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The Lifecycle of a Butterfly


									The Lifecycle Of A Butterfly
      A GenYes Project by
 Laretta Johnson & John Grant
 In Partnership with Mrs. Moore
        Marigold School
               The Egg
   The first stage in the cycle is the egg.
The mother lays an egg on a plant or leaf
that later will be caterpillar food. Many of
the eggs will have ribs or other designs.
              The Larva
   The Second Stage is the Larva. The
Larva hatches from its egg and is called a
caterpillar. Caterpillars spend much time
eating leaves. It molts or sheds its skin
several times as it grows. Butterflies do all
there growing as caterpillars.
              The Pupa
    When a caterpillar is done growing, it
forms a pupa. Butterfly pupae are called
chrysalises. On the outside it looks as if it
is asleep but really on the inside every part
of it is changing. Most of the caterpillars
body parts dissolve and reform into
butterfly organs, tissues, wings and limbs
of the butterfly adult.
             The Adult
   When the pupa has completed its
changing it molts one last time and
emerges from its cocoon, now an adult
butterfly. The adult butterfly comes out
with its wings folded against its body. Its
pumps blood to its wings and then the
wings expand. The adult stage is when the
butterflies mate. The females lay there
eggs and the whole cycle restarts.
The Lifecycle of a Butterfly
           Designed & Created by:
                  John Grant &
                Laretta Johnson
                 Supervised by:
                   Mrs. Moore
  The students of Room 5 have learned the
   lifecycle of a butterfly with PowerPoint.

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