Why Drinking Fruit And Vegetable Juices Is Good For You

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					 Why Drinking Fruit
And Vegetable Juices Is
    Good For You

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An increasing number of people are including fresh fruit and vegetable juices in
their diets because they want to meet the
recommended intake of vitamins, minerals, as well
as phytonutrients. Even though many would point
out that there is no additional benefit to drinking
juices than what you can already get from eating
whole fruits and vegetables, it does is give you
variety. If you’re someone who doesn’t love eating
fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly extracted juices can be a fun and easy
alternative. Also, they are a more healthful alternative to other refreshments like
carbonated drinks.

Soft drinks can cause oxidative stress to cells when taken and may even lead to
insulin resistance and weight gain in the long run. The same cannot be said about
juices from produce. If anything, fresh juices can offset oxidative stress and
inflammation resulting from high fat and high sugar diets, and do not contribute
to obesity as well. Although there is no denying that juices from produce usually
are lacking in fiber, it can also signify improved nutrient absorption and less work
for your digestive system.

Different Kinds of Juicers

As the juicing trend continues, there is also an increase in the number, brands,
and varieties of juicers sold these days. Juicers from Omega are one of the best-
selling juicers sold today. There are four types of juicers, and one of them are
reamers, which are the least expensive due fundamentally because they are only

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capable of juicing citruses. Some reamers need to be operated by hand, but there
are also automated ones. Centrifugal juicers are another variant and they utilize a
centrifuge which spins the produce at a high speed to remove the juice from the
pulp. While it can deal with various produce, it usually expose the juice to heat
and air as it is separated from the pulp, causing oxidation, loss of vitamins, and a
drop in shelf life.

Masticating juicers, like the Omega 8006
juicer, uses a single auger to mash the
produce and pass the juice along a static
screen. It is more efficient and produces
higher yield of juice and does not have
the issues of centrifugal juicers. These are
the explanation why you can find more
than one Omega 8006 juicer review that is very favorable.

The last variant is a triturating juicer also called twin gear juicer which uses two
interlocking gears that break down the produce, hence the name. They are the
most efficient, can accommodate most kinds of produce, and for these reasons
the most expensive of the bunch.

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Description: Many people are including juice from various producein their diets because they want to comply with the suggested amount and variety of vitamins, minerals, as well as phytonutrients.