. 2009 - Apr. 2010    The Code Cabin                                      Walnut Creek, CA
                         Sole Proprietor/Hobby
       Never meant to be a sustaining source of income, The Code Cabin was created as a
       hobby while experimenting with iOS application development in a low-risk environment.

       This was a great learning experience as my first adventure into mobile applications
       development. It isn't dead, I just never renewed my developer account once I achieved the
       goal of publishing a couple of apps.

Feb. 2009 - Feb. 2010    EA/Maxis                                               Emeryville, CA
                         Senior Online Programmer

       Responsible for architecting, implementing and integrating a very comprehensive online
       gaming platform for Darkspore including micro-transactions, lobby, matchmaking,
       scoring, and a host of content services to support the game’s needs. HTML/CSS/
       JavaScript used to build and deliver game’s entire in-game menuing system by
       integrating the Chromium browser and v8 JavaScript engine.

       Also architected and delivered the game’s dedicated server in C++, enabling the game
       team as well as the online team to contribute toward the development of the game’s
       logic and server-side simulation. Analyzed and recommended many technologies for
       use, then performed the work necessary to integrate them into an effective solution that
       successfully met the game's requirements.

Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2009    BreakAway Games, Ltd.                                Corpus Christi, TX
                         Lead Programmer

       Lead programmer on the Pulse!! project being developed by BreakAway Games for
       Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Designed and developed a new suite of content
       creation and management tools as well as corresponding engine enhancements that
       brought the Pulse!! learning platform to its next level of maturity. This included the
       Pulse!! Framework, a .NET foundation written in managed C++ upon which a suite
       of Windows Forms C# applications were built, and an implementation of a smoothed
       particle hydrodynamics simulation with an optimized dynamic isosurface generator
       written in C++ and parallelized with OpenMP.

       Lead the programming team in the creation of a battlefield training exercise simulator
       developed for the United States Army. Also supported the National Simulation Center in
       the development of a specialized crycothyrotomy training simulation as the first external
       developer to use the Pulse!! engine and the newly developed Pulse!! IDE.

May. 2005 - Nov. 2007    Sony Computer Entertainment of America                  San Diego, CA
                         MLB/Online Lead Programmer

       Designed, developed, deployed and supported SportsConnect, an online gaming platform
       consisting of high-performance C++ Unix daemons, Oracle/PHP/Apache Web services
       and a cross-platform client SDK that runs on Win32, Linux, PS2, PSP and PS3. Designed
       and implemented all online screens for MLB 06 and 07 (and most of 08) on PS2, PSP and

       Built game admin tools used by SCEA Online Support, enabling them to function
       independently. This helped drive the successful growth of the MLB online gaming
       community by over 5,000%.
Aug. 2003 - May. 2005     Sony Computer Entertainment of America                   San Diego, CA
                          Online Games Integration Lead

       Contributed to the design, implementation, testing, release and production support of
       numerous first-party online games. Designed and implemented protocol and bandwidth
       analyzers used in diagnosing and resolving complex online gaming SDK integration
       problems for a variety of titles in a variety of genres; Engineered new technologies
       (wrapper SDKs, GUI integration tools, etc.) to ease the integration of a complicated
       online gaming SDK into diverse online gaming code bases. These tools shortened initial
       integration times from months down to weeks.

       Consulted with several titles, refining proposed feature sets into feasible solutions given
       the technologies at our disposal, delivering some of the most compelling online gaming
       experiences possible on PlayStation gaming systems. Assisted in the completion of
       online features for Gran Turismo and built their Rally server; also collaborated on the
       development of PSP hotspot authentication and Web browsing features.

Mar. 2000 - Oct. 2002     Cisco Systems, Inc.                                        San Jose, CA
                          System Test Lead Engineer

       Created the Distributed Automated Regression and Negative Test (DARANT) software
       suite, a TCL-scripted farm of proprietary servers capable of emulating cities' worth of
       network traffic for the purpose of testing Cisco's highest-capacity network switches,
       routers and load balancers. It was used primarily for the testing the Content Switching
       Module (CSM), a Layer 7 content aware switch developed as a module for the Catalyst
       6000 product line.

Aug. 1998 - Oct. 2000     Infogrames                                                 San Jose, CA
                          System Test Lead Engineer

       Lead Programmer, Test Drive: Cycles (Windows); programmer Slave Zero (Win32)
       and Test Drive Off-Road 3 (PS and Win32). Created the FRAMEWERK SDK, a cross-
       platform scripted user interface library way before it was popular to have cross-platform,
       scripted user interfaces. Participated in DirectSound design sessions in Redmond, WA.
       Created a compressed streaming audio library to solve CD-ROM disc space issues for
       Slave Zero.

Mar. 1997 - Aug. 1998     MicroProse Software                                    Hunt Valley, MD
                          Online Programmer

       Designed and implemented ManaLink, the online play solution for Magic: The
       Gathering. This involved putting Magic: The Gathering into a competitive arena where
       thousands of players could play duel after duel for online score, rank and bragging rights
       on the Total Entertainment Network (TEN). Magic: The Gathering had more concurrent
       online players on the Total Entertainment Network than Quake.

Apr. 1996 - Mar. 1997     Abalone Entertainment Software Development                  Fremont, CA

       As a rare programmer with Windows 95 and DirectX experience (at the time), I was
       contracted by Virgin Interactive to work on-site at Abalone. My role was to guide and
       assist the Golden Nugget development team in their porting of Golden Nugget from DOS
       to Windows prior to its initial shipment. I designed and implemented a video playback
       engine for the game, assisted with game play and AI programming and handled technical
       issues related to the Win32 and DirectX 1.0 SDKs.

Apr. 1994 - Apr. 1996    Straffan Production Company, Ltd.                       Pittsburgh, PA

       Straffan was a small start-up game development company founded in Pittsburgh,
       Pennsylvania, to develop educational and casual games for children. I was the only
       programmer at Straffan, working with two artists, one designer and subject matter experts
       including Mary Bruder of Chatham College on titles like Grammar Class for Windows 95
       and Bolz! for DOS and Windows 95.

Architect, Programmer, Manager.

C++, Objective-C, C#, C, Lua, PHP, SQL, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.


Frameworks and SDKs:
Flash, Flex, jQuery and jQuery UI, .NET, Zend, MFC, iPhone 3.1.2, Gamebryo, OGRE, PhysX,
Cell, OpenGL, OpenAL, DirectX, Ogg/Vorbis, GNOME (GTK), KDE, wxWidgets, Qt.

Flash, Linux (LAMP), Win32, iPhone OS, PlayStation (1, 2, 3 and Portable), J2ME (MIDP/
CLDC), Oracle.

Relevant Tools:
FlexBuilder, SlickEdit, Visual Studio 2010, Xcode 3.1.4, vi+Makefile, p4, svn, cvs, vi and a
make file.


Sto-Rox Senior High School                                                   McKees Rocks, PA
Graduated Class of 1991.

Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Placement/Early Admission Program Pittsburgh, PA
Earned six college credits between my junior and senior years of high school as one of two
students accepted to the program from the state of Pennsylvania.
Summer 1990

Community College of Allegheny County                                             Pittsburgh, PA
ASCS, Computer Science.

                               References available upon request.

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