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					      How to Operate the Metrotech 850 Utility Line Locator
 Lead                Insert direct connect cable or                      Battery charge
 connection          inductive clamp. BE SURE POWER                                                                             Conductor
                     IS OFF.                                                    Bad                            Power knob         arrow
                                                                                                 Battery charge
 Power               Pull knob up to turn unit on. Battery                      Better             indicator
 knob                % will display first. Then power light                     Full charge
                     will remain on.
 Charge              Plug power in here overnight.
 jack                Recharge whenever below 25%.

 Conductor           Align this arrow with your targeted
 arrow               conductor for inductive mode.

 Power               Start at low, switch to high if locate
 level               impossible at low power.

 Battery             Use the chart to the right to
 charge              determine if the battery has sufficient
 indicator           charge.
                     If less than 25%, recharge
                     immediately.                                                                                 Power level
                                                                                         Charge jack                knob
                     If >50%, you should have enough                      Lead         (shown closed)
                     charge for the day’s work.                         connection                             850 Transmitter
       Left/Right         Battery strength                                   Mode Selector                        850 Receiver
         signal              indicator
                                                                                  Turn off when not in use.        To check and
                                             selector                             Check battery (see right).       replace batteries
                                                         Heaphone                 Turn on to perform locate         1. Turn mode
                                                           jack                   procedure                            selector to
                                                                                  Use when required during             battery check.
                                                                                  daily check.

                                                                             Do not use the headphone
                                                                             jack. You must be aware of             2. If needle is to
                                                                             nearby changing safety                    the left of good
 Depth                        strength                    Speaker            issues such as traffic. The               range, replace
 button                                                                      speaker is sufficient.                    batteries. (Four
     To perform locate…
                                                                                                                    Batteries      Battery
     1. After performing required checks on unit              3. Start 10' to 15' from the transmitter.              under         access
        as per M-60.2, and with power turned                     Sweep left to right across where you                 here         screw
        off, insert appropriate attachment into                  expect to find the target conductor. Use
        transmitter.                                             the left/right indicator to find the
     2. If locating conductively, connect the red
        lead to the locating wire or other                    4. Follow target sweeping left to right
        conductive attachment, and connect the                   always noting strength of signal. A
        black lead to the ground stake. If                       sudden drop in signal accompanied by a
        inductively, connect the coupler to the                  left/right movement of the bar indicate a
        conductor or align the transmitter’s                     turn, tee or end of target conductor.
        conductor arrow with the suspected
                                                              5. Mark as you go, per marking standards
        location of the facility.
                                                                 and procedures.

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