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syllabus_DP.docx - Saratoga High School


									                                         Saratoga High School
                                    Digital Photography 2011-2012

 Instructor: Mrs. Cathy Leather                              Room 301
 Course Title: Digital Photography                           Contact:

 Materials: student must have a digital camera for use at home, 2 removable drives, 8x10 sketchbook,
 pencils/eraser and ear buds. Student must bring the removable drives and sketchbook to every class. Students
 who forget these tools will lose participation points. Students are not required to bring cameras to school.

As you enter this class you will assume the role of a photographer. As such, you will develop a photographer’s eye.
That means you will look at the world around you as potential for digital capture. You will develop a sense of what
makes a great photo and what separates great photos from snapshots. You will become good friends with your
camera and learn to adjust camera settings to achieve desired results. You will also explore ways in which to use
digital imaging to express yourself, get creative and record the world as it happens around you. You will learn to
apply the use of digital imaging to contemporary applications such as the web, animation, e-books and social

Students will master the technology, technique and aesthetics that are the foundation of the art of digital
photography. Students will study the history of photography by looking at influential photographers, their work, and
their contributions to the field of photography. Students will investigate the application of digital photography from
print to digital delivery. Students will learn Photoshop CS3 for digital imaging. Students will create a unique
collection of work based on California Department of Education standards and national standards for visual arts.

   Critique sessions of assigned photography projects
   Topic presentations, Text Excerpts, Internet Research, Group Work, Photoshop Lab.
   Survey of Photography (Historical context, notable photographers, current applications, digital trends,
      current thoughts on publishing and more)
   Assigned photography homework

Homework will consist of a weekly photographic assignment to be completed out of class that demonstrates a
specific topic. Students are expected to use their own cameras to complete assignments. Homework is to be
uploaded to your personal account on with a written reflection as assigned. Technical
specifications will be covered in class for all digital work based on assignment.
Each unit of instruction will have an Anchor assignment, the culminating assignment for the unit where the student
is expected to demonstrate several skills, techniques and aesthetics from the unit.

Students will have mutual respect for each other and for the teacher and classroom visitors. As such, it is mandatory
for students to be respectful during presentations and classroom discussions. Students who continue to carry on side
conversations during presentations will lose participation points. During lab time students are to work only on
Digital Photography projects, no other homework. Violations of class rules will result in loss of participation points,
parent contact or possible referral.
If a student is absent, student has 2 days from return to hand in class work and any photographic assignment.
If a student is absent and misses work they should check the unit guide for handouts. Handouts are kept at the front
of the room on the classroom table.

The following activities are strictly prohibited during classroom time:
     Use of cel phones is strictly prohibited during class and in the classroom.
     Use of Facebook or personal mail is strictly prohibited during class.
     Playing video games
     Using Youtube unless directed by teacher

Cel phones will be confiscated if used during class. Using any of the above internet resources without direct
permission of the teacher will impact your classroom participation grade and may result in a referral.

Grades are based on the accumulation of points from a variety of sources. The final semester grade is determined by
your percentage of points possible. The scale is as follows:

 A+ = 98% and above                  B+ = 88-89%                    C+ = 78-79%                              D+ = 68-69%
 A = 93-97%                          B = 82-87%                     C = 72-77%                               D = 63-67%
 A- = 90-92%                         B- = 80-82%                    C- = 70-72%                              D- = 60-62%
                                                          F = 59% and below

Grades are earned from the following sources:
     Class Participation (15%)-behavior, attendance, punctuality, sketchbook, participation in discussion.
     Weekly Photographic Assignment (25%)
     Journal and group or independent classwork (20%)
     Anchor Unit Assignments with defined rubric (40%)

I look forward to a great year with you!

Cut along the line and return:
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Students are required to have access to a digital camera at home to complete their assignments. Please list the
camera manufacturer and model number or series:

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read the information and requirements above for Mrs. Leather’s Digital
Photography class:

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