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            Subject:                 Correction: G Gordon Liddy

            Thank you. Wonder why the rumor's still out there, then? Arctic P needs to clarify on its
            own via op-ed or letter(s) to editor(s) instead of waiting for any retraction. And in the
            meantime we need to clarify when we hear the incorrect info repeated out there- like
            today's letter to ed in ADN from the Soldotna constituent. (I've asked that the Kenai
            office contact the letter writer and correct his misunderstanding, for instance.) Pls let
            me know when Arctic P submits its op-ed or letter(s) of clarification to publicly put this
            to rest. Thanks!

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            Subject: RE: G Gordon Liddy


            Arctic Power has contacted the Anchorage Daily News. I will follow up

            with the Daily News. If they don't print a clarification/retraction, I

            would suggest to Arctic Power to write a letter to the editor.


            Hi John,


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Searchable Analytics at www.CrivellaWest.com         Posted by msnbc.com, Mother Jones and Pro Publica. http://palinemail.msnbc.msn.com

            I just wanted to forward a copy of our retraction to the ADN to you on

            the Liddy articles.      The same letter copied below has been sent to the

            Fairbanks News Miner and the Associated Press Anchorage Bureau which ran

            variants of Sean Cockerham's original story. The ADN reporters Frank

            Gerjevic and Sean Cockerham have both been contacted by phone on this

            and made aware of our grievances,. Mr. Liddy and the RadioAmerica

            management    have also been conferenced called today with the Arctic

            Power Executive Committee Members Eric Helzer and Matt Fagnani and

            Co-Chair Mike Navarre about our contacts with the ADN reporter and the

            letters of retraction.      They have said to us that they are pleased with

            our attempts to right this wrong and are 100% go for the tour in July.

            They stated that they will be personally fighting to clear Mr. Liddy's

            name in the Anchorage media, possibly with an appearance tomorrow

            morning on the Rick Rydell show on KENI Radio. Please feel free to pass

            this on to the Governor ' s Press Secretary as I know they were concerned

            on the issue.

            ARCTIC POWER letter to the ADN reporter Frank Gerjevic and CC'd to Sean


            Dear Frank,

            The Arctic Power Executive Committee met today to address the state of

            affairs caused by the April 19 Anchorage Daily News headline, "Group

            hires Liddy to promote Alaska petroleum drilling," and the misquoted

            statement that Liddy "was hired to broadcast from Alaska" attributed to

           Adrian Herrera . This information is untrue and has caused a serious

           misunderstanding. The Executive Committee unanimously called for the

            Daily News to issue an immediate, prominent retraction.

           Mr. Liddy volunteered to come to Alaska because he is concerned about

           national energy production and wanted to learn more about Alaska's

            energy and natural resource potential , not just the issue of ANWR's

            future. Arctic Power neither hired him nor will it pay him. He will
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            control all content of his show as an independent entity and will

            interview whom he wishes and present them on his show as he wishes.

            Arctic Power is delighted Alaskans will be able to share their views on

            this popular national talk radio show. The organization has invited

            members and supporters to help fund the costs of getting the production

            team around the state. For clarification, no state funds were ever

            intended to be used for Mr. Liddy's Alaska resource tour. When the tour

            itinerary is arranged, we will let you know the details.

            Thanks for your help, Frank, in clearing up the misconceptions created

            by this article.

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            Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 2:05 PM

            To: Leighow, Sharon W (GOV); Leschper, Beth (GOV); Hughes,              Rosanne D


            Cc: Nizich, Michael A (GOV); Tibbles, Michael A (GOV); Irwin, Tom E

            (DNR); Rutherford, Marty K ( DNR); Haagenson ,            Steven H (AIDEA); Katz,

            John W    (GOV); Persily,   Larry A   (GOV)

            Subject: G Gordon Liddy

            What's the plan for clarifying the "state is paying him..." rumor that

            was the subject of the editorial and the letters to the editor recently?

            I don't know who's idea it was to (supposedly) pay Liddy to lobby for

            ANWR ,   but either Arctic Power needs to answer to the rumors ,          or there at

            least needs to be clearer messaging that we didn't ask for this, nor did

            we bless the idea of paying him or his expenses anyway as he plans to

           broadcast from AK. Thanks!

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