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									Operational definition of equality and freedom
Equality is all about making sure everyone is treated fairly and given the same life opportunities. The
terms “equality” , “equal,” and “equally” signify a qualitative relationship. ‘Equality’ (or ‘equal’) signifies
correspondence between a group of different objects, persons, processes or circumstances that have
the same qualities in at least one respect, but not all respects, i.e., regarding one specific feature, with
differences in other features. ‘Equality’ needs to thus be distinguished from ‘identity’ — this concept
signifying that one and the same object corresponds to itself in all its features: an object that can be
referred to through various individual terms, proper names, or descriptions. For the same reason, it
needs to be distinguished from ‘similarity’ — the concept of merely approximate.

Freedom is the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical
restraint. It’s an exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.! It is the power to
determine action without restraint! So when I do something without the force of an external
source then that is where I exercise my freedom!

Indicators we are specifying
Under the present study we identify certain indicators of equality and freedom in the larger social
context, like the following

Self expression= equality and freedom comes with an element of expression of self and one’s ideas.
When one can voice up that he./she likes or doesn’t like a particular thing/ event/ task, that is where the
person is able to exercise his/her freedom of expression and locate themselves in the context.

Decision making= equality gives a chance of choosing and deciding, and not coming under the
restraining forces or compulsion of others. A free person knows that he/she can take responsibility of
their acts and decide what they feel suits then the best.

Identity= Identity is not a product; it is a process, an ongoing process of negotiation between nature (our
genetic disposition) and nurture (socialization processes that are never ending). Identity is the basis for
equal rights and the demand for equality is a generalized demand: the recognition of membership in a
group/ family/ context.

Independence= we see it in the light of taking responsibility of one’s decisions and one’s wishes. So
when a person is allowed to do so, freedom and equality come in the process.

Rationale for the study
We speak a lot about freedom and equality in social contexts, the need for it in the present time and the
extent to which different organizations are working on it day to day. But have we really reached the
stage of “equality” or “freedom” at all? Gender equality has been a process focused a lot across nations
and in different areas. But fact is that many of them are still struggling with its existence outside the
mindset into the real life. In our research work, we wish to see the authenticity of the so called and so
much talked about equality and freedom for women, and find whether or not it has improved over time

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