Radar Speed Advisory Trailer by lanyuehua


									                                                                                  Project Description
Radar Operated Speed Advisory (Trailer)
System Description:                                                               Project Number
This system uses a radar that detects the speed of oncoming traffic and can       Sub Account
activate a blank out sign to give an illuminated speed warning message. If the
                                                                                  Bid Letting Number
speed of the oncoming vehicle exceeds a specified limit, the radar triggers the
blank out sign to flash a message to the traveler. The message includes the       Bid Tabulation
vehicle's present speed and the advised speed for the upcoming curve.             Contract Number
                                                                                  Contract Amount
                                                                                  Contractor Name
                                                                                  Purchase Order No.
                                                                                  CDOT has contracted with WANCO to pro
                                                                                  with radar speed advisory. Model No. WTL

                                                                                  ADDCO offers SMART technology to oper

                                                                                  Equipment List - Major Components

                                                                                  WANCO Speed Advisory Trailer - (WSDT-
                                                                                  WANCO Comb.Radar Speed-Message Tr
                                                                                  WANCO Comb. Solar Speed-Message (W
                                                                                  ADDCO VMS with Radar (VSLS-R) (Solar

                                                                                  CDOT Pre-Approved Product Evaluatio

                                                                                  Similar Products other Vendors:
            Work Zones -


            WANCO, Inc.

 contracted with WANCO to provide portable solar VMSs
speed advisory. Model No. WTLMB-5-LL / CDOT

ers SMART technology to operate their products

t List - Major Components                        List Price / Unit

peed Advisory Trailer - (WSDT-S)                         $5,950.00
omb.Radar Speed-Message Trailer                         $11,500.00
omb. Solar Speed-Message (WTLMB-5-LL)                   $17,372.00
MS with Radar (VSLS-R) (Solar)                           $8,000.00

Approved Product Evaluation: WANCO Speed Advisory Trailer

                                 WANCO Speed-Message Trailer

oducts other Vendors:            ADDCO Speed Advisory Trailer

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