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Karnataka deputy chief minister and in


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									Karnataka deputy chief minister and in-charge of home department R
Ashok had arrived in Guwahati on Saturday to urge the students and
professionals of Assam and North Eastern States to return to their own
business, who had fled the state following a wide spread rumor.

About 3.5 lakhs people from North Eastern states are living in various
parts of Karnataka of whom 2.5 lakhs live in Bangalore and more than
30,000 of them returned to their native places since August 15 in the
wake of the threatening SMS.

Deputy Chief Minister R Ashoka in Guwahati said : “There has been no
major incident of violence in Karnataka. There have only been a few
verbal threats. Today I met many students and professionals here who
have fled from Bangalore. I assured them of all protection.”

Asked about their reaction, Ashoka said: “I am sure they will return.
We are one nation and all of us are Indians.”

Ashoka, who met Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and briefed him
about the steps taken by his government, said he was told that the
state government was in touch with the railways and special train
services were being arranged from Guwahati from September 1 to
take back those who had fled.

As part of his goodwill mission to welcome back the region's people to
the southern state, Ashoka, accompanied by Karnataka director
general of police Lalrokhuma Pachau and other officials, made a short
visit to Imphal, Manipur on Sunday, a day after he visited Assam.

"There has been no communal violence in Karnataka since the last
many years and Bangalore is the safest place in India," Ashoka, said
while stating special trains for the NE people to return to Karnataka
would be operated from Guwahati from Saturday next.

Ashoka held meetings with Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh,
home minister Gaikhangam and top officials as well as parents and
guardians of the fleeing students and professionals.

"We are all Indians and we are one. That's why I have come to Imphal
to urge all those who fled Karnataka to return to their respective
institutions and work places," he said.

"Adequate security measures have been taken up with security men
fanning out in night patrols across Bangalore. Karnataka police have
so far registered 17 cases and five culprits have been pulled up in
connection with the hate SMSes and video clips," he said, adding that
special officials have also been manned to check cyber crime.

During his meeting with the parents of students studying in Karnataka,
Ashoka briefed them about the measures taken up for their wards'
safety. He added that the Centre has also taken all possible steps to
ensure safety of NE people in Karnataka.

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