Hello and Goodbye by yurtgc548


									Hello and Goodbye

issues and problems with
    extending access
   Carl Clayton, SINTO
   SINTO – the information
partnership for South Yorkshire
     and north Derbyshire
• Founded in 1933
• 40 members
• www.sinto.org.uk
   South Yorkshire Access to
     Libraries for Learners

• Set up in 1996
• Covers Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham
  and Sheffield
• www.syall.org.uk
Public access to electronic resources in
          academic libraries

• Restrictive licences
• Access to the computer network
• Capacity
Scientific Publications: Free for All?
House of Commons
 Science and Technology Committee-
 Tenth Report

    Framework for the Future
• Promotion of reading and informal learning
• Access to digital skills and services
• Measures to tackle social exclusion

DCMS, 2003
How accessible is NHS-funded
research to the general public

Memorandum from BioMed central.
  Appendix 43 to Scientific Publications;
  Free for All?
Nicholson, H
Is access an answer? Relay, 56 May
  2004 p5
Universities' valuable role
Sheffield Telegraph, 5th November
 2004 p13
Hamblin, Y. et al. Be 'filled with the urge' to
 access. Public Library Journal, Autumn
 2004 p7-8

                In conclusion
• Society should ensure that no one is denied
  access to the information they need
• As a profession it is our responsibility to achieve
  this goal
• Public and academic libraries both have a
  responsibility to their local community and they
  should work together to provide access
• There should be a national information policy to
  ensure that the information needs of all
  members of society are met

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